How To Make $1,000 A Night

So this week I only worked two days. Thursday which s the day I had two clients and today. I overslept yesterday and missed a good client, but that same client went above and beyond today!

Allow me to explain how to make $1,000 as a stripper with zero clients.


  • Get to work at least by 5:00 pm!

– Catch all the stragglers goin home after work and a few day shift residuals. It all adds up in the end

  • Go up to EVERYONE!  

– usually I don’t advise doing this, but when you have a large goal you never know who that one person is that may ne the big jackpot!

  • Try to get at least 1-5 dances from every person you talk to.

– Every little bit counts toward the large end goal when you have a large goal so you can’t be shy or lazy!

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for large sums of money.

– the right man will give you whatever you want you just have to ask for it!

  • Don’t feel bad about exploiting someone’s emotions for money.

– People with a lot of money require a lot of attention. They usually have some sort of anxiety of depression and would love to spend all of their money on you. $500 to some people is nothing, but that’s half your pot for the night so take the money and smile.

  • Always remain in control!

– never ever let the person giving you money disrespect you or treat you cheap. They will end up being cheap with you.

  • Lastly, always keep track of your time and money in your head or on you phone so you can hit hourly goals and stay motivated! 


I hop this helps someone or at least give you an idea of how $1,000 is made on a regular night.

Example of my night last night.

I got to work at 4:30 pm which is 4 1/2 hours earlier than I usually do and make my usual $200 average a night. Last night I had a goal in my mind and I pulled out my phone every so often to count my money and do the math for how much more money I needed. Honestly I exceeded my goal so much I had to write about it. By 8:00 pm I had over $100 and I guess I should tell you that my goal was Originally $525 and then I reduced it to $475 still ridiculously high for the type of club I work in. Like I told you in my other blog posts. Girls fuck and suck and take your money by doing all that nasty shit when they can just be mental and work the universe in their favor. I made sure I physically wrote down an all-inclusive goal of $900 the other day and I planned to divi it up thru out the week. The only problem with that was I was so tired and didn’t feel like working. I only worked two days and the other day I made $350 which was far from the $550 I have to make in one day.

So when you are working the universe in your favor you have to be clear and you can’t be greedy or it won’t work. Do your calculations and strive for that and only that. This will make goal setting easy in the beginning with amazing results. No matter how high the number is to you. $475 originally seemed high, but after making what I made last night that’s an insult to me.  Anyway I wrote down the sum of all my expenses and worked the room dancing with everyone that said yes. The rejecton just rolled off of my shoulders last night because I was on a mission. Most people were attracted to me tho and I was making money easier than I thiught I would be. At 10:00 the room was pretty steady and I had like $175. I was still super motivated because to me I had a great head start and everyone knows you make the most money at the very end of the night any way. fyi our club closes at 2:00 am. So this guy I hung out with a few weeks ago paid me $400 to basically let him cook for me and smoke weed on some Christian Grey shit so I was down. I left my coat over his house and he was gonna bring it to me, but I was tired af from editing and fell asleep in a weed coma.

When I woke up he was texting me, but it was hours later. He left my coat with my friend and right on time too it just got cold here. Later last night my friend, a waitress and I milked him for 2 back to back VIPs worth $500 for each of us, and plus dances so obviously this shot my number way up to the sky. Then later on he paid me $300 to come hang out, let him make me a sandwich and smoke some weed. He lives in some mini mansion in Buckhead and has some amazing ass cars. He’s going to get me a Jeep Wrangler so he says, but he’s proven to be pretty generous thus far so we’ll see.

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Hello Readers!

I love all of my readers and I love writing, but I’m not getting the interaction that I want on this blog. I recently became bored with my “weed free series”. It’s boring because it’s not a struggle anymore. My appetite is fine and I no longer crave weed, but I did get home late last night so I smoked a little to help me fall asleep. #LeagalizeWeed. So now I would love to use my blog to help others. If you are someone who feels like you need my help do not feel embarrassed to contact me! I’m very smart and kind, unless someone pisses me off as you guys know :).

Types of people who I usually help. 

– Customers who are sad and need some happiness in their lives.

– Women men who are having a hard time in life emotionally in relationships, whether that be family, friends or romance

– People who need business and career advice. Because lets be honest stripping is a business.

