How To Make $1,000 A Night

So this week I only worked two days. Thursday which s the day I had two clients and today. I overslept yesterday and missed a good client, but that same client went above and beyond today!

Allow me to explain how to make $1,000 as a stripper with zero clients.


  • Get to work at least by 5:00 pm!

– Catch all the stragglers goin home after work and a few day shift residuals. It all adds up in the end

  • Go up to EVERYONE!  

– usually I don’t advise doing this, but when you have a large goal you never know who that one person is that may ne the big jackpot!

  • Try to get at least 1-5 dances from every person you talk to.

– Every little bit counts toward the large end goal when you have a large goal so you can’t be shy or lazy!

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for large sums of money.

– the right man will give you whatever you want you just have to ask for it!

  • Don’t feel bad about exploiting someone’s emotions for money.

– People with a lot of money require a lot of attention. They usually have some sort of anxiety of depression and would love to spend all of their money on you. $500 to some people is nothing, but that’s half your pot for the night so take the money and smile.

  • Always remain in control!

– never ever let the person giving you money disrespect you or treat you cheap. They will end up being cheap with you.

  • Lastly, always keep track of your time and money in your head or on you phone so you can hit hourly goals and stay motivated! 


I hop this helps someone or at least give you an idea of how $1,000 is made on a regular night.

Example of my night last night.

I got to work at 4:30 pm which is 4 1/2 hours earlier than I usually do and make my usual $200 average a night. Last night I had a goal in my mind and I pulled out my phone every so often to count my money and do the math for how much more money I needed. Honestly I exceeded my goal so much I had to write about it. By 8:00 pm I had over $100 and I guess I should tell you that my goal was Originally $525 and then I reduced it to $475 still ridiculously high for the type of club I work in. Like I told you in my other blog posts. Girls fuck and suck and take your money by doing all that nasty shit when they can just be mental and work the universe in their favor. I made sure I physically wrote down an all-inclusive goal of $900 the other day and I planned to divi it up thru out the week. The only problem with that was I was so tired and didn’t feel like working. I only worked two days and the other day I made $350 which was far from the $550 I have to make in one day.

So when you are working the universe in your favor you have to be clear and you can’t be greedy or it won’t work. Do your calculations and strive for that and only that. This will make goal setting easy in the beginning with amazing results. No matter how high the number is to you. $475 originally seemed high, but after making what I made last night that’s an insult to me.  Anyway I wrote down the sum of all my expenses and worked the room dancing with everyone that said yes. The rejecton just rolled off of my shoulders last night because I was on a mission. Most people were attracted to me tho and I was making money easier than I thiught I would be. At 10:00 the room was pretty steady and I had like $175. I was still super motivated because to me I had a great head start and everyone knows you make the most money at the very end of the night any way. fyi our club closes at 2:00 am. So this guy I hung out with a few weeks ago paid me $400 to basically let him cook for me and smoke weed on some Christian Grey shit so I was down. I left my coat over his house and he was gonna bring it to me, but I was tired af from editing and fell asleep in a weed coma.

When I woke up he was texting me, but it was hours later. He left my coat with my friend and right on time too it just got cold here. Later last night my friend, a waitress and I milked him for 2 back to back VIPs worth $500 for each of us, and plus dances so obviously this shot my number way up to the sky. Then later on he paid me $300 to come hang out, let him make me a sandwich and smoke some weed. He lives in some mini mansion in Buckhead and has some amazing ass cars. He’s going to get me a Jeep Wrangler so he says, but he’s proven to be pretty generous thus far so we’ll see.

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Stripper Health

So my regular stopped by yesterday and he always talks so greasy lol. He’s loyal tho. He even says how much he likes me all the time and stalks me mysteriously online, but you all secretly do. Hi Michael. You’re the only one that really knows all my secrets because I love you and you’re loyal too. My regular only found my instagram page and he’s so dumb, but so encouraging. You are too, but your gone lol so we’re gonna talk about him right now.

My regular actually has the same first name as you so hey I really could be talking about him. His name in my phone is Mike The Plumber. No pun intended, but he totally loves me haha. he ain’t really shit tho. Oh yeah this is about stripper health. Omg.


