How I Became a Happy Stripper

There are very few things triggering my depression these days. I finally realized the most important things in life and the most important thing is my happiness. I had to be the one to find my own happiness and I had to stop expecting it from others. I was stressing out about stupid things like relationships that were docked ships and money that wasn’t coming in and I took no time to focus on the things that were really making me happy. I actually had to somewhat release those feelings of wanting something to be perfect and work on myself. I had to release my fears of letting go of things in order to grow and change my life for the better and that is still an everyday process. At the same time this is a process that is making me super happy.

Things that do not serve you, but are giving you very temporary happiness and ladies I’m talking about a faulty relationship whether that be with a man, woman, friend or family  member will ruin your happiness. Let go of the need to want to make others happy who aren’t making you happy or are only making you happy when you do something for them in some type of way. Also I am very excited to finally be breaking away from my family in a environmental sense even though it was so hard to make those first few steps since all of this is very new to me.

When you are making a huge change in your life be sure to keep to keep it to your self for the most part so you will be able to fully process the situation you will be going through. As many of us know as soon as we make changes in our lives people who didn’t give a f*ck about us before come out of the woodwork with their advice and “helpful” opinions and constructive criticism lol. Just believe in yourself because once you take the steps yourself and you are actively pursuing the plan there will be nothing anyone can say or do to deter you. Moreover this can be anyone with an unhappy life disguised as a positive person. People will tell you all kinds of things and ask all kinds of questions to plant seeds of doubt in your mind at the most inconvenient times. Most of the time this person will be someone of close relation such as a boyfriend, co-worker or friend so don’t feel bad from keeping your major happiness and success plans from them. 

I still have a long way to go and  everyday is a different day for changes to happen.  Believe me once you begin to take those first few steps to making yourself happy and doing things that will improve your life you will be so happy too. 

I feel it is very important for me to say that holding positive thoughts in my mind really really helped me to be happy. I would think about how I wanted my life to be and how different my reality was from my thoughts.It came to a point where I was thinking about my happy life so much that I began silently drowning in my reality and I had to begin making steps  to change, because I couldn’t believe how much things weren’t going as well I wanted them t go. When you think about being happy and you are not happy its very much like being stuck in a matrix as many conscious people say and believe it or it’s not as hard as you think to break away. Breaking away from the matrix has everything to do with your beliefs about your self worth and its really that simple. I now know my self worth and I know that only I can give me the happiness I want so badly and if that means cutting people off then that is not an option, but a must.

I have many errands to run today and I am so excited about being in a position to do them. I love all of you and I will be back soon 🙂


Beware of Pimps At The Strip Club 

So I have heard mildly of pimps just off of television and things like that, but pimps are a real life thing that happens in the strip club world. Since I have been stripping a total of three pimps have approached me. When pimps approach you they will not be malicious or demanding unless they are absolutely stupid or sense that you are absolutely stupid and weak. Pimps are completely useless and if you feel that you need a pimp to be a successful stripper then this may not be the industry for you. Stripping is and independent contracting situation between you and the club and you do not need a pimp to keep you safe or manage your money, you can do all of that yourself.

When Pimps approach me I know they are useless and broke af because they basically beg me to work with them. They tell me how beautiful I am, they tell me how much money I can make all over the world and the nation and they also tell me how much they can protect me and blah blah blah. Who tf do these men think they are kidding? I clearly got this game on lock and they just want a piece of the pie for free and want to be in my circle. I in no way suggest any woman get under the guidance of any pimp, manager or whatever he calls himself. Pimps come in the form of anybody. A pimp can be any age from very young to very old. Moreover a pimp can be intelligent, attractive, and not even seem like a pimp, the only thing that will indicate you that they are a pimp is what they will say to you and for the most part they talk about protection which is a complete joke. Any club you work at will have security and make sure you get in you car or ride and go home. If you ever feel like you are ever in any danger call 911 and they will surely keep you safe or at least escort you home. Personally I have never been in that situation and I don’t think it is a common situation to be in and that is up to you to be smart and know who to avoid after brief conversation in the club.

