Stripper Health

So my regular stopped by yesterday and he always talks so greasy lol. He’s loyal tho. He even says how much he likes me all the time and stalks me mysteriously online, but you all secretly do. Hi Michael. You’re the only one that really knows all my secrets because I love you and you’re loyal too. My regular only found my instagram page and he’s so dumb, but so encouraging. You are too, but your gone lol so we’re gonna talk about him right now.

My regular actually has the same first name as you so hey I really could be talking about him. His name in my phone is Mike The Plumber. No pun intended, but he totally loves me haha. he ain’t really shit tho. Oh yeah this is about stripper health. Omg.


Yeah we always talk drugs and diseases and mental diseases are not excluded. Omg he’s super interesting frfr. He wants to fuck me so bad and always likes it when I assure him that there have been no dicks in me haha. He;s one of those people who can tell the real from the fake and it keeps me going. He actually met a dumb mistake ex of mines and he actually did dick me down for a good while LMAO. Ugh again mistakes. He’s one of the last to know I’m a stripper LMAO. I think I’m just gonna go ahead and pull a Trisha Paytas and publish these original stories baby.

I told that to a man last night and he highly entertained the idea. So I’m gonna do it. I already have over 150 blog post.

So I was talking to my regular last night and he asked me why I was depressed. I told him because I’m not a billionaire. Then he asked me how many zeros were in a billion dollars and I totally didn’t know lol. I wasn’t embarrassed he don’t give af if I’m dumb he just likes the fact that I’m constantly trying to teach myself, which is what we are all trying to do.


Anyway I already have the meat of the book all I have to do is publish, illustrate and edit and I can do all that shit by myself, but more than likely I’d want a small team. That’s a hobby. I paint and photograph. Easy peezy. Painted quotes in the books and photographs of me. Yes me. If I’m gonna come out with then book then think I want all the glory, but by the time the book comes out I should hand already have an audience with all of my other endeavours and fanboy regulars who love me. 

As you guys can see my post has gone totally left. I really appreciate my loyal readers because when this book comes out its going to be so juicy to y’all Day One’s LMAO.

I would ask for help, but I think this is something that I want to do on my own. I actually honestly don’t think my stripper story is like the rest because I’m just me.

I’m gagging on an Energy Soup from R. Thomas that I overdraft my saving account for lol. Nah but fuck that I gotta house full of cash. Fuck them accounts. Cash Rules.


Can’t take the ghetto outta the girl smh haha, still getting them accounts in slick order tho. I’m thinking here and can I legally spill beans in a book? Legally? lol.

Ok I’m out. See yall soon.



Weed Free – Day #14 A Perfect Day

So sunday I woke up unusually happy and anxiety free. Maybe my body is just getting used to my new way of life and coping easier with the decisions in life that I am making. I also was very happy that I made good money the night before and I don’t know a single person that isn’t happy to make money.

Stripper Notes 58.gif

Sunday I didn’t go to sleep until 5 in the morning. When I got off of work I drove around looking for parks to film in, but it was too dark and then it started raining so I went to R. Thomas to get an Energy Soup smoothie. And the rain carried on all day which is enjoyed so much.


Now I actually did smoke a little weed Sunday, but it wasn’t emotional smoking it was solely for my appetite. This is the same blunt I’ve been smoking in previous post so that lets you know how little of it I smoke. I would’ve gone without smoking it, but I didn’t have to work and it was a relaxing Sunday so hey why not. I’m not sure what I’m doing, but I do know I’m not smoking morning, noon and night and every second in between like I once was. I’m an emotional non eater so I have to be in a good mood and around good people to eat. My roommate is about to turn 30 and she’s so annoying to be around. She’s trying to lose weight and thinks its cute to say she only ate once a day when she know her fat behind get hungry. If I could eat 3 times a day believe me  I would. Moreover I definitely would not be bragging on having no appetite. I’m just expressing the fact that would like that to change. Not too sure why a grown 30-year-old woman would like to cultivate an eating disorder, because living this way is hell for me most of the time.That woman ruins my appetite. But most people don’t understand that this isn’t a little diet it’s just the way I am.

