Strippers have bad days …. sometimes weeks too

So where do I begin. I proudly acclaim myself for being a positive person, but sometimes even the most positive of us get a bite of the negative bug. I don’t care how much someone is your best friend, family, lover you cannot let them burden you to the brink of craziness. I think that is what I allowed to happen to me. I try to be as positive as possible in negative situations and that does help, but sometimes those people taking advantage of you do need a good tongue lashing. They will try to convince you that they did not mean to take advantage of you, but let me tell you a good piece of advice I will never forget, “Our actions define us”. That is a simple and plain as day. As sure as you can bet the sun will rise every morning you can believe that. Never forget it.

I had been having some bad months when I came back to Atlanta from California. I fell on hard times financially and the people I thought I could count on the most were not there for me and it almost sent me into the same depression I was in this summer. I never want to go back there. I will move to the mountains and live in a humble cabin and fish for my food before I allow people to make me feel that way again. Take attendance of those who are there for you in you tough times and you better cherish them because those are the people you need in your life. Not the ones who just want to be around you when everything is going great for you and you have nothing to ask for, oh honey you do not need those people. They are temporary and cause you a lot of heart ache and abandonment issues. I don’t care if those people are friends, family, lovers or anyone. If you are always there for them at their lowest with shoulders to cry on and hands to catch them when they fall and they can not reciprocate then leave those people alone.

There have been more than a few times when I really needed help from my family and they were not there for me and low and behold when I am all better and back on my feet there they are ready to have fun again or ask me how’s life when clearly I am doing just fine and actually doing amazing to the point where they can see.

Make goals and let your goals define you because those people will always be around and mostly they are waiting to see you make your next move so do not tell them because honestly it is none of their business and they are probably just looking to judge. day 1

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