Furthermore if you are not making money as a stripper then you need to read my blog post on “How I Use The Law Of Attraction As A Stripper” and nowhere in that blog post do I mention anything about a pimp. Ladies think smart, and save your money because you can’t be a stripper forever and you don’t want to waste your time tricking off for a pimp. Don’t let these men live lavishly off of your hard work and degrade you while you end up with nothing over the years.

How I Use The Law Of Attraction As A Stripper

First of all lets be clear you control any and everything that has happened and will ever happen to you with your mind. No this is not some magical mind control it is simply you being in control of your life and using positive thought process to do that. It is also very important to hold yourself accountable and this means you cannot blame bad things that happen to you on other people no matter what they did to you you always had and still have the option to change those things.

Ok now that all of that is out of the way I will tell you my story of how I use the Law Of Attraction as a stripper to make money. First of all when I began stripping I was using the Law Of Attraction and I didn’t even know it. When I say this I mean I had a planned purpose and goal when I went into work and I just wasn’t shooting for any random dollar amount when I went into work. When using the Law Of Attraction you have to have a plan, goal or purpose. This is very important and if you don’t have this then the Law will not work for you. Your goal can be anything from wanting a McDonald’s happy meal to wanting to make enough money that night to pay off one month’s car payment or even your full tuition for the semester.

I do not constantly focus on that goal the whole night, but it is my mission for being. If I were to worry about the goal then I probably would worry myself into beig broke and that has happened. When I want to make the money I want I fully put all of my energy into doing the best job I can do on stage and while giving dances. Before when I wasn’t making money I realized I had no real goal because I hadn’t planned on moving from home anytime soon and I was just shooting in the dark for what ever I could get so I would end up with basically nothing and most of the time that would be under $50 which is terrible. I saw girls effortlessly making money and that made me worry even more. I began to have the mindset that there wasn’t enough money to go around and that’s and even more terrible mindset to have when using the Law Of Attraction while stripping. There is plenty of money to go around! Most men leave the club and still have lots of cash that could’ve been yours if you weren’t so busy thinking negatively and lacking the confidence to speak to them.

Now I follow a certain procedure when I go into work. First of all I release all negative thoughts and superstition I may have carried around. Next I wear what feels comfortable to me and not what everyone else is wearing. Different things work for different girls so don’t think you have to look just like someone at your club who makes a lot of money. You may not have the same goals and mindset of that girl so your experience will be totally different and you are just setting yourself up to feel even more bad about yourself.

The next thing I had to was figure out what kind of dancer I was. Like I said in my previous post I am 5’6 100 lbs soaking wet so I have a very long and elegant body as opposed to a voluptuous twerker body. I used to try to dance like girls with curvier bodies, but I had to realize that that simply does not work for me and it actually works against me and just looks ridiculous.I dance in a more seductive way and I love my body now, because when I have conversation with people I am so bold and outgoing that it makes them wonder how I am going to dance. Then I begin my seduction and they are hooked.

Finally I want to touch on something that is probably the hardest part of stripping for most women and that is the rejection. You will always have to try when you are using Law Of Attraction and that is going to be the case with anything in life. You probably didn’t move into the first apartment you looked up or bought the first car you researched so what makes you think stripping will be any different? When stripping you have to have thick skin and just know that as long as you have a positive personality you can’t be focused on the no’s you only have to focus on the yes’s and personally when I began to do that I didn’t even pay attention to the no’s. They were just simply people I conversed with and kept it moving to the one’s that really liked me. If you remain positive and follow these directions you will probably experience very little rejection or not any noticeable rejection unless the guy just want to be a douche and if that’s the case you probably don’t want to dance for him anyway. Moreover you should be dancing for someone who is celebrating your body and your presence and nothing less. I will do a few dances for random people here or there, but if I am really spending time with you then you need to be celebrating my body and my presence and nothing less.