Yeah we always talk drugs and diseases and mental diseases are not excluded. Omg he’s super interesting frfr. He wants to fuck me so bad and always likes it when I assure him that there have been no dicks in me haha. He;s one of those people who can tell the real from the fake and it keeps me going. He actually met a dumb mistake ex of mines and he actually did dick me down for a good while LMAO. Ugh again mistakes. He’s one of the last to know I’m a stripper LMAO. I think I’m just gonna go ahead and pull a Trisha Paytas and publish these original stories baby.

I told that to a man last night and he highly entertained the idea. So I’m gonna do it. I already have over 150 blog post.

So I was talking to my regular last night and he asked me why I was depressed. I told him because I’m not a billionaire. Then he asked me how many zeros were in a billion dollars and I totally didn’t know lol. I wasn’t embarrassed he don’t give af if I’m dumb he just likes the fact that I’m constantly trying to teach myself, which is what we are all trying to do.


Anyway I already have the meat of the book all I have to do is publish, illustrate and edit and I can do all that shit by myself, but more than likely I’d want a small team. That’s a hobby. I paint and photograph. Easy peezy. Painted quotes in the books and photographs of me. Yes me. If I’m gonna come out with then book then think I want all the glory, but by the time the book comes out I should hand already have an audience with all of my other endeavours and fanboy regulars who love me. 

As you guys can see my post has gone totally left. I really appreciate my loyal readers because when this book comes out its going to be so juicy to y’all Day One’s LMAO.

I would ask for help, but I think this is something that I want to do on my own. I actually honestly don’t think my stripper story is like the rest because I’m just me.

I’m gagging on an Energy Soup from R. Thomas that I overdraft my saving account for lol. Nah but fuck that I gotta house full of cash. Fuck them accounts. Cash Rules.


Can’t take the ghetto outta the girl smh haha, still getting them accounts in slick order tho. I’m thinking here and can I legally spill beans in a book? Legally? lol.

Ok I’m out. See yall soon.


Day 7

There are procedures you must follow to earn money legitimately, even as a dancer.

Its always good to do things the right way to avoid the bad that can come along with fast money.

So I woke up to more depressing news abut a family situation that honestly I want nothing to do with now. I’m just trying to live my life and I am in no position to be held responsible for other adults or their responsibilities. I understand everyone needs help sometimes, but the depression can be contagious and that’s the last thing I need right now. As a dancer I would like to remain in high spirits and do what I have to do to take care of myself.

Now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest I can tell you about the steps I’m taking to begin working.

As a dancer at most legitimate clubs you must obtain a PERMIT. The permits are usually issued at a police precinct or something like that. If your club is legit then you will probably have to have one. Permits in my state range from $200-$375 in my experience and research. Some clubs don’t require one, but that may bite you in the butt with the daily House Fees you have to pay each night to work there. Dancing is very much like a small business.

Permits are made by APPOINTMENT ONLY !

I ignorantly thought that I would call, make my appointment, pay my fee and begin work the same night. No.

I called to make my appointment, no one answered so I left a message with my name and number and 1 hour later someone called me back and scheduled and appointment. She was very sweet and professional on the phone. To my surprise shockingly the soonest appointment they had was was 7 days later which is December 1, 2015. There was nothing I could do about that so I accepted it and she told me the forms of payment and the fee was $200 which is a good price. Now I will have to clinch my purse until then. Money is dwindling but I’m holding on.



Day 6

I just woke up and dancing has been on my mind so much that its beginning to be a little normal. I actually met one my good friend’s friend who is also a dancer with a similar body type as me and I got some good insight without spilling the beans on my plans. It sucks that I have to be secretive because I know how jealous and discouraging people can be. This girl legit makes it seem like you have to be a Beyonce like trained dancer to strip. LOL This is all so funny to me. I would love to share this interesting journey with the girls closet to me but I can’t handle the judgmental and discouraging commentary at this point in my decision.

I have to go get a wax and get my outfit together. After that I will set an appointment to get my permit and head over to the club later on tonight. Believe it or not I think I will enjoy it. I’m a young woman and I deserve to have the right to choose what I want to do and I am choosing to do this. I can’t wait to have the money ! I really really just want the money. At This point my main concern is how I will have to dance on stage and their style of lap dancing. Every club has rules thank goodness because I don’t want people touching me and being rude.

