“Young Women” Vs “Not So Young Women” In The Strip Club!

So I’m sorry to burst your bubble guys, but stripping is a fantasy and not all of the young dancers understand that. These girls come to work to make friends and they get into all kinds of drama. When you are a smart stripper you come in focused, spot the money as soon as possible, get the money as soon as possible and leave as soon as possible! Stripping is fast money. Everything happens so fast so if you don’t have that in mind you may not make any money, because what guys usually do is talk talk talk you to death, get their mental rocks off and don’t pay you. A smart stripper keeps the main topic at hand which is money! Never let anything cloud the main objective! In the dancing game nothing matters, but the money. Once you have the money you win. There is no competition when you are in you are making you own money.

People really really underestimate the power of being focused and being in a constant state of  high energy no matter what you are going thru.



The young dancers can feel superior all they want and I used to think I was more valuable when I was younger, but that is such a dumb way of thinking. People who are hung up on how young you are want to use you for sex point blank so make sure you especially milk them for all they have. If they can’t see past your age then you don’t need that person in your life unless they are giving you money of course. We have been taught to age shame so much we think its normal, but all of us will be old and gray one day so its better we have confidence and love ourselves at every age in life and see the blessing it is to age and receive wisdom. If you want to be young your whole life you will continue to make the same mistakes you made when you were young and dumb. Welcome the wisdom that comes with age. I couldn’t even imagine being as dumb as I was just last year. I literally learn something new everyday and every year that makes me a better person and helps my income grow even if I am dancing.

I also want you guys to remember that in the strip club everybody has a different “fetish” some older men like younger women, some younger men like older women (and spend lots of money on them), white men like black girls, black men like white girls and the list goes on and on. Age rarely limits someone from being attracted to you. Even when you are young all the people you meet won’t be attracted to you so its better to focus on the ones that are attracted to you and swim in that pool. My very wise teacher who’s photo I have on my desk told our class “go where you are celebrated, not tolerated.” And especially as you age some people will be  left behind trying to stay behind mentally and when you see that just know when to elevate yourself whether it feels like you are upgrading or not. And if you are not being held back then you are elevating.

I would be a fool to go to work thinking that every younger woman there is my competition. That does me no good. I’d rather focus 100% on myself and my money.  I love young people, but they are not my competition at this point in my life. I am my only competition.

And young people: sit down and learn something, myself included. Girls in the strip club tend to be very independent and have no guidance, because we usually raised ourselves or something like that. However you can make more money when you be quiet and learn something as opposed to thinking to know everything. If a young girl was respectful and ask me how I make my money 1st of all that would be my decision to let her know, because really I could keep all my secrets to myself and let her learn the hard way like I did, but if she was cool I would have no problem sharing some words of encouragement with her and sending some love her way so she can make money, but a lot of these young loud mouth girls will never get my help. They can sink for all I care and if they keep hating on me I’m just gonna keep making them more mad by making more money than everybody effortlessly like I always do 🙂

Well that’s it you guys! Let me know if you have had any clashes with people because of your age and how did they treat you based on how young or old you are.


Success Vultures

Success Vultures! I’m working on a post about friends and that slightly tie in to this topic. I was thinking about success and the people around me and I have come to realize that even if someone around me is doing well and successful that still does not mean that they are rooting for me, they could still be plotting against me and I don’t even know it.

You guys know I don’t make friends at work and more than ever I am realizing there is no such thing as a friend. In 2017 I’m not even sure what to call these people these days. A lot of people are like zombies just walking around with dead souls and living only to feed on unsuspecting people so never be fooled my anyone.

I have learned to be weary of everyone and be prepared to protect my intellect in any situation. Being aware of this I notice people trying to probe me more and more. I’ve always known I was a talented and interesting person, but it wasn’t until I began being more secretive and discussing my dreams with my friends that I realize there is no such thing as friends. Friends in 2017 just want to be all in your business and know all of your plans so they can beat you to the punch of try to achieve something that know you have been working on or interested in. Friends in 2017 should be someone who is already on a confident path of their own and not someone who is trying to use you as a climbing ladder on their way up to the top, because please believe me even your boyfriend or girlfriend can be secretly jealous of your success so choose your mate wisely as well. I don’t want to be in competition with my life partner I want us to trust each other, and be open & honest so we can grow instead of holding one another back.