So I will conclude with a small checklist to using the Law Of Attraction while stripping

  1. Have a real goal in mind
  2. Wear something that makes you feel sexy
  3. Do not fear talking to people
  4. Know what type of dancer you are for you’re body type
  5. Only focus on people who celebrate your presence
  6. Make that money!
  7. Watch you goal become reality



What Happened To My Brain and Shopping Habits Once I Began Making More Money

Before I got into the groove of being a stripper I was making no money , now that all of that has changed my attitude towards money is totally different. The simplest thing such as buying a fast food meal made me feel good as well as gave me anxiety. I could not clearly think about where my money was going or what state of mind to be in because I was always focused on the lack of money I had. Furthermore each day felt like I was falling in to a deficit and my cravings to spend money were heightened with every thought. I thought maybe if I had those new eyelashes I would finally begin to make more money. I finally realized that everything I needed to make money I already had and that is my personality.

Moreover since I’ve began making more money I don’t think about spending money as often. Now if I’m hungry I’ll wait until I get home to eat or eat a snack I already  have in my car. If I’m at the club I may have someone purchase something for me to eat or at the very most split a meal with one of the dancers. Moreover when I think about going shopping for those new clothes or accessories I put my priorities into perspective first and then my mind also wants to save for a rainy day since I know I don’t like the feeling of not having money. It also takes me no time to get ready for work because I don’t feel the need to do extra things and I am confident with what ever way I choose to look that night and recently I have been wearing minimal makeup, and that has been so comfortable for me.

Also when I think about doing some shopping I instantly think about all the things I already love to wear, but have not worn in a while or this week. In addition to that I am absolutely comfortably with the dance wear I already have and  the feeling of buying something new does not give me pleasure because I know the person wearing the clothes is more important than the clothes the person is wearing.

Superstition also works that way to me because when you believe in superstition you are basically believing in bad things definitely happening. That time you are using thinking about those bad things could be used thinking about great things happening, but I guess the media wouldn’t be wealthy if they told you that. Bottom line, just believe in yourself and all you’re awesome abilities just as strong as you believed in those superstitions.

Finally when I think about the money I have been making I think about my goals and the purpose for me stripping I realize that I’m not a stripper to buy lots of pretty outfits. I became a stripper as a vehicle to gain my freedom from things I need to release myself from. I am so happy I took the leap to transition from living at home and while I know that no situation is perfect I know it is time for me to grow and be happy.

Thank You for reading and have a wonderful day 🙂

So Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian Came To My Club

The night was very fun Blac Chyna and Rob came at about 1:00 am – 3:00 am  which was enough time for everyone to  see her and take pictures of whatever. She brought Jessica Dime from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and a few other girls. Blac Chyna’s job was really just to bring the crowd out and she did that. I’ve watched old YouTube videos of her from back in the day and she was funny then, but she didn’t really show much personality last night. But again her job was just to bring the crowd out and that’s what she did. I guess when you’re a “celebrity” you really don’t want to talk too much because then people can read you and form opinions and I’m sure one of those ladies was her publicist or something. Also when you are a realty television or internet celebrity of course everything is not what it seems so you try and hold that standard as much as possible when people meet you in person and for the most part you probably don’t want to say too much.

Then another aspect of her personality I thought about was the fact that she’s human and maybe she doesn’t enjoy the attention as much as people think she does. She had to be in a guarded section which may or may not be necessary. Meanwhile I was having a blast dancing for this nice gentlemen and while being a stripper isn’t the most respected job I’m sure she had fun doing it. Moreover if she ever goes back to being a regular stripper she will be looked down upon even though it is more fun than just sitting in a guarded section.  Maybe she loves her life, but I get the feeling that the grass isn’t as green on the other side as people may think. He child’s father left her for her current boyfriend’s younger sister and it just seems like the pickings were slim and her relationship with Rob just makes a lot of sense for the both of them,but honestly they looked really happy together and sometimes its funny how things work out, but when your happy who can complain even if the path was bumpy. Like the old saying goes “There is no growth without struggle.”