I also understand that there is an enjoyable aspect to dancing. Besides the men being absolutely mesmerized it is quite enjoyable for the dancer also. I don’t mind getting some pleasure from the job seeing as I am single and lacking attention myself so this can be the best of both worlds. I was mainly concerned about the degradation but c’mon I’m no virgin and I’ve never been in an official relationship with most of my sexual partners so a lap dance for money sounds right up my alley.

I think I’m ready to live my life for me and stop apologizing for things I want to do and also stop being worried about what people think about me. Especially people who didn’t call me when I needed a shoulder to lean on the most. lol Its kinda funny to think about how we put people on such high pedestals that server no fundamental purpose in our lives.

Alone Time

I listen to songs I’d like to dance to and practiced dancing a 3 song set which is very physically demanding and I wasn’t expecting that. I got used to wearing the shoes which were very comfortable.

  • tomorrow when I wake up
  • I am going to call and set an appointment for my permit
  • go to class
  • mentally prepare to dance my first night
  • wish me luck


Day 4

So I was laying in the bed Saturday morning from a stripper documentary filled night. I woke up  a mission in mind and I took a shower got dressed, did my make up and went to a legit looking club just outside of the city. When I pulled up the club was a huge place. A security guard asked me if I was there to work and I shyly told him I was there to apply. I didn’t know what to expect after I told him that and he told me he would take me to the house mom. I walked across the huge club that was decorated beautifully with poles and seating areas.

All I can think about is if I can really actually dance for men. I go to the back where I see lockers and mirrors and then a late 20ish short petite white woman approached me and I was expecting a middle aged type of woman, but this woman was very youthful and beautiful. She basically looked at me and hired me, no audition necessary yay me ! I still have to get up there and show them what I got on Monday though. The house mom gave me an application to get my permit which will be $200. Thankfully I have a little money saved up to get this permit. I also spoke with one of the dancers who was so very helpful and made me feel very welcomed and I just loved this atmosphere of the club.

I left feeling awesome and I spent the rest of the day looking for shoes which are a little pricey especially at retail cost. I went back to another Starship location, but they didn’t have shoes at location. I then got fed up and looked online for a store that would have shoes, I called Stardust and they had shoes so which were $40.00 more than the online price, but I was exhausted and didn’t want to put it off so I just bought them. They only had one pair in my size so I took that as fate LOL. After that I went to Walmart and bought lacy underwear and I was feeling good so I went on a date right after.

It felt a little weird being in the presence of a man that liked me with my clothes on and I also liked him a little. It made me think if I could have a normal life and dance at the same time and basically I remembered my date isn’t offering to relieve me of my financial struggles so my journey continues. I really have to persevere at this point because my mind is everywhere but it boils down to needing money.

I spent the night trying on my heels and putting myself knee deep in stripper videos. I’m still a little nervous, but honestly I’m more exhausted from the rat race.





Day 3

After I was really going more broke by the day I took a trip to “Starship” the adult novelty store, and that eased my mind so much. I’m going through this journey alone so I’m trying to tread lightly. Starship was an amazing experience to do alone. I got a chance to look at shoes and loads of outfits. It made the decision feel more real for me to be in the presence of all the clothes. At this point I have called a really hot gentlemen’s club and the woman on the phone sounded middle aged so I figured she a secretary or the house mother or something. She was absolutely helpful and directed me to a answering service that gave me a phone number to text my headshots and bodyshots to. I sent them in and they said they would contact me when they were ready to schedule an audition. That was Friday and today is Sunday so precious time was passing by and I was getting more anxious so I called another club referred by my unhelpful friend who says she can’t work there because its so far away. I called them and they were rude which was expected, so I wrote them off because I don’t do negative vibes. That traumatized me and I was literally freaked out to call another club and the reality of the “audition” was also freaking me out. My Craigslist friend had an audition with her company and she had to dance for 30 minutes. That sounded very judgmental and impossible for me to just do. I spent Friday and Saturday night building my confidence y watching documentaries and practicing moving naked in heels. I actually looked at my body in the mirror and loved what I saw. I could gain a little weight at 5’6 105 lbs, but I still loved the shape and movement of my thin frame and I had a little bit of jelly which I never noticed but was very pleased to see. I easily knew I would not want to be in a club with loads of thick women, I could make it, but I just don’t feel like that’s the right place for me.

