I Cursed A Man In The Strip Club For Inappropriately Touching Me

You guys know I’m a stripper so no  matter what there is no way getting around some thing. I have guys trying to lick me and touch my vagina which I totally do not tolerate. I notice some women let men touch them I do not allow it. I also do not allow myself to get intoxicated and high on whatever. I still smoke weed you know that, but that other stuff is something I know nothing about.

I was dancing for an Indian guy yesterday and Indians have zero respect for women. They are disgusting and sexual deviants as much as I know. I usually get Indian who just want sex out of the strip club and clearly they do not know that’ll never happen in the context of ME! So yesterday this Indian guy touched my vagina. I immediately grabbed his and said  “DON’T DO THAT, DO NOT DO THAT!” to him. He immediately knew I meant business and tried say sorry, but I wasn’t hearing that. Immediately in that moment I cursed him and he felt it, I don’t think he knew it tho. The rest of the night he walked around staring blankly the entire night (about three hours). He did not know what to do. I cursed him. I am 25 years old and I’ve always known I’ve had powers, but I let people use and suck the powers from me in the past. I chose to harness my own powers especially sexually and now I have control over my own powers so when I need them they are there. He thought he was taking something from me and I’d let him take advantage, but he learned the hard way not to disrespect women. I could tell I snatched a demon out of him the way he was walking. I know it sounds crazy, but its real. I enjoyed the rest of my night even though I was not happy about what he did I still was able to use my powers to paralyze him. He literally walked around looking lost, and I was happy to know why.

I want all people who patronize the strip club to remember that the strip club is more fun when you are respectful. When you think you are able to take advantage of the women you are in for a rude awakening. Even the prostitutes curse men. I see some of them under an impenetrable state. They come week after week and have no idea why. They even have sex with women that loosely have sex with anyone.

Also any strippers reading this please know you power whether you are having sex or not. Make sure to always know your power and not let it slip for a moment.


How To Change Your Life When You Just Don’t Know Where To Start

First of all change is inevitable whether you want to accept it or not. You will get older, the years will pass and hopefully  you grow with them, not just watch them go past.


I really want to help some of you, but the truth is I am not whole enough to help someone so I will give you some tips on how to change when you just don’t know where to start.

When I was changing my behaviors and I wanted things the first thing I had to do was be honest with myself.

  1. If I wanted a man to stop using me and disrespecting me I had to realize that I was the one who was allowing him to do that.
  • I was in a fake relationship with a man who was 17 years older than be because I truly liked him. There came a point where I was allowing him to have sex with me and that was all I required from him even though I knew I deserved and wanted more. He also agreed that I deserved more, but that did not stop him from continuing to have sex with me and not support me in any other area besides the bedroom. I had to tell myself (self) “he won’t stop” You have to stop him. It was a very long journey for me, and there were signs in the beginning I ignored to the max. The first red flag was on special national occasions that we observe in the U.S. such as New Years he was never anywhere to be found. There came a point where I planned trips on special occasions just to avoid the loneliness I knew I would feel if I expected him to celebrate with me. Even my 25th birthday trip was inspired by the loneliness I was done with accepting by waiting on someone or more who had never been there for me and never will be judging from their previous actions. I had to choose myself. Putting a man above what I knew I needed to be doing was not getting closer to my dreams and goals. This man expected me to support him with absolutely no reciprocity.  I ended that. I met him in October of 2014 and was instantly head over hill. In 2015 I was in bliss with the way things were, but I did want more so I took a 4 week solo trip to L.A. it was my first time ever there and I LOVED it. I came back in 2016 to chaos, but I continued to accept him not being there in any way for me except sexually. At the end of 2016 I had elevated so much I’m sure it seems like he blinked his eyes and I was a new person, but that’s because that’s how little he was there for me when I truly needed him. No one elevates without struggle. In the end of 2016 I told him I was done, but that just made him try to keep things as they were as much as he could. That’s how lazy he is. During 2017 I was on Go-Mode the ENTIRE YEAR. I saw him maybe 3 or 4 times. That was even too much for me. In 2018 I AM totally on another universe. I feel like an alien and I need that in my life. I NEED to feel different, so now I know I AM different. And all of that made me who I am today and I needed that so I know to never accept that again. If you are a lady reading this I beg you to read a book called “Don’t Be A Wife To A Boyfriend” I didn’t start reading this, until I got out of the situation, but it is a huge reminder to never do that again. Never think, because a man is having sex with you he sees you as a wife and also learn that there is more to being a wife than being someone’s sexual mate.