A success vulture will be someone who watches you work and had things to say, but doesn’t want to do any of the work.

A success vulture will also jump on bandwagons that may counter your solutions or have no logic, but seem to constantly counter your success or logic that you have proven to be effective.

Once again I would like to remind you guys that success vultures can be your mate, spouse, family, friend, stranger or co-worker so be aware, don’t be paranoid tho lol. There are good people out there, but they are harder to find clearly because they are the minority and of more value so of course they will be harder to find.

Enjoy life and remember to guard yourself like you are worth trillions of dollars.

Why I No Longer Have Casual Sex

Another short blog, learning lesson and story for your guys!

Ok so as i say over and over again thru out this blog I am single and dearly working on myself. Thru my growth I have realized connections between myself, sex, men, relationships, expectations and all that I just have to change. There is no way I will ever live a happy life doing the same things that have been making me unhappy for years over and over again.

As women we try to rationalize why we can have pre-marital and casual sex like men and to be honest even men suffer from casual sex more than they admit. Casual sex also holds a lot of men back. Without getting too deep I would like to remind you all that sex in an energy exchange and having sex with someone and no truly knowing their energy can be mentally and even physically harmful for you besides getting and STD. Energy is everything and the sooner you realize this the quicker you will stop wasting time having casual sex.

Now I have to admit I LOVE sex! I love it. I think I confuse my love for sex with a man having love for me. For most men they have casual sex, because most women are not aware that they are having loads of energy dumped on them. A man who doesn’t tell you the things that make him vulnerable is not a man that you should be having sex with, because as a woman we are most vulnerable when we are having sex so allow  man to enter you sacred spiritual space and know nothing about him except he has a big house, nice car and fat wallet are very dangerous even if he allows you to enjoy those “benefits”. Now I do understand for most women money is a fair trade for sex and I agree that a man should be able to financially support, but for that to be the only basis of the relationship is selling yourself short big time. There will be more opportunities to make more money, but the way you feel about the decisions you make may change the way you see yourself far beyond the act and that just sounds like a waste of emotions and energy to me.

Back to the story.

So I met a guy at the club a few weeks ago and we had a bit in common I guess. He seemed business minded and I later found out he comes from a family of business owners so that is no surprise. I really want to take my entertainment career more serious so at this point in my life I am actively seeking management and an agent. He is not qualified to be and agent, but I figured he could handle being a manager, but I was wrong lol. Now a little bit about this guy. He’s 25, tall, dark, handsome, 2 kids by two women at the same time, never been married, but his parents are still married. To be honest I’m not ready to date or have sex even tho I want to rush out there and do both I’m just not ready and I’ve been forcing myself to be ready for the longest and I’m tired. I’m all about focusing on myself and securing the bag right now.

So he randomly called me and I answered not knowing who it was, but he offered to buy me dinner and yall know i’m a complete sucker for food! lol Feed me and you may never be able to get rid of me lol jk, but that’s a good way to get me around you is offering me food lol especially food that I like! So he picked me up, we handled some things he had to take care of, got some drinks, got dinner, and went back to his place. He was flirting with me the whole time and that’s normal for a guy who has never had you sexually to do so I wasn’t impressed. I didn’t plan on spending the night, but I was a little tipsy and a lot tired and I kind of didn’t want to leave.

See this is the part of the story where I usually make the same mistake I’ve been making for years and DON’T! lol

I thought to myself …. Men use women for sex unapologetically and I am not obligated to have sex with this guy no matter the situation. We slept in the same bed I cuddled with him like he was my boyfriend and that was great lol. I kinda felt bad for not having sex which is crazy, but I did and even now I kind of feel like he feels like I played him, but girl I’d rather be the player than the one getting played smh. Especially when you know someone is intending on playing a game with you. He was offering me an arrangement for sex and I work in the cash industry so if you don’t have cash I’m not doin nothin first of all. Now if he had decent amount of money in cash that may have made the situation a little different, because he is very handsome and I do believe he has some bomb D, but the way I feel about myself is 1 million times more important than sex. Its funny, because when we are hot and heated all that logic goes out of the window, but I have just learned too much and come too far to throw it all away for pleasuring a man who seems will never be pleasured and he sure as hell isn’t concerned with pleasuring me.

