5 Reasons Strippers Love Bananas

Stripper Notes 32b


#5 Banana assist with leg cramps because they are rich in Potassium, Vitamin B and Magnesium.

#4- Quitting smoking? Bananas reduce the effects of withdrawals making quitting smoking easier and healthier!

#3- Bananas are a prebiotic which stimulate healthy bacteria and regulate your bowels. 

#2 – Alleviate PMS symptoms by regulating blood sugar and reduce stress at the same time. 

#1 – Cure depression! I kid you not bananas cure depression! I feel really good after a few bananas especially if I eat 2 or 3 throughout the day. 



My 10 Tips For Staying Motivated At Work and Optimizing Your Money As A Stripper

The most important thing to remember before you even begin to get ready for work is your GOALS. Focusing on goals at work can be distracting so I don’t recommend constantly having your exact goal in mind. At the same time work calculations and dances in your mind every moment you are at work so shoot for the moon so at least you’ll get to the stars. 

Tip #1set your weekly schedule every week.

-Get a journal and write down your scheule, expenses and goals. You will be handling cash and nothing is guaranteed so try to cut corners where ever you can. Cooking at home is my number 1 way of saving money.

Tip #2Get ready for work at home! You save so much time and mental clarity by getting ready at home.

– I used to come to work and try to get ready, but everyone is so inconsiderate to me that I just couldn’t do it anymore. Now I put on my makeup and hair at home so by the time I get to work I just slip out of my clothes, into an outfit and get out there on the floor.

Tip #3 –  Whatever your style is stick to it as long as it makes you feel confident and beautiful.

-Don’t listen to too much outside advice from others and take compliments matter of factly! While I am getting ready for work I pamper myself with a shower, nice soaps and oils to moisturizer my skin and find a wig that I’m feeling to wear or style my natural hair.

Tip #4Don’t be too eager with customers.

-When you approach a customer be slightly mysterious. Don’t give away every bit of your personality on the first sentence. In my experience the less you say the more the man tries to impress you. If a man isn’t interested at all he’ll let you know.

Tip #5- Don’t let a motherfucker waste your time. Remember this is work for you!

-You are there to assist the customers with having a good time, but if someone has been talking your ear off and you see other possible customers politely say “I’ll be right back” that may or may not be true. I wouldn’t care about a man who isn’t giving me money anyway girl these bills have to be paid and the night is short.

Tip #6If your club is basically empty and you are sitting with someone stay there!

-If he is buying you drinks even better. This is the time where you can enjoy conversation, be very nice to them if they are cool so sit and enjoy the company because I can’t stand being bored and you probably won’t like it either. Also if someone walks in and sees you that makes you look more appealing because you are taken.

Tip #7If you’ve been sitting with someone for 3 songs and you feel like they want dances, but haven’t spoken up just politely say “do you wanna dance the next song?” they should say yes and if they don’t walk away.

-I don’t give people the pleasure of my company if they are not spending money, because they know I don’t get naked for my health. Your money should always be on your mind.

Tip #8Never discuss how much money you make with other women.

-Everything in the strip club is competition for these women, but I will never tell them that because to them I am the ultimate competition. I am the ultimate competition because I know how to keep my business to myself and keep everyone wondering. Women at my club clearly know my body, mind, soul and everything is amazing so why would I willingly give them my faults to eat off of. I don’t even recommend making many friends in the strip club.

Tip #9Leave work at work!

-Yes you will have regulars and things of that nature, but don’t go home feeling bad about how much money you didn’t make or someone who got on your nerves. Leave all of that drama at work and enjoy life outside of the strip club while you are not there.

 Tip #10 Communicate with your customer!

-Don’t think that just because someone says or appears to have money is generous. Always get your money up from and make sure your customer wants each dance that you do. Never assume that someone wants you to keep dancing ALWAYS ASK! Don’t learn the hard way and waste your time with some random man feeling you up and not pay you. Your bouncer may or may not be able to get your money, but don’t rely on that.


I love all of you all for reading ang going on this journey with me! If you would like more of my tips and serets on things like my style and persona I always take requests!   I am here for you and you are here for me! I love you 🙂

This Is The Bull Shit I Be Talking About

I have tricked so many men while being a stripper and its funny because the same ones always come back and don’t even remember. Well this one man who a friend and I hung out with before saw me and fell in love with me all over again. This man also does mountains of blow and weed which is why he probably never remembers. Another reason he doesn’t remember is I refuse to tohave sex with him.