2. If you are tired of being BROKE this is for you!

  •  Being broke and poor is a mental process. You are poor and broke, because you have convinced yourself that you are. You have convinced yourself that you are not capable of earning even enough money to have a simple life. You need to tell yourself that you are more than enough and capable of doing whatever you want. (legally)
  • Also you have told yourself that you have no money to save and invest. You need to change that mindset. You have the power of you have the will to save, invest and earn any income you desire.
  • Learn how to prioritize. If you can lay in the bed for 10 hours with your boyfriend, then you can spend that same time to create a budget and use that time to do something productive. PRODUCTIVE meaning to PRODUCE.
  • Also do not freak yourself out if you don’t know something. This is 2018. Anything is a google away. Believe in yourself! You see all these people doing it and nothing is stopping you, except yourself!

3. Finally for those of you who want more education, but you think you are a lost cause or you don’t know where to start.

  • When I was going back to school I didn’t have anyone encouraging me. I had to encourage myself. I had to know I was doing this to better myself. Not show people what I could do, but to show myself I would never give up on myself no matter who gave up on me when they thought I was down and done for.
  • The first thing I did was realize school was school. If you want to go to Harvard that’s fine, but you still have to start somewhere.
  • You will have to let go of the idea that people were born knowing what they know and understand that it took dedication and time for them to EARN what they know.
  • Earn your education and stop thinking its gifted to the chosen.
  • Start somewhere, Fill out applications, Call the school, visit the school, realize what you like to study, do your financial aide, if you don’t know how to there are people to help you. Just stop making excuses. Excuses are getting you nowhere and they never will. Even if someone sympathizes you they will never respect you.



Therapy Pt.1

I want to write this for the young lady who reached out to me on my “Stripping Past 30 Frightens TF Outta Me” Post

and to myself.

W all have been traumatized in life and I believe women in the strip club have especially traumatizing experiences. We all ended up there looking for safe havens. I’m a person who had a goal as soon as I stepped foot in my first club and I vowed to never lose myself.

Something have happened to me while I stripped, but losing focus has never been one of those things.

I was thinking about school, life, money and all of the above and wondering what and I doing it all for.

Then I realized therapy. You passion should be your therapy.

I have always loved art and creating things, but I never thought of that as therapy, but there is therapy in productivity. Especially when you are an exceptional person at what you do. The dedication shows.

From now on I will throw myself more into the art of what I love to do and the therapeutic nature will hold me for life. I can’t wait to become the greatest version of myself, while healing myself and becoming wealthy. I am not one of those people who believe you do something for the love of it. We all deserve fruits of our labor.

I want to encourage anyone who is lost to find therapy in something you love whether that be doing hair or whatever.

Set your own therapy schedule and let your talent show and you sadness go!

The more you see your product grow the better you will feel about yourself. You will look back and say “wow” all it takes is focus and love. Love yourself enough to focus on yourself and heal yourself.

It was hard for me to see people leave me who I did nothing to and was nothing, but good too, but like Beyonce said “Thank God I found the ‘good’ in goodbye”.

I was able to say “hello” and “yes” to myself.

I always tell you guys people don’t want your money they want your ATTENTION.

Don’t pay them any unless they are paying you some and be very frugal when you do.

At a point strippers do not have attention pay everyone. We are on a very limited time schedule.


This is therapy Pt. 1 for me.

I’ll keep yall updated

Never Feed Into Negativity At The Strip Club!

Guess what haters! You can hate as much as you want and I will STILL be paid! I will STILL win!

Haters really do be your real motivators!

Always remember these haters don’t want your money. They want your ATTENTION! That’s worth more than money and you should know that, because if you are focusing on haters you aren’t able to focus on money so IGNORE HATERS!

I was going to work today just to just not waste a day of not going to class, but there is this white girl at my job that was bragging on making money to have drinks with a client which is fine. The issue I had with her is she felt since it looked slow she’d be the only one making money.

Never engage in conversation with women who talk about how bad it looks at work, because the truth is that is the day you could make the most money of your life.

She was trying to make me feel like it was no point in trying and I told her “It may not be any money for you, but there is some for me.” She thinks because she is white she has hierarchy and that’s not true. The truth is the wealthiest white men usually patronize black women especially black women who are thin and beautiful like I am. She is chubby and not beautiful not being mean, but my customers never attract her.