I also noticed women in this industry are very competitive and I wanted to avoid a place like this. I live in Atlanta, but I don’t think  I want a dancing job that close to the city as I’m more likely to see someone I know which would mortify me.

Day 2

Now that I have kind of convinced myself that this is the best use of my young body to maximize my income I have so business to handle. 

I have a very good friend who Also did a short stint dancing and she figured it wasn’t for her. I can’t judge because I don’t even know if its for me yet. I figured she would be very helpful…. think again. I was getting a catty vibe like I was stealing her thing so I deceased the topic when I sensed this. I would as her questions like “So how much money can you make in a night?” her response was literally “Depends.” so I asked “Like $100, $200, $300?” her response “I don’t know it all depends.” LOL at this point I’m mentally amused at how catty women can be for no reason when they find another woman is ready to make some money. She even toyed with the idea of going back. In the following days I would make comments like “Dancing looks like fun it might not be so bad.” her response “No most of those dancers have a dance background and they really know what they’re doing.” Now this may be a true statement, but its not a supportive statement to a friend who is trying to ease the reality of looking into exotic dancing and honestly I see drug addicted people be strippers so this was jealous rambling in my mind. I also asked her what she wore and she simply said “Underwear.” LOL I’m still amused at this point at the callous behavior. One thing I know about dancing is it takes loads of courage and you don’t feel comfortable talking about it with many people so this was just absurd behavior to me. Insecure people will also envy your courage and confidence to openly and apologetically discuss the situation the way I approached the topic. I don’t think dancing is something to tip toe around not pun intended. It was then I decided to look on Craigslist for similar women in my situation looking for a partner in crime.  I came across many fakes and one real girl. We only text and I wanted someone to go in with me as a friend, but she decided to go with a “booking agency” and I don’t really like the idea of that so I think we’ll just be friends from afar.

Day 1

Well I’m scared shittless, but the money will be so sweet. I don’t know if I’m more concerned about someone figuring me out or being naked and I’m 100% sure its the “someone figuring me out” thing. I’m  not a professional dancer and though I am very thin I could be in better shape so my first night will be interesting. Enough babbling here’s what you ladies came to read.

How did I make the decision to dance ?

Well I used to be a Hooter’s Girl so the land of dancing isn’t very far fetched. Hooter’s is normally a stepping stone for dancing. I quit Hooter’s almost exactly 1 year ago and its been a very very rough year. I didn’t realize I was making such good money until my savings ran out about 6 months after I quit and it was just a downhill depression from there. I am in school and going more broke my the nanosecond. About 8 months after my Hooter’s leave I was in desperate need of any form of money so I got a job for $7.25 in a call center. I was very grateful for this job but c’mon the money was total shit. I quit that and got a laid back serving job. The management there were on complete high horses to be pedaling basic tacos and house margaritas. The work was very fast and the money was nothing like Hooter’s and most of the staff complained. One perk to that job was the clientele was kinda awesome, mind you I quit before my training was completed so I think I never really experienced the wrath of a needy guest. After I escaped that potential hamster wheel the summer was over and I began school shortly after. I was physically and mentally recovering from a major depressive episode so I was doing pretty well by now, because  had landed 2 jobs so the little money I made put me at a temporary peace of mind, but I knew the satisfaction wouldn’t last. After that I swore off serving and decided to just hostess. I absolutely LOVED being a hostess, but the money was also shit. $8.00 and about 10-20 hours a week. This job was lovely, but when I got my first check I really needed it and it bounced TEN TIMES ! I was finally able to cash the check my speaking directly to someone in the accounting department of the restaurant. From my major bind I had acquired a small, but monumental amount of debt to the point where I was unable to open a bank account which I absolutely underestimated the usefulness of bank accounts. After many calls and research my finances were barely livable and I’m still living at home and I can’t even afford to maintain my car and other personal needs as well as helping out when I can. I finally opened a bank account from an amazing banker and they later tried to revoke the account but I already had money in it so they could not. Oh and I got fired as a hostess because the $250 check every two weeks was not worth the trouble. After a few weeks of unemployment I can see my money dwindling and my side hustles are too far and few between. I also have been planning this huge trip so if I see a familiar face who cares because I’ll be out of this city in a couple of weeks and those judgmental people don’t pay my bills.  So I played with the idea and I just followed the idea one day after another.