Another thing to keep in mind for my strippers is if you have sex with a man that you met at a strip club there are high chances that he will come back to your job and make you feel disrespected by showing you no attention and not giving you money. That’s the worst feeling in my personal opinion. To see someone you allowed inside of you and to have your ultimate energy to completely ignore you like yall never met. If you flip that situation and agree with yourself not to have casual sex especially with customers you hold all the power and whether they show you love or not you will be fine and even not care. Maybe you will feel sorry for the poor girl that does fall for it, but don’t let it be you that someone is feeling sorry for, because of a poor decision you chose to make based on fear of not having money or wanting a man.

Lastly I want you guys to understand what “escapism” is. In my own words escapism is when you use something that feels good such as sex, drugs, alcohol or whatever to escape from facing your reality and how you can positively grow from not escaping your reality. Now everyone’s reality may be different. Some of us may have family issues, personal issues with laziness, loneliness, financial issues etc. Sex, drugs, alcohol ect will do nothing to improve your issues and indulging in these things may prolong these issues. Addiction is said to be irrational and I understand that, but at some point we have to get a grip on our real lives and see where we need to change and for me not having casual sex is something that brings me pride, joy, self determination, self respect, and more.

I have all the same thoughts as all the ladies. We feel if we don’t have sex maybe the guy won’t be interested and that’s a risk we don’t want to take as hard as it is to find a man out here sometimes us ladies end up subconsciously selling ourselves short when we think we are getting a good deal from a good man. I think 9/10 we are poorly poorly settling on a wishing star thinking we can shape someone else’s view on life when we will only ever be able to shape our own life and maybe inspire someone to do the same but that’s no guarantee so ima do me and focus on that.

So what are yall’s thoughts on casual sex? Ladies and Gents included. Do you have casual sex, will you reconsider having casual sex and how has sex changed the way you feel about yourself and views on others?


I used to think I should be kind and sweet like my parents taught me, but I kept getting ran over. I could not figure out why I was so sweet and kept getting screwed over. I kept giving my loving and sweet energy to dead situations which were in reality very abusive for me.

I got a little closer with my older sister and she doesn’t have a perfect life, but her life is perfect for her. My sister is young, smart and beautiful, but that’s not a guarantee to  get you the life you want, but the more I am around my sister the more I realize she takes no bs! Not from anyone ever.

I told you guys about the guy I hung out with all night and he promised me some money, but after the night was over and he didn’t get what he wanted he refused to pay me which kind of pissed me off, but I didn’t let it affect me that much. I also really took that as a learning lesson to never be that nice again. I actually notice a shift in how men treat me once I begin to treat me once I begin to be nice. I don’t even call it being mean anymore I call it demanding my respect. People love people who love and respect themselves and they also love to run over people who they suspect do not love or respect themselves.

I have simply learned to give people the same energy they give me. If you are giving me a lazy energy them I am going to give you that same energy. If you are giving me a trying energy them I am going to give you that same energy. If you give me an angry energy them I am going to give you that SAME ENERGY!!!!!!! People need to realize when you approach someone with some energy be ready get that same energy back if not them one of us will be unbalanced energetically and I never want that person to be me. I have spent a lot of my time wondering why  people can treat me the way they treat me even though I give them all I have and that’s the problem. I should have never given anyone all of my attention especially a person who refuses to reciprocate. Relationships are better when you learn how to give people the energy they give you and give people the energy that you want to receive and if they neglect to match your energy (given it is positive) then notice that and from now on give them the energy  they deserve!


Zero Dollar Days

sooooooo I didn’t exactly make zero dollars, but it might as well have been. On thursday I like to get my work week kicked off whether it is going to be a good day or not I still like to stay on schedule.

I have classes basically everyday (Thursday included), I did not stick to a schedule last semester, but I am trying to change that, because becoming lazy about work can slow money down big time and nobody likes to feel that rushing feeling of having a lot on their plate and still needing money so i try to stay prepared as much as possible.

So I went to work on Thursday and I never know what to expect, but as soon as I get to work I already know that I am staying at work.