I don’t appreciate anyone trying to bring me down. I know by now not to let any of that get into my reality. She got shut down real quick as she watched me attract the wealthiest man in the club. Even on days I don’t make money I know its because no one can afford to entertain me. I have to jump around on those days and I jump around anyway, because it takes five no’s to get a yes and its worth it to jump around as opposed to thinking the first person you approach will be your person.

I always want the best for all the girls and its crazy these women can still make money and expect no one else to. That’s so crazy to me. It ALWAYS enough for all of us to make money. If someone makes $1,000 that’s not to say I won’t make it either, I just won’t make it off of their customer more than likely. Its not smart to run around yelling how much you make anyway. I learned early on that’s a dumb thing to do. It makes you a target if anything it attracts haters. No one is going to celebrate money that isn’t for them and in the strip club women just want to tear someone down and pretend to be friends as long as they can use you.

She said she made all this money and still expected me to help her make money. I told her “I helped you make all this money before you should be helping me” and her ass was silent. She said the guy I gave her wanted, me and I said I didn’t want him that’s why I gave him to you. I still make money when I help others make money so I never get envious if they have something, because I get it back.

This hoe has never introduced me to any money however. And it was true. I really did give her a customer, because I did not want him. I had someone else who gave me the same money they guy I gave her, gave her. No jealousy needed, but its sad when you are winning and you still are jealous of someone else winning, that’s really sad.

Doesn’t she know she can hate as much as she wants and I’ll STILL be paid! Its a waste of time hating.

Another thing is the more love I give the more paid I am! I win all ways!


Moral of the story is do not be a hating ass hoe. Its a waste of energy. Its more productive things to be doing than hating! Its also a known fact that once a hoe pisses me off (that isn’t in my family) I’m pissed off forever. I’ll put other hoes on money that show me respect.

Never underestimate anyone. Always respect everyone.

Until they give you a reason not to and after that make them earn your respect back.


Thinking About Stripping Past 30 Frightens TF Outta Me

My fears are my biggest stallers. Sometimes I just sit here  and think about nothing, but all the mistakes in my life. I think about if they were worth it or not compared to where I am now, where I want to be and where I feel like I should be.

I’m gonna take this moment to say God is good and the sacrifices I’ve made in the last 2.5 years + decisions I chose to make were very worth it to me. My peace of mind is better. I feel people exiting my life forever as they should, because you know manipulators try to find a way to tie themselves to you and it holds you back in the most depressing way. I am feeling that being broken away from me and I am blessed.

HOWEVER I turn 26 years old May 27, 2018 and I’m like omg what am I doing? What is the reason? I see everything I am doing and it looks so small in comparison to what I really need to accomplish to feel what I want to feel. I’m in school full time again this semester and I feel readier than ever. I feel excited to do the work. I love it.

Also my experience is a negative pessimist family who are clearly mentally sick. I’m African american and I really feel like slavery, racism, and all that really did a number on black people. My dad is a self hating black man who is in love with white people. Its sad. My dad is a total fraudulent liar in my eyes. I mean we all have some things about us that don’t make us good people, but he is totally selfish and as long as no one checks him on being irresponsible he’ll continue and at this point I don’t care as long as he stays out of my life with his mommy issues. This guy literally paid my mother $87 a month for child support until I was 14 years old then settled for about $1,200 smh. A real piece of trash in my eyes. And he is overly Misogynist, does not respect black women yet he has nothing, but his social security checks and such. I desperately do not want that for myself. However I see a lot of people “living their best lives” and I also live my best life, but a part of me is a little guilty sometimes. Idk why I feel like I owe people this relationship that they never tried to have with me. I gave them plenty of opportunities to love me and they never did, however I feel so tied to them sometimes. Writing this is helping me release the feeling which is making me very happy lol. I want no ties to anyone who has no love for me and only loves me conditionally. I want and deserve unconditional love. However I feel like I have never had that. There have been very few people who have loved me unconditionally and those few people who do scare the hell out of me, I guess maybe its my trust issues, abandonment issues and a host of things.

Some part of me feels like in a few short years I will be reading this blog post amazed at my accomplishments. Yet I also feel like I could be working harder and I’m letting things distract me. I know I could work harder. I wonder hat stops me sometimes, then boom a distraction pops up lol. I really am fixing that issue. I figure if I spend as much time as possible alone at least if I get distracted sometimes that won’t matter compared to all the time I spend alone focusing on true goals.