Also please do not hesitate to ask me you’re deepest darkest questions about yourself or myself in the stripping world. I am here more to help you than me, but if a question about myself helps you them feel free to ask on!

Disclaimer, please try not to ask me questions about myself that you can find the answer to in my blog unless it directly relates to you or I haven’t written about that yet. Save yourself some time because questions about sex will not be answered, because I am not a prostitute and I am single so i am not having sex with anyone at this time. 

This list goes on, but this is basically a Q&A. Since I have put a blog post of this sort in a while I will also post this in a Craigslist ad and post the questions and answers directly on this blog. I am looking forward to helping LOTS of people.

Weed Free – Day #16 I’m A Fucking Genius

 This blog post is dedicated to Peter Monn who said Synchronicity in one of his videos today. I’m a real messy bitch and I live for drama and peter Monn delivers the drama the way is should be delivered. Glamorous and shady. 


This is very Kanye WEst of me to say, but its true! I’m a genius. I saw all this sadness coming and some how saw all this awesomeness coming. So let me tell you about my day first because a lot of you readers atually care about that.

Long story short my mom made me pick her up early this morning to taxi her to the fax place. While we were shopping in Dollar Tree I sold a book on eBay and idgaf what you say I’m super proud of myself however now that I know I can sell shit I need to step my selling game way up! I have people who want me to help them sell some big time shit and I’m constantly blowing them off, bu my regular told me to charge them a percentae and from now on that’s what I’m going to do.

My roommates 21 year co-worker and his 17 year old friend came over to smoke weed and once I realized they were both idiots I definitely declined smoking with them. I think in the beginning he thought I was using him for weed, but honey it’s not even that serious. I’m a grown lady with grown problems and buying weed is not a problem. So right after they left I hopped in the shower and got ready for work which y’all know I did not want to do. When I got there all the girls were complaining. They were going on about how they’ve been there since 11:00 am and only made $50 lmao. Those girls are pure dummies and have no sense of business or motivation. I just met another regular tonight and he fell in love with my personality like all my regulars do. They are my #1 fans and want to see me be great as well as naked. Its like seeing Rihanna naked for them. I don’t mind, because you know they pay up when I say and they better not ever think about fucking me, because its never happening. None of my regulars want me for sex because so many women give it up so easliy.

In order to get real money you also have to be in touch with yourself and know what you will and will not do. Knowing that I won’t have sex makes it easy for me, because I will never consent to that.

The regular I met today is super young, but he feels old and lonely like many men. I took one hit of his weed oil and omg I was stoned. I only needed one hit lol I love my baby tolerance since I’ve stopped smoking.  He’s 30 and he’s so fascinated witht he idea of being my regular. He is obviously one of those guys who doesn’t know what he wants, but as long as he’s spending his money on me I’ll help him figure that out.


Girls and boys I’m sleepy. Its 4:50 here and I wanted to go to yoga this morning, but that may not be happening and I also have to take a shower.

whew good night. I’m gonna hop in the shower then make some pot stickers.


Weed Free – Day #15 Mood Swings Are Awesome and Synchronicity

I was such a zombie when I was high all the time, but being sober also put me  in another zombie state since I am now forced to face my emotions and focus. I will admit I experience extreme lows with mood swings, but I also have to speak about the awesomeness of mood swings. Today is Wednesday and Day #15 was yesterday. I knew I wasn’t going to work yesterday when the day began right off the back. Everything just seemed so wrong about yesterday and I wasn’t even going to try to face the club. I was well aware that I was experiencing mood swings so I tried to remain as productive as I possibly could.


Monday night when I decided not to work was the beginning of this episode and that carried over to Tuesday and a little bit of Wednesday morning. I am a highly spiritual person and that is something that I need to discuss more on this blog because it influences my life in unexplainable ways. So Monday night I began experiencing a lot of synchronic signals. The first sign I received was early Tuesday morning I went into the kitchen it was pitch black dark and the stove clock read 3:33. I didn’t research what that meant, but I am aware that it means something. I was a little freaked out, but I didn’t lose any sleep over it and I went to sleep right away. 3 hours and 33 minutes later I woke up out of my sleep at 6:33 am and that’s when I knew I was being sent a message. All of this may sound like voodoo to you, but I love numerology and I really believe in it. So later that day I got on my twitter account which isn’t all that active and I saw that I was following 1,113 people and 1,1311 people were following me. Most of the time the universe is trying to get your attention by sending these subtle signs. It’s up to you to figure out what the message means. In my case I feel that the universe is telling me that I am on the right track and I have been making all the right moves lately.