Later that day I went to Sevananda Natural Food Market and did some good healthy grocery store shopping. I also got some hot vegan food and absolutely smashed it! I was beyond proud of myself! I recorded some videos for my YouTube channel and published them also. I wanted to wash clothes, but my stupid roommate decided she was finally gonna clean up so I washed my clothes on Day #15. All in al it was  pretty productive day.

It was a happy simple day 🙂

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Weed Free – Day #13 Almost Missed Out On Some Money Trying To Be Drepressed ! Push Through!

Again I was depressed all day until I wasn’t. I went and got some Jamaican food and then vlogged a bit for my YouTube channel which people see to enjoy.

While I was eating I began having an anxiety attack and started to tear up so I stopped eating because when that happens I’m prone to vomiting the food back up. Now that I’m sober I’m more aware of what’s going on and I can rationalize more effectively. From what I understand it is very important to acknowledge what is going on while its going on and remember that this feeling is absolutely 100% temporary. This is mainly what helps me push through.


So after shooting a few videos and editing a few blog posts I was feeling about 30% better lol. Not much better, but hey just being honest. Around 8:30pm I took a shower and got ready for work. I wanted to go to work because I did want more money and also justhave somewhere to go. Traffic was absolutely horrible and when I got to work it was 10:00 pm and that is not an issue with me, because as you guys read in my previous post I work smart not hard. When I got to work I was feeling like I shouldn’t have come and I wanted to go back home right after I was already dressed and on the floor. This is a typical feeling when you don’t make guaranteed money and its all up to you. When I think this way I just flood my mind with thoughts of just being grateful for whatever happens and before I knew it I already had about $100 so staying was a better option since I had already made my tip out.

I actually exchanged energy with the first man I danced for through conversation which was amazing. We actually helped each other a lot. I could tell he was having a sad day, but he had no idea how my day was really going, because I’m not there to complain to customers and that doesn’t make you any money either. By the end of our conversation and dance session we were both really charged and feeling great so that was an amazing start to my night. I could tell he wanted to spend more time with me, but I didn’t have time for that so when he when to the restroom I left him and moved on to another really nice man who was so nervous to be around me. He was sweet, but something was off about him lol. I left him as well and mingled with a few other men. Then a man came in who gave me money for sex and i just took it and ran off and for some reason he still trusts me LMAO. He still wants to fuck me so when he see’s me now he still tries and gives me a little cash to just be around him and that’s the  way I like it.

I am really really happy I pushed through my anxiety. Also had I gone home I would have missed out on a lot of money, because my regular ended up coming in.

Now lets discuss my regular for a moment. This man this man lol. He’s a mid 30 something hefty white plumber who comes from a well to do family and loves skinny women. He has money so he often pays for sex, and I think that’s what he thought he was going to get out of me eventually, but now he knows that will never happen. He actually loves me more for that. He is loyal, but he’s also very distracted and some what of a druggie which idgaf about we all have issues. My only thing with him is he thinks he can have who ever he wants and just drop you like a hot potato when he’s done and for that reason I don’t get attached to him. While I’ve known him he’s told me stories of his other women and they all seem pretty dumb to me, but if you’re fucking a regular then you are dumb. He gives me money, but definitely not enough to fuck me. Why would I stop my gravy train for a few thousand dollars when I can get a consistent amount on a consistent basis at least until he finds another jump off to pop. All in all we do enjoy each other’s company, but I’m not trying to hang out with him because I already know how that goes and it seems to never work. So I’m good seeing him in between his rendezvous and I’ll hustle like I usually do because while he’s a portion of my money he isn’t 100% of it.