Anyway I went to work and it looked dry as a bone, but I saw a guy that paid me a lot of money to hang out with him, but he thinks I played him because I didn’t have sex with him and that’s his problem. I’ve told you guys before I don’t have sex no matter how much money it is I DO NOT HAVE MONEY FOR SEX and this annoys a lot of men, because I notice a lot of men claim they don’t want to use you for sex, but when you make them give you money and don’t offer sex they feel played lol. OH WELL!!!!!

So this man was here with about 5-6 women swarming all over him, but he was also sitting there talking to me too. This man is an African, very very very wealthy. I’ve been to his house and he lives in a huge magical mansion. Its like a museum in there. I have never been to the White House, but I’m sure his house looks way better than that. Keep in mind this man get sloppy drunk like everyday and I he may do drugs too. He was married for 24 years and cheated on his black wife the entire time with sloppy white strippers and prostitutes. He even said he had sex with his daughters best friend. Which I find absolutely shameful, but he doesn’t care so that’s him.

Another new girl came up to him feeling some kind of authority over his space and it came out later int he conversation that this girl had sex with his smh. I could tell she regretted it, because she said that she’s probably the only black girl who has ever had sex with him and he acted like he didn’t even like the sex and he said that he should have had sex with a white woman smh I know that hurt her feelings. I didn’t feel bad for her tho because she should have been smarter than that with a man that rich. Nobody feels bad for me when I get played so it all has to be a learning lesson. He also told details about the night and ended with telling her that he did not have time for her the next day, but he may contact her the day after that. See that’s why I don’t feel bad for playing these women, because 9/10 these are selfish low self esteem men who need their egos beaten tf down.

This is why I preach time and time again! DO NOT HAVE MONEY FOR SEX! Its not worth the energy you give away during sex, but you guys know I do have a price also, but my price is in the tens of thousands and that’s going up as my value goes up.

I ended up leaving work with no money, but my head held high as usual!


How You Know You Are OFFICIALLY Over Your EX!

This is going to be a very short and straight to the point post. I was sitting around thinking about a few men I’ve been involved with in the somewhat recent past and I was thinking about why it was so hard for me to let go and flourish with my own life and show my talents to the fullest! I’m a young talented, beautiful model, actress, entertainer, nail tech, teacher, creator, healer and so much more, but when your own life is in shambles it feels fake to say all that. However I am not afraid anymore!

I am no longer a captive to anybody’s validation and I also have no need to PROVE that to anyone! You will know you are OFFICIALLY OVER YOUR EX when you no longer need or care about their approval. Now I’m not telling you to go out and be a stripper lol, but live your dreams! You are smart enough, you are strong enough, you are focused enough! I will not be blasting this all over social media instead I will just LIVE this way! I will live my dreams for me. A lot of the times we think we are living for ourselves, when we are really just living for approval and its really important to get out of that mindset.

Someone should be able to love us no matter what we do as long as it doesn’t maliciously violate your relationship with that person. I’m talking about living your dreams. Being that ballerina or interior home decorator that you’ve always wanted to be and not letting a toxic relationship hold you back. Be born again and realize that maybe your life has been on super pause with this person.

Moral of the story. You will know when you are free from your ex when you no longer care about their opinion whether it is good or bad you should not care if you are truly over them!

Thank you for watching and don’t forget to live your life to the fullest

How To Not Be Energetically/Spiritually/ Emotionally Sucked Dry As a Stripper

What’s up yall its been a while since I gave yall a good ole fashioned story so here one is.

I’ve been dancing for about two years now and I have learned not to waste my energy on people even when they think they have gotten some energy for free they didn’t. I’ve learned to separate any personal feelings I have for customers which is usually none. I have some regulars, but I don’t call them. I usually rely on the night crowd in the club to make my money, because I learned that if you put too much faith and trust into a thinking someone who is a customer will give you money they can be a waste of energy. Its better to see any and everyone as a customer nothing more than that just a customer. Since I have been dancing I definitely have never caught feelings for a guy in the club its always about the money and that’s exactly how I like it for the following reason.

SO last night I got to work a little later in the night like I usually do. The first guy  walked up to gave me a VIP so that was great.

