The difference between Stripping and Prostitutuion


I will probably edit this blog post many times simply because I really want young women to understand that stripping can be an art form if that is how you treat it. It is also your business and your body and you are under no means to be sexually assaulted by anyone. Now there will be those people who you will allow to touch you, but that’s only if you say so and you can say no unless your club permits that, and mines doesn’t. Its kind of funny, but all jokes aside the only difference between stripping and prostituting is if you have sex with the clients for money and I do not recommend any stripper do that! You will fuck up your money. Those clients know that you are a STRIPPER NOT A PROSTITUTE. They will try and offer you $250-$1,000 to hang out with them in a room, do not do it. They know that this is your job and having sex is a prostitute’s job. Do not mix the two. If someone says they will help you, thank them and off you two get dinner or do something fun and extravagant, but sex is not included in these services. I don’t care how young, old, rich, broke, down to earth or arrogantly sexy he is DO NOT SLEEP WITH HIM. I need yell this from every corner of the world. Women could get so much more out of men if they just held back from sex and I learned the secret trick.

Ok so as women we naturally want sex too, that is how prostitutes justify being prostitutes. Well as a stripper we have a more long term agenda. We wanna rinse these guys. We wanna take them for all they’ve got, but the key is to have many. You can think of it as a mini fan base and everyone will be different so be aware of that. You will dance for them and seduce them with your beautiful good looks. These men will dream about you being with them, but they know that is a difficult task for a goddess such as yourself. They can look at you and pay for your attention all they want, but as long as they want the attention, they better have the money because there are many more in line waiting to pay for the attentiveness senescence you need yo exude.¬† A prostitute on the other hand will fuck many men in one day and receive a minimal one time payment from them and will probably not see them until the next time they want some cheap sex, if they didn’t get bored with how quick the chase is over.

So bottom lines ladies you don’t have to be the “Stripper Slut” you can be the graceful, seductive, valuable stripper who only shares her rime with the wealthiest of clients. The client that want expensive dances immediately.


Stripper in Training

So I’ve been really busy since I’ve decided to start stripping. Well first of all I have so much to tell you guys. Second of all its so juicy I can hardly figure out where to start. I can’t believe the twists and turns life will take you on, but they all will be unexpected, you just have one job. BE PREPARED. Okay so I’ve mental training so I have hold of my mind, but I don’t have control of other people’s mind. You must understand when stripping ypu are entering a realm with a lot of energy. Just be yourself and don’t lose yourself and if you find yourself slipping immediately replace those bad patterns with one’s consistent to the kind of stripper that YOU want to be.

There are some wonderful women I met and there are some drunk, shady bitches too. These bitches will pick fights with you over men and money, just like in real life. Your job is to remain calm and be yourself. I have only been a stripper for five days, but I could give anyone the rundown on how to be an amateur stripper. From styles, to personalities, outfits! I have seen lots of it. My club has a more Caucasian clientele and they are big tippers too. Strippers hate those people who just come and watch. Like duh who wouldn’t. We’re getting naked for some man and the cheap ass man next to him can just watch, oh no. You don’t have to take your bottoms off if you don’t want to and if you do you can require your own set of rules or prices.

Ok so I don’t remember the first time i took my top off, I think it was for my first dance, but I would just take it off freely after that, bottoms however are ypur money make in a club and chsrge one flat rate for that first. Make that price as high or low as you want, but most full nude dancers will do it for $10. Most vet, spoiled dancers know how to charm their way out of not doing it or just tricking a guy and telling him you’ll do it on the next song. Lol that works sometime, but if not do not be offended of he doesn’t want another dance and if he want it that cheap then he cannot afford you. You are renting out you “Hot Body Services” to these men. They don’t normally see fit little nude bodies like yours. You don’t have to take it all off for $10. Make them take you to V.I.P. and charge $200 for 1 hour. It may take you all night to meet that, person, but until then just sell a couple of $10 topless dances and then try to cash in big with some loaded sucker.



My first day entertaining 

Well you guys need to be caught up on more prelude, but the big day is finally here. I am dressed up, made up and prepared to give my first dance. I was think of telling these guys I do $10 topless and $15 full nude. I think the actual prices are $5 topless $5 full nude omg I can’t do that, but I may have to. The semester’s ending and I’ll be in LA in a little over a week. I’m so ready, I’m taking over that whole city ! I’m finding a club to dance at asap duh ! I’m gonna be soooooo far away I can feel the rush. Basically I’m going for the Victoria’s Secret type of loom since I’m tall and extra lean at 5’6 110, 6’0 with 7 inch heels. My money strategy is $40/ hour which I plan on working my way up. Today is my first day so I’m gonna just learn a few things. I’m actually excited to meet the girls. If they’re b*tches then they have to go. 

Signing off til later with the deets $500 shift yes we can !