It would be awesome if you guys could donate money to me, but I don’t have time for all that. Making it myself seems faster. Asking people for things have never been fun for me it always seems to lead to disappointment, but hard work has always been a sure way to earn things for me, and not even physical work, but the work I put in  my blogs ans media content to earn residual income and spending time learning skill I use to make money. Learning how to to nails and edit videos had me surprised with myself. Even when people in real life call me talented I’m like huh? This ain’t talent this is work! Lol And I feel I need to work harder! I’m telling you there is nothing that frightens me more than being 30 and being nowhere near where I want to be in life, because of God knows what I let distract and deter me and make me feel like I don’t deserve to live the life I know I was put here to live. Its more than living a life too, its everything. Its making a positive example for anyone that needs a positive example in there life including myself. At this point I have to be my own super hero. I have nothing to look to, but myself. I know if I was ever to not live the life I know I deserve there will be someone there waiting to revel in any chaos in my life and I refuse all of that.

I have finally come to the conclusion that I need to aggressively invest more time into my goals. Including money goals, business goals, education goals. I know I have to work harder. I have problems focusing on myself too. I see all these people accomplishing all these things and they are younger than me and that makes me feel like not even trying, but I rebuke that energy and know we all have a time and there is enough for all of us to make millions, millions of times over.

the whole lazy thing will not take me! I’m better and stronger than negative thoughts. I also want to focus on myself. Not being mean, but I don’t have time to support everybody and they mama. Especially if they are not helping me reach my goals. That’s been another problem I had in the past. Trying to help people that were not trying to help themselves or help me. If you can’t even help yourself I know there ain’t nothing yo can do for me and I don’t expect a busy person to help me unless I can also help them in some way. Loyalty is life. Loyalty is too rare these days. I feel I wasted a lot of my loyalty to the complete wrong things and that is over. I remember when I wanted to help people really bad so I started doing that and you know what? Its crazy how ungrateful people are when you attempt to help them. That also drained energy I should have used for myself.

I’m choosing to cut more things out of my attention in this moment and focus on myself the way I need to.

I’m happy with my progress, but I’m satisfied. I have more in me and I know it.

In 2022 I will be 30 years old and I know dancing will be far from my life and I will be financially free over and over and over.

I want a husband and a family and i refuse to drag anyone into this with me.

This is something I have to overcome for myself before I commit my life to a wonderful man that deserves a wonderful woman.

Y’all that’s it.

I had to let that out.

Thanks for reading



Crying Over Spilled Cocaine

I never realize the situation I put myself in until I get home alone and reflect on my actions and where I’m going to do for the day. Since my night job is so polar opposite from my everyday life I think A LOT. I also opt not to discuss my work with friends and family because honestly this is my mess and they would just find entertainment from any stupid move I do. People love to help someone else fix their life while they need to be helping themselves.

Needless to say you guy should know how focused I am by now and I would never do cocaine ever, however almost all of the girls at my job do it. I’ve learned not to judge, just learn. Last night after the crazy fight another woman who I think sells sex was crying and the manager said she didn’t know if it was drugs, money or something else she lost, but I think she also think I heard the manager say she flushed the girl’s drugs down the toilet.

I once heard someone say cocaine makes you want to have sex and from what I see that is true. The women there do cocaine and have sex in the VIP. I would never do that, because its just f*ckin gross. The woman crying has kids and she was also complaining about her boyfriend. Lots of women their work hard for their no good boyfriends to live off of them and jealously beat them, mentally and physically abuse them and maybe the cocaine numbs that. Idk, I never want to experience that even tho it is quite interesting to see others experience it. I’ve been super depressed before and one thing I know about being a grown woman is you have to be quite sad to start crying and that’s absolutely normal. Some times you NEED to cry, but crying is also a sign something has to give.

When I had my crying spells I knew it was the toxic men, friends and family that had to give in my life and you’d be surprised how hard it is letting go of those ties. You literally have to block ad firmly cut all contact and sometimes that’s just darn near impossible. But for your sanity that has to be done. You shouldn’t NEED drugs and alcohol to be around someone.