Later on in the night I came across a black guy. He had on some kind of uniform and was tipping on stage so I convinced him to take a seat and do some dances. This guy was overly horny and begging me to let him give me oral sex and of course I said no wtf I don’t know him. He was sniffing my butt like a dog and just pitiful which was kinda funny to me. So I dances $100 worth of dances for this guy and when it was time to pay he pretended like he had to go to the ATM and ran out of the door and left. Now this is why I feel we should always have limits to what we do. Had I let that guy lick my vagina up and down I would have ended up  doing so for free.

Even tho he thought he got over on me he really didn’t. In my mind yes he stole $100 from me, but he did not steal my energy so I was able to continue the rest of the night making money. A lot of times people just want your energy and believe it or not its not some they can take its something you have to give away. I used to give all my energy and power to things not realizing that me putting energy into something is me choosing to give my energy way. No matter what people think they don’t have access to my energy unless I give it to them. So that little incident did not bother.

The universe is clearly testing me so I ran into a couple of other guys. I had seen them before, but really didn’t remember them. They said they wanted to hang out after the club closes and I didn’t mind I told them how much it would be and the guy with the money said ok. So at about 3:15 am we wanted weed and had to drive 30 minutes back and forth to get it. These guys were also doing coke, but I still don’t give them a pass. So the one guy who claimed he had so much money and lived in a mansion really lived in a big wooden house which there is nothing with, but he was definitely trying to make it seem like he lived in a mansion. He even asked me if I’ve ever been in a mansion before so  I said not in a long time and really expected this guy to live in a mansion. He knows good and well his house ain’t no mansion, its a nice size, but it definitely ain’t no mansion. The mansions I’ve been in before look like the White House or better. That was a big old house in the suburbs that’s it! He said he was from Bolivia so I think he thought he was doing well for himself and he is, but he’s not doing as well as he thinks. He also comes from a well to do family. The type that think money make them be seen as white when really white people see him as a little Mexican looking man. Sorry just keepin it real. He also has a thick accent ans never stops talking.

I hung out with them until 7 in the morning and at that time I was so sleepy and he wanted me to spend the night and I told him I would rather go home and sleep. He wanted me to come back and hang out which was fine, but he hadn’t paid me yet. See this is why I have to always be mean and get my money up front! Never again. Can’t be nice in business period no matter what type of business it is. He wanted me to come back and hang out later on and I said that was cool, but since he refused to pay me I guess because he was high on coke and wanted some sex he was upset. Idgaf I still went home in the uber that he paid for thanks :). That’s all I need. That’s why I’m glad I focus on myself and make sure my home is taken care of, because I have a comfortable place to lay my head even though these customers don’t care about that I do.  I’m glad I learned the difference between business and pleasure and business and emotions. A lot of these guys get their emotions involved when dealing with strippers and for us its just business honey. Even if you think you are stiffing me you aren’t because I’m so energetically full I will never be able to be depleted and if someone thinks they are depleting me they will learn really fast that its their energy they are wasting not mines!

I told yall time and time again that money does not buy happiness and I’m glad I know this, because if I didn’t those little incidents would really upset me, but they don’t. My cup truly runneth over. My cup is always full, because I never allow it to be empty. I always take care of my mind, body and soul. I eat healthy, I meditate, I do for others as much ad I can and I get my rest. Most men in the strip club are energy vampires and a lot of girls give their energy right away. I’ve been that way with guys I like in real life, but never a customer. I’m even learning to not give my energy away to guys that I like, because just because I like them and give them energy doesn’t make them feel like I deserve their energy so now I give all of my energy to myself and my cup feel full. I never wake up feeling empty even if I’m a little lonely I don’t feel empty. I always feel like I have the energy to go on and nothing can stop me and that is a conscious thing that I had to learn. A lot of the time we give our all energy to situations that we have no idea of the outcome and that is not helpful for me. I’ve learned to only give full energy to things that I know are directly benefiting me such as school, eating healthy and rest. All else falls to the wayside and if someone is not interested in those thing for me then they fall to the wayside too.

