Beware of Pimps At The Strip Club 

So I have heard mildly of pimps just off of television and things like that, but pimps are a real life thing that happens in the strip club world. Since I have been stripping a total of three pimps have approached me. When pimps approach you they will not be malicious or demanding unless they are absolutely stupid or sense that you are absolutely stupid and weak. Pimps are completely useless and if you feel that you need a pimp to be a successful stripper then this may not be the industry for you. Stripping is and independent contracting situation between you and the club and you do not need a pimp to keep you safe or manage your money, you can do all of that yourself.

When Pimps approach me I know they are useless and broke af because they basically beg me to work with them. They tell me how beautiful I am, they tell me how much money I can make all over the world and the nation and they also tell me how much they can protect me and blah blah blah. Who tf do these men think they are kidding? I clearly got this game on lock and they just want a piece of the pie for free and want to be in my circle. I in no way suggest any woman get under the guidance of any pimp, manager or whatever he calls himself. Pimps come in the form of anybody. A pimp can be any age from very young to very old. Moreover a pimp can be intelligent, attractive, and not even seem like a pimp, the only thing that will indicate you that they are a pimp is what they will say to you and for the most part they talk about protection which is a complete joke. Any club you work at will have security and make sure you get in you car or ride and go home. If you ever feel like you are ever in any danger call 911 and they will surely keep you safe or at least escort you home. Personally I have never been in that situation and I don’t think it is a common situation to be in and that is up to you to be smart and know who to avoid after brief conversation in the club.

Furthermore if you are not making money as a stripper then you need to read my blog post on “How I Use The Law Of Attraction As A Stripper” and nowhere in that blog post do I mention anything about a pimp. Ladies think smart, and save your money because you can’t be a stripper forever and you don’t want to waste your time tricking off for a pimp. Don’t let these men live lavishly off of your hard work and degrade you while you end up with nothing over the years.



  1. Angel · September 18, 2016

    Everyone has their own definition of success and happiness. Some women want to be with and pay a pimp and there is nothing you or anyone else can do to stop that. If she is not a minor and there is no force involved then that is her business. Just like no one can stop a man from giving all his money to a woman if that is what he wants to do he is going to do it. But in mainstream society it is acceptable for a woman to accept and take money from a man but not the other way around. What people do to make them happy might seem crazy to me or you but if this is what they want to do I cannot stop them especially with a “lecture”. I have learned in life to be successful it is best I mind my own business.

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    • Stripper Notes · September 18, 2016

      Of course people can do what they want it happens everyday. We all do what we want but that wasn’t my point here. I was warning women who don’t want to be in that situation but may fall prey to it. I see things that you may never see so that’s why I wrote what I wrote


  2. Cherish · October 15, 2016

    Women that give there money to a pimp are seriously stupid i am all about women power i hustle and i keep all my money what do women need a pimp for everything i own i got my self cars a home a bank account and when i want shop ill shop when i want stop hustling for a week i dont have worried about a pimp putting his hands on me because i dont want to work being with a pimp its kinda like jail to me they only thing is they keep you looking nice i had a homegirl that had a pimp she had nice clothes and car house but as soon she want to hoeing he took the car clothes everything he got her so as you see the cars the houses clothes he can take back and put out on the street without anything so ladies that have pimps get own shit and be a boss bitch👍😃

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    • Stripper Notes · October 15, 2016

      Yesssss this girl with a pimp was in my club with her sisters baby daddy who is a pimp also. He was drunk and fucking up the place it was absolutely crazy i could never imagine putting myself in that situation

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  3. Lisa S · November 20, 2016

    You do have men who have a group of women which is a polygamous relationship where most of the women are bisexual who are strippers and this is totally legal since there is no violence or underage women. The man is the leader and has connections with the clubs and everyone prospers. It is mildly similar to pimping or even a old Mormon polygamous marriage but not quite the same thing. I know 2 brothers and another fellow who do this and everyone seems happy. I am a bartender and they are some of my best customers and I got to know them and their girlfriends. They all say that their girls are legal adult entertainers and they are not pimps and can’t stand any men who are violent towards women or call women “bitches” or other degrading things. But they are plenty of losers out there that just freeload off of women and give them nothing in return and don’t love nor respect her just use them. But just because a man has a polygamous family involving strippers doesn’t automatically make him a bad guy or a pimp.

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  4. Phil · June 18, 2017


    I do not understand why many of the replies above sound like condoning these ultimate parasites. I do not know either if they were written by actual pimps but I do not give a damn.
    I just have a question to the person who wrote this note. I got to know a girl working in a club. She is from Ukraine and only 19. Yeah, she is being pimped by a black thug and she is so desperate to meet her daily quota her pimp set upon her. She travels from table to table to solicite a lap dance or a private session without taking a rest for a bit. You all know where her hard earn money goes. Looks her pimp “gifts” her nice clothes and weed but it is only after the thug took all the cash she earned.
    So my real question is: what is the best way to help her get out of the hell? Just like any other enslaved girls, she is so brainwashed and scared that she could not possibly seek a way out for herself. I am no hero from a comic book so I will never be able to confront the pimp by myself or something.
    Do you think the police or anti human man trafficking NGOs could help her out?

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    • Stripper Notes · June 19, 2017

      They don’t know the real danger these women are in. These men are using and manipulating them mentally, emotionally and sexually. The best thing I think you could do for her in give her the information to get herself out, because you are right you aren’t a super hero and you can’t save her ultimately she has to save herself, but she clearly has no one giving her information on how to escape. One thing I would like for you to do for her a book called “A Piece Of Cake” she will greatly relate with this book. He also probably has her on cocaine as a lot of dancers are and that’s how they can work so hard. You should give her information on cults, sex trafficking stories, and stories of women who have not had great lives because of a pimp and also information of facilities that can assist her. I was 23 when I started dancing so I didn’t have any bad influences, but she is still very young and impressionable so she needs a lot of mental help from someone who doesn’t want to use, but help her.


  5. Charles · April 9

    Phil you nor the police cannot do anything because legally under these circumstances a guy or a woman is not legally a pimp.

    If a woman is involved in prostitution then that man or woman accepting money be it a percentage or all of the prostitutes money is commiting the crime of pimping. However that is because prostitution is an illegal form of sex work and adult entertainment.

    Porn, webcam and stripping are legal forms of sex work and adult entertainment. It is not illegal for a woman who is a porn actress or stripper to give the money she makes stripping or doing porn whether it is a percentage or all of it to another man or woman because stripping and porn are legal. It is the same legally as if a woman who is working bartending or any other legal job gives her money to her boyfriend/husband or girlfriend. It is the same legally if a man gives his money he made from a legal job to his wife or girlfriend. It is illegal to be a pimp accepting proceeds from your ho but it is not illegal to have a girlfriend or even several girlfriends who is a (are) stripper(s) give you her (their) money.

    So legally you cannot charge nobody with a crime because there is no crime being committed. Also a lot of strip clubs allow hard drugs to be sold which can destroy anyone very quickly. This is something that can be addressed as the sale of narcotics is illegal. There are far more strippers who are addicted to hard drugs than are financially exploited by some loser boyfriend or girlfriend or want to be pimp. If a stripper or anyone is a drug addict try to get them in a drug program. Drug programs teach the recovering addict to break off all negative relationships so this would help solve her drug problem and any negative boyfriend and negative friend problem at the same time.

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