I’ve admitted that I have had an alcohol problem in the past that I’ve really gotten in control of. Sometimes I have no desire to drink and sometimes I want to get absolutely shit faced. I had 4 shots of Berry Ciroc and a hit of a J on Thursday and I was absolutely LIT! That was the most lit I’ve been in a really long time. I try to stick to wine these days, but for some reason I was just feelin like drinking. When you drink at the strip club its like being on the Beyonce. You feel invincible. I guess that’s how cocaine must feel even better, because the women that do it make a lot of money, but they also sell sex which ugh I can’t imagine. It doesn’t seem like it pays enough. If I’m sellin sex it starts at $20,000 minimum. If I’m not getting that its not worth it. Just bein real.

There have been more Shenanigans going on I just haven’t had the time to keep yall, updated, but I miss you guys so I’m back!!!!!!

Witnessed My First Stripper Fight Lmao


O. M. Ggggggggggggggggggggglmnop

Im not one to gossip and you know that my family still don’t know I dance or I CHOOSE not to tell them for my sanity, BUT today! I’m gonna tell y’all about the delicious fight I just saw today was amazing. I don’t like to fight myself, but I’ve been wanting to fight lately. I’ve had 3 women try to fight me and I’ve avoided them from my own will. One of the girls that tried to fight me is one that got in to the fight tonight.

A girl I kind of like just rushed be hind her, pulled the other girls wig off and started fighting her. It was sort of off guard, but idc that b*tch probably deserved her a** whooping. That’s exactly why I don’t make friends. You make friends with one and it’s like you make friends with all and then boom everyone knows your business. Then you hear your own business thru grapevine, and you know you only told one person. That’s a heartbreaking feeling to know someone that you consider cool is talking bad on you behind your back. Everyone was looking at the girl that got snuck as the victim, but I see a snake.

She was even sitting there looking pitiful. If she was in the right she woulda got her sh*t together and dipped, but she didn’t. She sat there and looked dumb. Not realizing that she didn’t have any friends and she shoulda took her butt home, but I’m sure that is her home smh. Sad af! That’s why I always tell y’all NEVER MAKE FRIENDS AT THE STRIP CLUB period. I said nothing about making business partners, but making friends is a hell no.

In theory it seems so catty, but these women will bring you down if you are above them in any way even mentally above them. That girl who got beat up does not like me, because I will never be friends with her. She knows one thing for sure and that is I am not is her friend! At least I’m not fake. Pretending to be her friend and telling all her business behind her back. Maybe that other girl considered her a real friend and was really hurt by whatever the girl did. Then you have the crew, who are fake as well and instigated the whole thing I’m sure smh.

People learn self love the hard way.  Stop looking for friends and love your self and be your own friend first. Love yourself enough to do good things for the future self instead of focusing on friends. That stuff won’t matter when you really need them and even if they do help you please believe they expect the same in return as any decent person should, but for some reason in this life everyone thinks you should just do things to be kind. No. I say do things for people who will do things for you and if you have extra ok help a little, but too much help self handicaps people and set them up to use you.

Well that’s all I want to say on that fight. I loved it and I wish the girl nothing but success and love, because she has heart and i respect that all day.

How To Quit Drinking As A Stripper


Good afternoon! So i was browsing at my analytics and saw that someone searched the term “How to quit drinking as a stripper” and it made my heart sing, because I have been the wasted stripper questioning my life after each night of feeling horrible, possibly drunk driving, making poor decisions like sleeping with men that don’t love me while drunk and the whole thing.

My life is a complete 180 from last year I have to take a step back sometimes and look at how far I’ve come and how much I have changed.

So what I would really like to tell you first is get control over you mind, because it is your mind that is telling you that you are not strong enough not to drink. You need to feel confident without the alcohol. Work on your self esteem and feel genuinely good about yourself no matter…

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How To Quit Drinking As A Stripper

Good afternoon! So i was browsing at my analytics and saw that someone searched the term “How to quit drinking as a stripper” and it made my heart sing, because I have been the wasted stripper questioning my life after each night of feeling horrible, possibly drunk driving, making poor decisions like sleeping with men that don’t love me while drunk and the whole thing.

My life is a complete 180 from last year I have to take a step back sometimes and look at how far I’ve come and how much I have changed.

So what I would really like to tell you first is get control over you mind, because it is your mind that is telling you that you are not strong enough not to drink. You need to feel confident without the alcohol. Work on your self esteem and feel genuinely good about yourself no matter what. When you are at work feel like a million bucks even if you don’t have one drink.