I’m pretty sure that guy was more angry than I was and if he isn’t angry I still don’t care. Literally no energy is given towards any of those situations and today is a new day for me put that lesson down and just learn from it. I’m blesses to wake up somewhere where I am comfortable and have my peace and I don’t take that for granted at all. That’s why I’m so responsible, because I know my peace depends on it and giving energy to negative situations on destroy my peace. Soon all of this will be a forgotten memory for me and I’ll be back in the club with all the energy I harvested and making money like I usually do. Misery loves company so I won’t even be discussing this anymore, because there is someone in the club who would love to hear something bad happened to me and that won’t be happening.  I’m grateful for first of all hitting my goal at work so no matter what this guy thinks he took from me he did not. He really only screwed himself over because I don’t care.

To me showing his lack of character is the worst part and I’m not surprised he’s a short Mexican looking Bolivian man that can’t find a decent woman and has to resort to wining and dining strippers. The reason he’s this way is because he thinks he has some kind of power over people with his money and I told him that. I’m not afraid to speak my mind anymore. I’m 25 years old and I’ll give anyone the business if they cross me. I love that about myself now, because it used to be the people closest to me that took advantage of me and is over. If anyone crosses me I will tell them  about themselves and I don’t care who it is, because I know I’m a nice person and if I’m going off or what I call going off you must deserve it whether you think so or not I’m still gonna tell you about yourself just in case you think you got away with something I’m here to tell you that you did not and it I don’t get a chance to tell you in person please know that my spirit resonates on the highest level and some level of pain will be inflicted on  the person who thinks they escaped me so I am always guarded and protected no matter what. I wouldn’t be surprised if I have guys begging me to release them from my power, but I won’t. If I feel they have energetically taken something from me then it is my right to take it back from them.

So have a great weekend everyone and enjoy you Labor Day holiday! My club is opened on Labor day so since everything else is closed I might as well work! $$$$$$$ Thank you for taking the time  out and reading this and remember to protect your energy and don’t freely give it way to people who exhibit the potential to suck you dry.

Why Social Media Is The Devil

Social Media has to be the hugest mass distraction tool since television was invented and like everybody else who has seen many shot to success with social media I try to use it as a business tool, but lets be honest are we doing business or wasting time. Seems like the latter.

I was opening a few pages for some endeavors I am pursuing and the distractions are on level 1 million! So if you guys don’t know me I am sort or anti social media even tho I try and participate because everyone will say you don’t exist if you aren’t on social media. Like picking up the phone and calling/facetime or texting you is the hardest thing to do. They rather use social media to spy on yo and then pretend like they don’t know anything about you in real life as if the internet certifies something as authentic as opposed to really getting to know you offline.

I make it a huge point to not stalk exes and guys I use to talk to because sweetie I learned a long time ago of you go looking for trouble you will find it! Social media amplifies that, because there is too much room for interpretation on social media and the photos can be really deceiving. It is very dangerous to spy on people on social media and I learned this a long long long time ago when I was about 14 years old and got catfished then again though out high school when I dated this loser guy and he basically lied to me and started dating another girl. That was almost 10 years ago and looking back I should have gladly gave him to her because he’s still a loser and thank god some things don’t work out. Now when I see him on social media I am 100% disgusted. He begged to follow me on SnapChat after I blocked him time and time again. Its funny how when you really don’t want someone anymore and you literally are happy never seeing them again how they want to show you the most attention. That is so pathetic to me. If you can’t love and support my process then you don’t deserve my finished product and I think that’s the most beautiful part is sharing  the benefits of hard work because lords knows we all aspire to be the best versions of ourselves one day and lord also knows we don’t want anybody enjoying our benefits who did not invest in your process. (I made another blog post about that subject) – https://wordpress.com/posts/strippernotes.wordpress.com

I used to think I had social anxiety, but I don’t. I love meeting people, talking to them and getting to know them, but social media has totally warped all that. As soon as you meet someone these days they are rushing to find your social media and soak up everything they think they need to get to know you and work it in your favor.

