How To Make $1,000 A Night

So this week I only worked two days. Thursday which s the day I had two clients and today. I overslept yesterday and missed a good client, but that same client went above and beyond today!

Allow me to explain how to make $1,000 as a stripper with zero clients.


  • Get to work at least by 5:00 pm!

– Catch all the stragglers goin home after work and a few day shift residuals. It all adds up in the end

  • Go up to EVERYONE!  

– usually I don’t advise doing this, but when you have a large goal you never know who that one person is that may ne the big jackpot!

  • Try to get at least 1-5 dances from every person you talk to.

– Every little bit counts toward the large end goal when you have a large goal so you can’t be shy or lazy!

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for large sums of money.

– the right man will give you whatever you want you just have to ask for it!

  • Don’t feel bad about exploiting someone’s emotions for money.

– People with a lot of money require a lot of attention. They usually have some sort of anxiety of depression and would love to spend all of their money on you. $500 to some people is nothing, but that’s half your pot for the night so take the money and smile.

  • Always remain in control!

– never ever let the person giving you money disrespect you or treat you cheap. They will end up being cheap with you.

  • Lastly, always keep track of your time and money in your head or on you phone so you can hit hourly goals and stay motivated! 


I hop this helps someone or at least give you an idea of how $1,000 is made on a regular night.

Example of my night last night.

I got to work at 4:30 pm which is 4 1/2 hours earlier than I usually do and make my usual $200 average a night. Last night I had a goal in my mind and I pulled out my phone every so often to count my money and do the math for how much more money I needed. Honestly I exceeded my goal so much I had to write about it. By 8:00 pm I had over $100 and I guess I should tell you that my goal was Originally $525 and then I reduced it to $475 still ridiculously high for the type of club I work in. Like I told you in my other blog posts. Girls fuck and suck and take your money by doing all that nasty shit when they can just be mental and work the universe in their favor. I made sure I physically wrote down an all-inclusive goal of $900 the other day and I planned to divi it up thru out the week. The only problem with that was I was so tired and didn’t feel like working. I only worked two days and the other day I made $350 which was far from the $550 I have to make in one day.

So when you are working the universe in your favor you have to be clear and you can’t be greedy or it won’t work. Do your calculations and strive for that and only that. This will make goal setting easy in the beginning with amazing results. No matter how high the number is to you. $475 originally seemed high, but after making what I made last night that’s an insult to me.  Anyway I wrote down the sum of all my expenses and worked the room dancing with everyone that said yes. The rejecton just rolled off of my shoulders last night because I was on a mission. Most people were attracted to me tho and I was making money easier than I thiught I would be. At 10:00 the room was pretty steady and I had like $175. I was still super motivated because to me I had a great head start and everyone knows you make the most money at the very end of the night any way. fyi our club closes at 2:00 am. So this guy I hung out with a few weeks ago paid me $400 to basically let him cook for me and smoke weed on some Christian Grey shit so I was down. I left my coat over his house and he was gonna bring it to me, but I was tired af from editing and fell asleep in a weed coma.

When I woke up he was texting me, but it was hours later. He left my coat with my friend and right on time too it just got cold here. Later last night my friend, a waitress and I milked him for 2 back to back VIPs worth $500 for each of us, and plus dances so obviously this shot my number way up to the sky. Then later on he paid me $300 to come hang out, let him make me a sandwich and smoke some weed. He lives in some mini mansion in Buckhead and has some amazing ass cars. He’s going to get me a Jeep Wrangler so he says, but he’s proven to be pretty generous thus far so we’ll see.

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Double Stuffed!

Since I came back fro DR I have only been to work twice and I’m going back out of town on Monday for another week. One thing I have really learned from traveling is how to make money and how to budget it! Its amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it. A few days ago I wrote all of my regulars names down and put the average $ amount by their names that they usually give me. Within the following days nearly all of those men began texting me asking to see me. I ranked them from least important to most important and my to two inportant regulars booked and appointment with me on the same day nearly at the same time! I wasn’t sure if either would show up so I booked both. I felt a little bad that I had to cut my time short with the first client, but my to client was there and I’m here for money not for favoritism.

I was so determined that I just followed the plan and everything worked out near perfectly. I have two more days of goals and I plan on hitting them.



When you dance you have to consider yourself a business! Your body is a business and you are very in demand. Men want to spend time with a young  beautiful woman so arrange a group of men who like you and make them your clients. If one or two fall off don’t worry because you should always be scouting more clients. I used to rely on my clients only, but I learned to constantly be scouting for clients because some client are flaky. Also make sure your clients respect your time so that won’t happen.

When you create a plan anything is possible. It may sound like some mystic space talk, but its real!


What Have I Been Up To?

I don’t believe you guys know about my trip to the Dominican Republic so I will give you a brief overview.


This trip was another huge lesson for me like all of my travels are. I learned to be more responsible, save for what you want and relax on your time off! I worked super super hard for this trip and I enjoyed every moment. I got some good footage for my YouTube channel and had fun. In this country they speak 98% Spanish. You may come across a few English speakers, but its rare. For this reason you have to be very discreet about being american, because to them you are a dollar sign.


The country is so poor people literally work for a place to live and food, but the food there is fresh and amazing. I stayed with a high school friend and she introduced me to an annoying Haitian plug. He was trying to fall in love with me, but I can’t save someone and even if I was going to save someone I want to choose them I don’t want them to cling to me. So I was there for 6 days and I got the full on Dominican Republic experience, but I did miss the states. I could barely talk to anyone and my friend didn’t want me to speak much English so that got a little annoying. The men there work hard, but they still have very little money which is not a deal breaker, but I can’t be with someone who is with me because they think I have a lot of money either.

Now I’m back in Atlanta and work was awesome Friday and Saturday. I only had 2 customers each day and I was satisfied since I had just come back from vacation. I have more customers to see this week, because I’m going out-of-town again on the 21st-29th and I need some re-up money.

School has also been on my mind heavily. When I first started my blog I was interested in going to school for real estate, but I don’t think I’m passionate enough about real estate to invest the time. I took a whole year off from school and its been an amazing year. I feel like I’ve been searching for something all year and I found it. I found what it means to love myself enough to focus and sacrifice time for a better future. When I look back at all the things I was able to do for myself this year I should be happier, but something’s missing and I think that is the completion of my education. I’ve been starting all these ventures which is great, but I need the guidance of professional business owners.

I read The Richest Man in Babylon and the three best pieces of advice they give in the book is to save 10% of all earnings, Never start a business under the advice of someone not experienced in that business and make your money work for you!


Sometimes I feel like I’ve always lead such a mediocre life and that goes against everything I want. I feel like its time to make more personal sacrifices (again lol). The weed has really been slowing me down a lot lately, so now is a perfect time to stop that again. I think I’ve fallen into the medicore trap by not focusing on one thing and excelling in it, but like many creative business minded people I’m very scatter brained. I’m learning to follow a schedule, and that has greatly helped me!

As of late I’ve been trying to see what I can do to produce more and spend less time doing so and “The 4 Hour Work Week” has helped me a lot with that.


The Richest Man In Babylon helped me so much but ths book took that advice t the next level! Tim was mentioning thing that have been on my mind lately such as hiring help to save my time for the most profitable tasks I have to perform.

ttly 🙂