The first time a friend and I hung out with this man he gave us some money to hang out, we smoked up some of his weed and then he wanted to do some blow and that’s when it was time to go. There were only two men that time and we really didn’t hang too hard after I saw the blow. The next time we hung out it was his birthday and his friend was in love with my friend and this particular guy was in love with me so I was his company. There were also an asian man, and two other girls. So in total there were 2 white men, 1 asian man, 3 black girls and a white girl. My friend was wasted, so I was in charge of the situation and driving us back safely. Once we got to his house me and my friend got our money and entertained them a little bit by smoking up their weed. I saw the two other girls we getting naked and climbing in bed with this man and I was fine with that as long as they didn’t expect me and my friend to get naked and climb in bed. Once I saw these thotty ass hoes I left because it was only a matter of time before he thought I was gonna get naked and climb on him.

Now this man came in another day saying how beautiful I am and how he wanted to see me outside of here. He said there’s not that many people in here and asked me how much money I wanted to make tonight and he offered me half of that to give him a blow job and sleep with him LMAO. I laughed right in his face and said no. He kept asking me if I was sure and of course I was sure! He doesn’t know what the night had in store for me and he should try those fear tactics on other women because that shit doesn’t work with me.

No I’m not giving you a blow job

No I’m not giving you a little sex

If you are a woman who has sex for money please know you’re worth and don’t let these manipulators cut you the short end of the stick!


Thanks for reading! I love you all 🙂

Why Did This Man Pull My Wig Off SMH

wig off wig off b.gif

wig off c

So I wear wigs and also my real hair. On Tuesday I wore my natural hair in a naturally curly style. I have very short haircut that is growing out from a buzz cut in February. So that that. Most often I wear a wig tho and its cool with me. As you guys know my wig has fallen off before at the club I was working at that closed down. Now this particular time There were a few men trying to talk to me, but none of them were talking money which makes me not give a fuck, but I digress. There was this younger white guy who came in late and we were flirting with each other. It was time to go so I was wondering if he was going to give me any money and nah he mainly just had a drink and then it was time to go.

This man was very attracted to me and giving me compliments blah blah blah. He went on about how much he wanted to have sex with me and I was a little drunk so I was relaxed and I didn’t realizing him getting more aggressive. The next thing I know this man attempts to pull my hair and pulls it off LMAO. Girl I was like really? Did this man really just pull my wig off!? I cared, but not really. I just did a “OMG you pulled my wig off!” and then I put it back on lol. I guess I would care more if this guy was a regular money giver, but if someone isn’t giving me money then I don’t care too much about the situation. The group of men he was with comes to the strip club about 3-4 times a week and that’s kind of weird in and of itself. These men come to the strip club so much they get used to my strip club persona or whatever and I have a real life outside of here. I don’t have friends in the strip club because number one these bitches have too much baggage and number two these hoes run their mouths and can’t be trusted so I don’t need them all in my house and my business.

Thankfully I am only going to go to work today and tomorrow then I’m off to Miami for most of the week! This is why it’s very important to travel and treat yourself. Getting away from the bull shit is very necessary because its easy to get caught on the hamster wheel. Going somewhere different and getting your life by the each is very needed sometimes.

Thanks for reading 🙂 I love you all

Drunk Writing

So while I’m at work I’m totally respected. Men of all races and nationalities worship me. I’m very mysterious and unpredictable. At work I totally have to be in control. I am definitely royalty at my job and everyone acknowledges it. I absolutely love it. Even when I have a bad day I don’t say much to anyone but the boss to handle figures and such. I want the real men in my life to see how people love me and I only say this because I’m human. Realistically I can have any if these men. Marry them and all, but on one end I think about all the traveling I’m doing and wondering if I’m missing out while I’m gone. On the other hand thinking about all the wonderful men I have also fallen in and out of love with. Jean pronounces John from freshmen year of college was the worst. I have zero respect for sny grown person who can only seduce young unsuspecting girls like me and the other girls he lied to.  On then other hand I was 18 and I also went on a date with a 31 year old the same day I got bailed out of jail for shop lifting. It was April 1st lol. He was a complete sweetheart tho and totally helped me when I needed it the most. I could love him.  He was just too advanced for me tho. He called me a few years later and I still wasn’t ready for his level of relations, but hey you never know. Then there was a beautiful Liberian man who was 30 and I was 19. He gave me a $20 bill on his birthday and I was so amazed lol. What I didn’t know was he was probably already over his birthday at 21 like me lmao. He was beautiful and also wanted s wife and I wasn’t ready, but I loved him too. He politely texted me one day and told me we had to end our affair, because he had found a wife. He moved out of the state and I haven’t spoken to him since. I’m  sure if he would have stayed in the state I’d have some super bad karma. Ugh he was heaven and hell.