All in all I enjoyed Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s appearance and I wish them the most happy life together.

How I Feel About Annoying Co-Workers

Be careful you are probably about to read a rant! Ok so I have so much I want to say, but I will begin here I don’t like unsolicited advice in negative forms and I’m pretty sure that would be anyone’s take on that subject. I had a girl with a face tan tape hairline ask me why I was wearing a wig. B*tch why do you have that obvious tape on your hairline?Just because I have a low haircut doesn’t mean I have to please you hoes and wear my hair like that everyday.  I appreciate people that just give love I don’t need all the questioning and blah blah blah. See I’ve been trying to be sweet, but sweet doesn’t get you anywhere in here. I’ve realized that it’ ok to be a little hated sometimes. Its so many haters everywhere and they love when you feel inferior to them. That’s some weak a** sh*t. If you were so confident you wouldn’t feel the need to question me and you would just be happy that I’m alive and well. Why feel the need to pick someone apart, that’s so lame to me. The only thing we should worry about in a strip club is ourselves unless you have a stage set of group dance with some other girls where you have to split the money. Other than that stop being a bitter b*tch and be happy you’re getting some money geez. That’s their real goal to get you feeling so bad about yourself that you aren’t even in the mood to make any money.

The moral of this story is love yourself and if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all …. ESPECIALLY TO ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Finally Found My Stripper Groove and Make The Money I Deserve

I’m so excited to announce that I  am finally a stripper! I took me a while, but everybody has to find what works for them and no two strippers are the same and can be the same. I used to look around and wonder how those girls could easily talk any man for the most part out of all of his money and I just couldn’t figure it out. I would ask the best stripper all the questions I could and they would happily answer any question I asked because they knew that I couldn’t steal their thunder. My issue was I was trying to be like someone and I just needed to be myself. It’s not something that you can really be taught its just a matter of you knowing yourself. I will give you some examples.

First off no two bodies are the same. You can get as close as you want in weight, but the soul in the capsule will not be the same no matter what. Some girls may be able to train you to be like them and that system will work if you stick to it, but eventually you will realize that you are not exactly like that person and if you are you probably aren’t happy. I had such an effortless night and I didn’t need to get drunk of high to do so. Everyone who was in my presence absolutely loved me because they could tell I was not bull sh*tting them. I have a small frame and I was requested to dance by people who I feel like would not normally want me to dance for them even if I asked. Since I have found my groove I don’t even have to ask for dances everyone asks me because I exude my worth thru my personality. I was genuinely attentive and assertive and made no apologies for what I approached them about.

Another very very important topic I want to touch on when finding your groove as a female stripper is you have to have you emotions in order. Leave that depression and relationship issues at the door and it’s best if you  not pick them up, because feeling a certain type of way can definitely affect your money. Last night I decided that if I’m going to do this I cannot and will not be with anyone who makes the following statements. “Your a dancer so you must make so much money.” Fist off my finances are not a man’s business and if you are in a so called relationship with me then you should still be willing to support me even if I am a successful stripper.

I will from now on check my feeling at the door and focus on giving the customers a good time that I want them to pay for. I don’t plan on having any more bad days at work because if I am going to be doing this alone I refuse to let anything distract me, because thatis a severe for of self harm it is so not needed.


Blac Chyna’s Coming To My Club Today !

I’ve totally been crushing on Blac Chyna lately. I admire her for putting on a brave face for the media in the midst of the drama with her son’s father leaving her for her ex-best friend’s little sister, I know that must have been a difficult time for her. It absolutely ludicrous. She really gave the Kardashian Klan a surprise when she started dating Rob and I love the whole entire situation lol. I love the graceful ghetto comeback :).  Even of their relationship  is fake I still adore it and he’s clearly a willing participant so there’s really nothing bad the media can say. I even love that Kris Jenner pretends to act like she doesn’t know Blac Chyna. Clearly you know the ex-girlfriend of the man  your youngest daughter is f*cking, but I digress. I’d never expect to be in the position to be reporting anything like this, but here I am lol

Anyhow I’m very excited to party it up with Chyna !