Drinking is also like taking drugs and you will more than likely have to wean yourself off and eventually your body will no longer produce cravings for alcohol. So I would say set goals like if you take 10 shots a day (totally normal for some strippers) try taking 5 a day, then 3 a day then 1 a day until you no longer want a drink.

I tell men to buy me bottles of water so they will have to buy something and they are impressed by a woman who drinks water in such an atmosphere.

You will eventually feel much more self aware and notice your money even may increase I know mines did, because alcohol is a depressant and sometimes you don’t realize its the alcohol that’s putting you in a bad mood and making you doubt yourself. So I wish you well and if you read this let me know if it helps.

Divine Order

so as of late I have been all about organizing my life so I started down to the most important things to me which are school and work. I have my school and work schedule so down pact that all I literally do is go to school and work and I order in food almost everyday, because I haven’t made time to go to the grocery store yet, but I’m going today. Its 5:03 am and the reason I’m writing this post so early in the morning is because I overslept and didn’t go to work lol. I usually go at 9:00-9:30 after I’ve taken a shower if I haven’t already earlier in the day. I know what I’m about to say is also going to sound very  weird, but I don’t care, because you’ll get the point. I want to acknowledge at this point in my life an emphasis on cleanliness and living a clean life. I am specifically speaking on in home cleanliness. Growing up I really don’t think I was exposed to clean living, because I did grow up in poverty. It was something that I was made aware of at an early age, but I never acknowledged it seriously in my own mind, because I was a child and I really had no control over where I could live. I remember absolutely hating to go home tho and wondering what other people’s homes looked like when we would all get off the train. I know what I was going home to was a tiny two bedroom apartment that was totally roach infested. I was the girl who was afraid a roach would pop out of her bag at school growing up lol. The worst nightmare of an undercover in impoverished pretty girl but hey those are facts. Our home was tiny and filled with old disgusting junk. Even know I think all the women in my family have that issue. It is something my generation acknowledges and is breaking through design. Interior design that is. I still don’t think I understand how dysfunctional my childhood was, but oh well I’m working on it now and that’s all that matters to me. I’m working to be that “A” student all my teachers saw in me, but wondered why I was so distracted at school. I knew my home life was a little off when I would go to other people’s homes and see how comfortable, stylish and most importantly clean it was. I loved the nice homes so much I think I grew a hate for them also. My mom had “friends” who’s homes we would go to and one woman in particular lived in an absolutely beautiful home with her husband and two children. I knew they had the perfect life. I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to wake up there every day. The thought gives me chills. I would never believe it is my life, but the proof will be the reality. Now I kind of feel like a child, like I’m aging backwards doing the things I thought I would have had as a child, but they always say there is a price to pay and I pay that price. I was thinking today about the series of events that led me to the decision to dance and the final straw was men in my life no being there for me. My dad was completely absent for the most part and if I saw him I was th one going over to visit him. I’m 25 years old now and I’m kind of feeling like I should distance myself from him. Like the men in the past allowed him  to think his mediocre performance as a parent was supreme and it is not. He is not a healthy parent for me and I don’t really respect him as a parent figure. He also blames his life on him mom (my grandma) which is very childish. He never wanted to be serious about anything and he continues to chase things that don’t serve him like women. He even told me and my mom on the phone that he makes thousands of dollars a month, but gives me zero which is fine, but I know he sends his “wife” hundreds of USD to the Philipines every month. She is probably living an extremely comfortable life off of this idiot. He asked me if I was good and I faked a smile and said yeah. That’s what he wants to hear  anyway. He’s such and idiot and he’ll be looking crazy when I hit every goal I set for myself and exceed it. He knows nothing about investing, business, anything. All he knows is that he’ll be getting that check every month on the same day and this fool spends the whole thing. I don’t care tho because he also tries to treat me like I’m stupid always asking me what school I go to. I lied to him a few years ago and I’ll never tell him the truth about anything. He can find out the same way you guys will. When my book hit stores. and good luck finding out who I am still then. He’ll wonder how I’m so rich and private. This man is the biggest hater I have and I don’t wanna hear that tough love stuff this is a hater. Its like he’s baiting me to tell him stuff just for the sake of hearing it. A long time ago my mom told me not to tell them anything and be brief when they are being nosy. Well this post was originally about how it was divine order for me to miss work, but y’all know I love a good vent! All in all my life is a combination of series of events that I can’t help, but talk about.