My life was a blur of work after that and the story just gets jucier lol. there was a guy named Poland who was just not it for me. He had the best sex ever and the smallest one actually, but he made love every single time. He worshipped me and I could have guilt free sex with him, because he was that awesome. The only thing about him is he had too much family baggage at the time. He like I had a mid-life crisis at the age of 23 and really loved me for being there with him on that day. He was absolutely lovely and I didn’t want to let him down hard. It was the hardest thing I’ve probably ever had to do. The last time I had sex with him he got me pregnant and I was absolutely devastated.  I tried to cry and all that, bur I already knew what I wanted so I did. I paid for it and all, because he couldn’t.  I love him tho. We’ll always have that bond.  It’s crazy because I’m such a different person now. I know he would just love me even more lol.

As a woman I really feel like my emotions are linear even tho m y best friend says other wise. My best friend thinks everything is Just randomly happening at the same time.  I could agree on some degree, but My emotions are different. As I think about Poland I have love for him, but it NEVER could have worked between us. We just have too many differences.  If he called me I’d just want to have a good conversation and we would. As I think that I could care less about any other guy, and thats whatI mean by linear emotions lol.  However as far as Poland knows I fucking hate him and that’s how I like it.

The end of this drunken daze 🙂


The Wife Called Me – Texts Exposed

So yesterday at work wa lit once again. Everyone loves me and of course there will be those men who come in and pretend to be single. However there was one man who told me he was married and was infatuated with me and claimed he wanted to hook me up with his friend. His friend was very very handsome so I was slightly interested, but y’all know cash rules everything around me and he wasn’t speaking my exact language. All the while I was bouncing around from the stage to my regular who was just there to see me and a few other men trying to get my attention. Just to paint a picture all of these men are slightly handsome middle-aged white men and the friend of the married man was a 31 year old black man. We’ll call the honest married man Matt, the lying married man Brendon, my regular Ryan and the black guy Trey. The wife is just the wife because I don’t know her and I want to put dramatic emphasis on WIFE.


I immediately told Matt that I don’t date married men and he was like really? Lol that was a funny response to me like who the fuck expects someone to date married men. I guess being a stripper people just think all kinds of things about us. I have another story on that topic. Anyway Matt was like dang I shouldn’t have told you then lol smh just all horrible. He wanted me so bad, but I didn’t want to leave Ryan, because he was giving me guaranteed money. Matt was playing Trey up big time and he yes was very handsome, but I don’t need those problems right now and I could tell he’d be a problem for me lol. A smart chocolate man with perfect teeth and a good upbringing. I’m in for all of that, but I just can’t lol. Soooo on with the story. At the very end of the night two men came in and wanted to hang out so bad. I’m usually down, but I gotta have my cash. Give me a lil advance or something.  I’m not just gonna go ambitiously home with you. I need money upfront first so I can be in control and decide if I even want to stay.

He was offering me a couple of g’s and I couldn’t turn that down especially when he said he just wanted to hang out, but I wasn’t pressed because like I said he didn’t give me anything up front. Read these text messages between me and Brendon and see for yourself.


I did have kind of fishy feeling about this guy, but people have given me that type of money just to hang out before so I wasn’t that impressed. As you can see he was trying to be dominant and I really wasn’t feeling it so I just told him to call it a night.

Fast forward to this morning I’m getting a call early in the morning and something told me it was someone’s wife or a telemarketer lol. I missed one phone call and answered the next which was a different number and a white woman said something like “why have you been texting my husband?” I didn’t bullshit her I told her I’m a dancer and I didn’t know your husband was married. She said ok I appreciate that and hung up the phone. See the way I feel is I’m a woman and I might as well help her as much as I can because that’s what men do for each other. I wouldn’t recommend a woman go looking for trouble, but if I’m the trouble I’m going to help you out as much as possible. Her husband hadn’t given me any money so she wasn’t ruining anything for me.  Number one I don’t want your husband two I could make you looks stupid too, but I don’t have time for the petty games I’m grown. I could care less about any of this bull shit drama, which comes across in the texts. I was going to apologize just to make her feel a little better, but I did nothing wrong and she needs to reevaluate some things in her life.  She told me she used to be a dancer and she wanted to know where I worked and of course I wasn’t going to tell her that. Take a look at the text messages between The Wife and I.


