What My Work Schedule Is Like As A Stripper

So first off I live and dance in Atlanta so depending on what city you live in the laws will be different. For example in Atlanta to dance at some clubs you have to have an Adult Entertainment Permit and at some you do not, however the type of dancing you are able do is different and there may or may not be private rooms in that club. When I got hired at my first club I did have to get an Adult Entertainment Permit and and the club gave me two types of employment options. Option (a.) is the most popular, beneficial in some cases for both parties and flexible for you which is referred to as an “Independent Contractor” and option (b.) is an “Employee”. As an Independent Contractor you are basically just renting out the space that you work in which is why in most cases you will be required to pay a house fee, even though f you are an employee you still may be able to pay a house fee. Also as an Independent Contractor the club cannot tell you what to wear or when to come to work which also means that they cannot fire you. I have seen girls be intimidated into “quitting” by refusing to pay higher house fees because the club feels they made a certain amount of money from a client that was not seen. I have a friend who owns a club that says charging house fees are illegal all together, but when you get hired you sign an stack of paper work and an agreement to pay this may be in that stack. As an Independent Contractor you also do not receive a W-2, so you have to file a 1099 as if you were a business so if you are in this for the long haul it would be smart to keep a file of all of your expenses such as hair, nails, make-up, transportation, wardrobe ect.

Now on to my schedule. I am new to dancing and I mostly did it because I thought I would be making lots of money with little hours, but like any business that takes a little of strategy and planning. My life is such a yo-yo right now this  job kind of works for me, but I do feel as tho a set schedule is always the best way to live your life so I will be changing that soon. When I did follow a schedule I was working Thursday-Saturday from 9:00pm-3:30am as i felt these were the most profitable days at the club I am working at. I used to work double when I really needed the money which was 11:30am-3:30am and the money was ok, but the hours were grueling. After I went to a weekend night schedule I felt like the money wasn’t as great as i thought it’d be so I tried to work another day shift and then a mid shift and omg those were a complete waste of time for me. Working as a dancer is definitely hot or miss and the real money is really in having clients which I really don’t like because they are needy and want something “real” lol.

This week I will working only Saturday because my schedule is extra busy, but after this week I will more than likely work Tuesday-Saturday or take Saturday off and work Sunday. Eventually I will make a better set schedule that works with what is going on in my life and according to the money I have to work with and need.

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