What I Plan On Doing With My Stripper Money

The first thing I plan on doing is minding my d*mn business! Everybody that finds out I strip is so d*mn nosey aside from a very few amount of people. I’m sick of the fake support and all the judgment and people pretending like its ok for only certain women to strip. People need to know that stripping is not a get rich quick scheme for everyone and I definitely plan on using it as a stepping stone and that is all. I tell people I’m not rich is they instantly vomit opinions and its very annoying and I am not going to stand for that.

The first thing I plan on doing is something that sounds very simple to many people, or maybe not, but I want to pay my bills with out anxiety. I want to save and budget my money to the point where the process flows effortlessly every month.

Secondly I want invest in real estate. Again I know I will get many negative opinions on this and if that is the mind set you have then kindly click the red ex in the top right hand corner. Of course there are risks with any business endeavors, but if you never try you definitely will never accomplish anything. I live in Atlanta and I see the city changing so much real estate wise and I would love to be apart of that change as well. This is also a very good stepping stone for me to complete my education in business and finance. Its funny how people will always have a negative opinion of any goal you have whether it be stripping, real estate or business ownership so persevere and ignore the naysayers because if you stop then they win and you lose your dreams.

Furthermore I would like to reach a personal goals of becoming mentally stable also known as being happy. One major thing I blame my depression for is my seemingly difficult inability to gain weight. I have been struggling with weight gain for many years now and the chemical imbalance of my mental state affects my body weight. I am so much more happier when I have to freedom from my negative family and it puts me in a mood to want to eat. My weight gain journey will be candid because I have to face the demon in order to kill it. The food I want is not expensive because I like cooking at home and meal prepping, but the issue again is my environment. I am not able to be open with my family with out them being unapologeticly opinionated and judgmental about what I’m doing and to plainly put it NOSEY !

The last thing I want to do with my stripping money is allow a business I have buried due to negative comments and environments flourish beyond my wildest dreams. I have had an ebay store for many years, but I again allowed the negative comments from my family bury everything I worked for to  grow the business. I will have the ability to be around supportive people or just regular people.

Lastly I want to say do not allow people who are supposed to love you discourage you to the brink of depression. Remove yourself from those people and reformat the relationship you have with them even if it is merely a spiritual relationship where you are just cordial with them and wish them the best and keep your distance. Some times people cannot handle your success and greatness so they manipulate your mind and that makes them feel better which is something you do not need in your life.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day 🙂


Day Shift at the Strip Club

So stripping has been bumpy for me, and life hasn’t been perfect, but I’m grateful for good days very much. I’m in the process of moving and learning to be happily single, and such madness lol. I’m at new club and I’ve only been working night shifts and today was my first day shift and honestly I love it, I’m definitely a day shift girl for now. I life the slow and steady pace of day shift and night shift is just a sea of girl with huge butts and the competition is just too crazy. This one girl told me the only difference between day shift and night shift is the way you think and I understand that, but I don’t even want to have that type of shark infested mind set. Most night shift girls live to dance and its all they pretty much ever want to do. I love dancing and I respect dancers, but night shift dancers are ruthless and they are also vampires. The night shift starts at 8:00 pm and it ends at 3:45 am on weekdays and 2:45 am on weekends. I can leave work a few hours earlier if I’m are satisfied of fed up with being there, but that is no guarantee if there aren’t many girls working that night. My  new club has lots of girls so that really isn’t an issue.  I get home at about 3:45 am-4:30 am depending on how the night goes. Day shift on the other hand begins at 11:00 am – 8:00 pm. I feel like I have more of a life working in the day time, but I can work a night shift if need be or  if I want some overtime.

SN: I think I ran into one of my old teachers too today. Although I couldn’t really recognize him, I’m 100% sure he worked at either my middle or high school, and he was trying to finger my butt, yuck. Yes girls be ready for stripping and all its glory lol.