How I Save My Money

As a stripper  see large large amounts of money in my bank account at times and then others times the lack of funds + life makes me wanna kill myself, but I’m gonna tell you my delicate balance that can take you into long ages beyond stripping. I basically have 4 main tips.


  1. Have multiple bank accounts 

  2. Always save your money in increments of 10! 

  3. Save 10% of all of your nightly money to a savings account that you NEVER touch 

  4. Make you money work for you in some kind of way

OK I’ll explain

Number 1 should be simple. You NEED multiple accounts. You always always need a back up. You never know if you will ever fall into deficit. I mean c’mon I’m 24 years old please cut me some slack. You should be allowed to cut yourself some too and prepare for those rainy days. If you overdraft an account for too long and then don’t pay they can and almost will put you on a black list that can hinder your life in many ways. Pray you have a miracle. For this reason I please beg you to open as many accounts as you can and keep a little money I them just to keep them active.


Number 2. I find it so satisfying to see $100. $190, $470, $630, $990, 1,40, and number in increments of 10 that grow larger. I’m more likely to use my debit card if it has a balance of say $432. That’s so random. I could get a hamburger for $1.75 and throw the extra in my loose change purse, but there’s and even likelier chance that I go way over my limit with unnecessary things. This may look boring, but when you commit yourself to saving in increcrements it shows your money gradually going up and its no an intimidating amount of money to save.



Number 3 should be a no brainer. How easy is it to put aside a few dollars compared to what you are saving in your checking? It should be so easy.You shouldn’t be spending money like that anyway.If you don’t have 10% a night to set aside in a separate account YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG!!!!! If you go to the gas station or the grocery store I recommend you peel off a little cash for that so you don’t go over your limit. say $20-$50 bucks. I don’t have food stamps, but if you do more power to you! This should be the most important thing you do! How sad would it be to do years ofhard work and have zero dollars to show for the labor you used your body for.You might as well had been working for free. Even if you don’t think you have enough money to save YOU DO! Money grows just like a small child to an adult if you nourish it with more money.



Your’re probably wondering. Well what do you do with your time then?  OMG PLENTY!!!! I relax and think about life for one, then I get the balls to live it!

Number 4. The finale. The grand woo ha! The most important of them all! Number 4 is make your money work for you!. Your money should be a happy slave!. Working away building you more cash over and over as the years roll by!. INVEST in something! And it better be something you know about and have an actual interest in . Invest your money in something whether it be your time or a product that will continuously bring you more and more money! That is a loyal slave!. Forget all that other business mumbo jumbo this is real advice! All And you will be doing is re-investing money you’ve already invested. If you are smart your investment will return 10 fold, but here’s another word of advice. Get your product or service advice that you will be selling specifically from a person in that field. If you invest your money with someone who is not well versed in this field you might as well throw it in the gabage can.


So I hope you read this post in its entirety. Also to answer your question about what I do in my spare time, I do this!. I write, I film videos, I create websites, I sell products. This stuff isn’t just magic ya know. It takes actual work. I feel like Pagliacci the clown sometimes juggling it all, but I guess its worth it. I’m looking at a blog site that will turn my blog into a book! I’m so excited

Ok well ttyl.

If you have any comments or questions go ahead and leave them below 🙂 Thank for reading