This is the end of the story for me and I wish her well and I don’t give af about what her husband thinks  To all strippers and women who knowingly date married men please believe that karma is real. This woman is probably stressed out over this dumb ass man who I could care less about. And to you stupid as fuck married men who cheat on your wives. Why the fuck are you married if you want to be sinlge? If you want to be single then be fucking single, but don’t toy with someone’s emotions because you will have bad karma too bitch!

Ok thank you guys for reading and I love you so much 🙂


How I Maintain My Body As A Stripper Without The Use Of a Gym

So for me this was a weight gain journey. I have been on my weight gain journey since 2015 when I got to a low weight of 75 lbs and had to be hospitalized. I had to make some drastic changes and cuts from my life including people and actions. When people hear that I was depressed and had high anxiety most of them were shocked to death because I hide it very well and I appear to be a very happy and healthy person since I’m young and slim. People really began noticing something was wrong when none of my clothes fit and I was visibly sick and I hate for people to feel sorry for me so that’s probably what lit the fire under my ass to take care of myself and make some changes.

So I am a healthy eater and I am conscious of what I eat, but I knew if I wanted to gain weight I was going to have to get used to over indulging a little. Once I began letting go of feeling for food I ate almost everything and in huge portions lol. I actually felt very very proud of myself once I completed a large meal. My body was  banging at just 105 lbs! I worked damn hard for that 105 lbs too and I knew it. I was eating my ass off and gaining weight then I began to look at my body and notice that the weight was packing on, but I now I was ready to SCULPT my body which is no easy task so get your lazy ass up and work for it.

I knew absolutely nothing about working out when I first started. I was very self conscious of if my form was right, if I was getting results and if what I was doing was helping at all. For me I love working out because it spikes the shit out of my hunger so its more addictive for me. I also didn’t know many workout routines that I wanted to do because I really wasn’t into much cardio just resistance training. I turned to one of my favorite apps Pinterest. There is really no excuse to not be fit when you can download a free app that has unlimited challenges and fitness routines of all kinds. In my case I wanted a squat challenge and here is my holy grail booty grower.

Remember to always stretch before and after any workout. 

All of my workouts are done at the park or in my home. No gym needed 


squat challenge

This is a challenge I did for 2 months straight and I honestly didn’t see results until the 2nd month which is what kept me going. I also had more energy than I’ve ever had in my life. After each workout I was fully prepared to go another round and often times I did. If you are looking at these numbers and you are intimidated then start off as slow as you want, but honey you have to push yourself if you want to see any results and working out is actually very fun for me. When you begin to see results you will want to continue. Remember to drink at least 1 liter of water a day also.

After I grew tired of this challenge I wanted to try something new so this is the new challenge I tried.

butt lift challenge

I had a lot of fun with this challenge, but I did not complete it. I think it was too much floor work for me or maybe I’m just making excuses idk. Before I went to San Diego and while I was there I was swimming a lot and I’m not sure if that’s my favorite workout, but it sure is fun! Swimming gets my heart rate going without me even noticing because I’m surrounded by water. I’m going to take runs on the beach when I get to Miami because that sounds so relaxing to me. Since my eating ad fitness was disturbed I’ve been eating anything to pack the weight back on and also not exercising at all except work which I totally don’t consider working out lol. I love my butt and thighs and that’s what I would love to maintain, but more importantly I love my flat tummy and I’ve taken her for granted for so long until recently. I’ve been stuffing my face around the clock and while its done wonders for my butt it has done nothing at all for my tummy. I get the worst food babies and they usually go away by the next day, but I’m not even trying to have a food baby in the first place. This may sound vain to you, but its my body and I know how I like it. With that being said I will now be doing the challenge below.

summer ab challenge

I’m excited for this challenge because I’ve never done this many crunches in my life and I am really going to be pushing myself like never before. The results will be killer and I could take pictures of before and after, but you guys would probably kill me because I already hae a flat stomach it’s just fat flat and not muscle. I will still document and take pictures though. I haven’t worked out in about a month and I’ve been drinking and smoking heavily so I will be conditioning for at least a week by running a few laps to get my heart healthier and cleanse my body of whatever is crazy shit is built up in there.