I have recently cut off a lot of people and I also have been working more on my eBay business which is growing and doing well. The product that I am selling basically sells itself so for me that is a sign that this is something niche that I need to stick with. I also have many ideas that I have been implementing that I need to stick with also. My video making skills are improving and I am really manifesting things in my life that I want and need.


Its funny, because I have actually been eating a bit more lately yet I’ve been feeling SUPER drained. The fact that I even notice that tells me that something is trying to stop me and now is not the time to give up. I had no idea what I was  going to do today, but my mom called me and needed a ride and I’m so glad that she got me up early this morning, because it really helped me jump-start my day. While I we were in a store shopping I noticed that I made another sale on eBay and that also forced me to get up.

I’m just going to end this blog post by saying a few minutes ago I feel this sadness leave me and happiness rush through my body. It was the best mood swing feeling I have ever felt and this is the amazingness of mood swings!


So it is now Thursday Morning so I must post this. It’s about Tuesday’s day lol , one last thing. This blog post is dedicated to Peter Monn who said Synchronicity in one of his videos today. I’m a real messy bitch and I live for drama and peter monn delivers the drama the way is should be delivered. Glamorous and shady.

Weed Free – Day #15 Lost

Yesterday was actually pretty nice. I made a wig, edited videos, hit up a yoga spot, ordered concert tickets and rented a car for it.

I was loving yesterday until it was time to go to work. I drove all the way to the club and sat in the car for about 30 minutes and then left. When and the fuck is my period coming? Because I’m acting moody af lmao. When I did my research on quitting weed that was definitely on the list. I’m truly experiencing extreme highs and extreme lows. I can’t believe I can be so happy sometimes and instantly for no reason be so sad.

I had a really good day before it was time to go to work. These are the highs and low that come with stripping. Knowing that you could leave with no money and still having the pressure of having to first earn your house-fees. I think I need to round-up some new regulars.

I honestly don’t have much to say. My wig didn’t come out correctly so I’m fixing it. I’ve been tried all day and lastly I will be working Wednesday, thursday, friday and maybe saturday. Kap G is going to be at the Museum Bar and I want to go so I’ll see how the rest of this week goes monetarily.

yesterday and today feel like fails, but we’re going to push through this week honey!

Weed Free – Day #14 A Perfect Day

So sunday I woke up unusually happy and anxiety free. Maybe my body is just getting used to my new way of life and coping easier with the decisions in life that I am making. I also was very happy that I made good money the night before and I don’t know a single person that isn’t happy to make money.

Stripper Notes 58.gif

Sunday I didn’t go to sleep until 5 in the morning. When I got off of work I drove around looking for parks to film in, but it was too dark and then it started raining so I went to R. Thomas to get an Energy Soup smoothie. And the rain carried on all day which is enjoyed so much.


Now I actually did smoke a little weed Sunday, but it wasn’t emotional smoking it was solely for my appetite. This is the same blunt I’ve been smoking in previous post so that lets you know how little of it I smoke. I would’ve gone without smoking it, but I didn’t have to work and it was a relaxing Sunday so hey why not. I’m not sure what I’m doing, but I do know I’m not smoking morning, noon and night and every second in between like I once was. I’m an emotional non eater so I have to be in a good mood and around good people to eat. My roommate is about to turn 30 and she’s so annoying to be around. She’s trying to lose weight and thinks its cute to say she only ate once a day when she know her fat behind get hungry. If I could eat 3 times a day believe me  I would. Moreover I definitely would not be bragging on having no appetite. I’m just expressing the fact that would like that to change. Not too sure why a grown 30-year-old woman would like to cultivate an eating disorder, because living this way is hell for me most of the time.That woman ruins my appetite. But most people don’t understand that this isn’t a little diet it’s just the way I am.

Later that day I went to Sevananda Natural Food Market and did some good healthy grocery store shopping. I also got some hot vegan food and absolutely smashed it! I was beyond proud of myself! I recorded some videos for my YouTube channel and published them also. I wanted to wash clothes, but my stupid roommate decided she was finally gonna clean up so I washed my clothes on Day #15. All in al it was  pretty productive day.

It was a happy simple day 🙂

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