Later that night I had a chat with my good girlfriend about being sad and owning your depression to overcome it. Some people may be uncomfortable with how candid I am about my depression, but it’s just a fact of life and I’m not going to pretend like it’s not there. At the same time just like I have depressing days I also have really amazing happy days and the balance is what keeps me doing what I love to do best and that’s create.


My Dating Life As A Stripper



I’m a 24-year-old African-American woman and the dating scene right now saddens me so much. The way men treat women is highly influenced on social media and anything, but love. While I find it very very hard to date right now I am not giving up on love. I have been dogged in the past and I feel like I rise above that and I am still a good person. That can’t be argued. What I hate the most about men who play you and lie to you is that when you are really truly  ready to leave that’s when they want to shower you with “love” and compliment you on your beauty and wish you success and want to be “friends” *cough cough* fuck buddies. In a completely non bitter way I say to those men.

Have a tall glass of SHUT THE FUCK UP! 

Those are manipulating statements to keep you on their heels. If a man ever does you wrong and you finally decide that you can’t take anymore and you are ready to walk away don’t be swindled by his “well wishes”. Those are not well wishes. Even if they really wish you well, which I’m sure they do its only to save their own souls from the guilt they will experience in the midst of your absence. Don’t get it twisted men are hurting too, but a person who has done you wrong cannot make you feel better with well wishes so politely tell him to shut the fuck up. You have to be a savage sometimes. A man  like that has a small ego and more than likely he has been feeding on you positive feminine energy and never thought he’d see the day when you’d snatched it away to never be seen or heard of again.  Also ladies and gentlemen don’t feel bad if your ex has moved on because you’ve been there, done that and they are an ex for a reason. You know that person and yeah they may look happy, but you know who they are and why you left so don’t be so quick to assume that they’ve magically changed for the next person.

As I date more and have more experiences I truly know what I want moving forward and while nothing is perfect I know what bullshit looks like now. Bullshit is non-communicating. If a man is not communicating with you then I’m sorry to tell you that he is probably communicating with some other woman. Which is unacceptable and that’s when you have to realize that he is not your man. He’s everybody’s man. He’s spreading himself thin and you’re allowing him to use up your time. Life is hard and don’t let him make it harder on you. Recently I’ve been thinking about life and death and when it comes to death the best way I can describe it is.

“I have not always been here and I will not always be here”

With that being said why in the world would I allow someone to waste my time or continue to waste my time once I realize what is going on?

Life truly is so short and nobody deserves to have their time wasted so its better to stop for a while and take the time to find someone who is worth all of your time until your time is up! – (wow that  was a good one lol) 

Refraining from sex can be one of those hard things to do, because we all take it for granted, but don’t do that. That’s your power and I didn’t say your bait. If you’re married and you stop having sex with your husband or wife that’s a whole other issue and I’m not advising anyone to do that unless you are ready for a divorce. Real talk. 

Even now that I’m sort of newly single and everyday I swear up and down I know what I want until I meet that man and something just isn’t clean in the air. I truly want to take the time off to find myself first. I don’t want a rushed relationship just because we rushed the sex or I thought I had all the boxes checked off on my list. Waiting is so corny and cliché, but its a really smart thing to do and who doesn’t want to avoid all possible pitfalls. Don’t let people feed you those bullshit lies saying “you can have sex on the first date and be with that person forever”. Of course anyone can get stuck forever. Happens all the time. The next man I date will have to wait for me just because I’m tired of feeling violated and that’s how I usually feel when it all said and done.And I don’t like that feeling. I’m sure many of you can relate.

I want a mutually respectful natural love.

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The last thing I want to say about being a stripper and dating is I’m a stripper not a prostitute, don’t get it twisted. You can have a dating life as a stripper and in 100% honesty I’m not looking for a man to save me I have sugar daddies on sugar daddies, but if a man really loves me that will be something that he will couldn’t help but do.

This song is stuck in  my head. Yall already know what I like lol.