I would love you guys to join this challenge with me and tell me what your goals are!

Making Some Major Body Changes

Many of you who religiously read my blog know that just last year I only weighted 75 lbs at 5’7 due to high levels of stress and blah blah blah. Now a complete year later I am a healthy 110 lbs from major changes I’ve made in my life such as ending relationships, traveling and eating more and all of these things have been very effective.

You may be wondering how I got to such a low weight because I’ve always been thin, but never under 100 lbs. Mainly stress and anxiety removed my appetite for a very long period of time so those of you who have anxiety and loss of appettite please remember to at least eat fruits, veggies and drink plenty of water because most of the time this was the only thing I could eat without mysteriously bursting into tears for months and months.

Now that I’m feeling so much better I’m eating like a pig and drinking like a fish and I was so drained when I got back from San Diego my exercise regimen went to shit. I had high anxiety, no appetite so naturally i had low energy and all I was doing for fitness was a few laps in the pool a day which was refreshing and fine, but by day 5 I couldn’t even do as many laps as I could earlier in the week and that’s so not like me to be super winded from a few laps. I was also smoking a lot more and drinking alcohol daily and continued to do so when I got back to Atlanta and I found nothing wrong with this, but you better believe I do now. Some people see a problem with me smoking weed and not getting drunk and smoking cigarettes which just shows you how ass backwards this society is. I will not be discontinuing my weed smoking because I love it, it makes me feel awesome, it kills my anxiety and helps me sleep. Sometimes I go overboard but I’d rather have a weed hangover than an alcohol hangover because I’m feeling like shi right now from drinking too much alcohol last night.

I am now back on my regular workout routine, regular water drinking, regular park visits and just regular things that make me feel 100% amazing. I will post some pictures of what I use to work out which are just challenge pictures from pinterest. I love pinterest lol.

Omg I really feel like crap right now smh lol. I love the image of my body right now its the most comfortable I’ve been with my body image in years and this is also the most single I’ve ever been which may have a part to play. I would love to maintain my body this way so which is why I’m happy to be back on my regimen of fitness, health and most importantly I am back off of social media because fuck that shit its a waste of my life.

The Single Stripper

Stripper Notes 27I have a lot of women going through major changes in they’re lives of all ages. My little cousin is a well dressed scholar beginning college in a few weeks, I met a girl who is also starting college and going through a big break up, and lastly I have a friend ending a marriage with her best friend. I also feel like I’m ending a friendship with someone who I have been bestfriends with, but we are not married thank god 1000x. I’m not sure how bad I wanted our friendship to work, but I knew at the end that I was no longer going to force anything any longer. My anxiety has been very low and I may be able to attribute that to the relase of this friendship.

Making the choice to be 100% single is so new and exciting to me. I have felt liberated with this choice because I made the decision for myself to let go of whatever I feel is not serving me. At this time I have no relationships serving me so there for I am single. Since I have decided to be single I’ve been hit on at least a million times and that’s not even including the strip club which feels weird sometimes. Right now I am not engaging in sex with anybody and the sacrifice has been worth the energy I’ve been harvesting by not doing so. I’m actually not even ready for a relationship at this point in my life because number one I’m a stripper and I’m not going to be in a relationship with anyone who is ok with me stripping. I feel like someone who really wants the best for me and wants a happy life for me would put effort towards making my life better the same way I would for them. Here in America I havent met any men who truly think that way. Here that’s seen as gold digging lol WHATEVEVR. I also want to travel the world without ties to anyone so now is my opportunity to do so and not be questioned about why I’m always gone, who I’m with, what I’m doing and all of that drama. I’m also not going to be worried about what someone else is doing while I’m not around.

Next on my Single Girl Bucket List is a trip to Miami and I am going on that trip next week with my baby cousin and we are going to paint the town red doing everything!. I absolutely can’t wait. I am giving myself opportunities probably would not have taken if I were in a relationship or relied on my partner to go on these trips with me, but they are so much more fruitful alone or just with a companion traveler such as friends, family or like-minded travelers.

Being a single stripper is also amazing because I have no one telling me who I can and cannot hang out with, because I get paid for hanging out with people however a boyfriend would obviously not like this on a consistent basis. I do whatever I want, text who I want and talk to whoever I want. I’m 24 years old and what  I want out of life changes everyday so I like being in control of the direction.