I went on a date with a guy last year who has been following me on social media for years apparently. I’m not sure how long, because I honestly never looked into him or he never popped out as interesting to me so I just never looked into him. I’m not sure if this guy has been following me for more than five years, but he has a five year old daughter which is fine he can’t stay single for me especially since I never knew him, but it seems like he was really attached to his baby mama and wanted to work things out with her. Anyway this man started sending me dms in my snapchat and he seemed cool, so I agreed to have lunch with him. First thing that pissed me off. We got our food to go because he claimed he was in a rush then when we got to my house he wanted to come inside for a bite to eat, fine. I was upset, but ok cool this guy just bought me my favorite Jamaican food so that’s the least I could do even though I feel like he was way out of line to insist on that. That’s the problem with social media to me. It allows people to see a lot of your life even if you only post a little there is still a lot up for interpretation. So he went home came back and I think we smoked later that night also and I think he tried to come in my house again. Now yall know I have roommates and I don’t like folks all in my business so the first time we sat in the living room and I’m usually in my room so I wasn’t really trying to chill with this guy or any guy in my house. Even the ones I have been involved with in the past are not welcome in my home. This guy also started joking about how we can take naps together and he had me totally f*cked up at that point. Idk what these guys think social media is, but its not a sex hook up connection and people on social media also don’t know I dance and I could only imagine the foolishness I’d receive if people did know. I know I’d have a lot more followers and money that’s for sure. This guy also watches my youtube videos and to be honest its so annoying when people fall on love with who they know on social media, because they are used to seeing the 100% happy side of you even if you express your hardships people will use you as a vessel to heal themselves and honestly he deserves to be rejected for trying to have sex with me after only knowing me for two days. I’m not even attracted to him in that way so he was crossing so many boundaries. I literally am only looking for friends and  finding real friends on social media is like finding a needle in a haystack. Even family and friends who know me in real life are swept in the social media facade which is why I don’t like pictures anymore.

Don’t invest your daily time into social media liking pictures, screen shotting memes, spying, hoping, wishing and plain ole wasting time living in a world of fakery. My prediction is 5-20 years from now there will be millions of people in poverty who have colorful social media pages, because they were more worried about impressing and entertaining people they don’t know or used to know. I feel there will be something that will rock earth to its core and social media will truly be the least of people’s worries and reality will be so real they won’t even desire escaping to the trivial internet world because everybody’s reality will be same. If you do enjoy social media that’s fine social media does hold some amazing memories, but I feel as a whole we invest too much time I think social media is making more people poor than it is rich and I also believe people have given up their ability to think for themselves and gave social media the keys to the car.

I know this message will probably fall on deaf ears, but for those of you listening always remember that your REAL life is more important than what people think of you on social media.  I feel like most people are secretly suffering behind those fake smiles. I was once one of those people of thought that if I pretended like I was fine, put on a smile for the world then that would make all of my problems go away. There is nothing wrong with smiling through pain, but to completely ignore your pain and act as if its not there is not beneficial to me. That’s like lying to yourself and its so destructive. I look back on pictures where I know I was sad and I’m smiling like life is the best possible and that honestly does make me happy to see myself smiling and not allowing anyone to break me, but sometimes we need a break from social media to get ourselves together.

I find that even if I don’t indulge in social media the way most people do I still have to deal with their social media microwave, over  glamorized, sexed up and sexually deprived people. C’mon how many of you men AND women can just look at naked bodies all day on a regular basis and not want sex especially for men and women who don’t have a lot of sex and its even worse for people who do! Actually social media exposes all of our roaches in the kitchen. All of our nasty dirty little secrets are actually being exploited on social media in the worst way. A classic case of be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. So many young women selling their souls for attention, minimal fame and a little money with no financial literacy, but social media is full of consultants, accountants and the like, but I’d rather count my own money.

My very last gripe about social media is the CHILD EXPLOITATION!!!!!!! Your children are not pawns to make your ex jealous or give you some kind of clout. Children shouldn’t have all their business posted on social media for billions of strangers to see. We don’t need to see you taking your child to school, giving your child money, taking your child shopping, feeding your child etc! THOSE ARE ALL THINGS YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING AS A PARENT ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kids did not come here and ask to be the star of your social media reality show! Stop using your children for the entertainment of others especially strangers! Yes children are cute and funny, but they are children and should not be constantly splashed all over social media at everything they do! Save some memories for the family.


I understand they are innocent children, but the internet is filled with pedophiles and I don’t believe children should be exposed to that kind of energy. At least put some kiddie appropriate clothes on your child instead of dressing them up like a little instagram celebrity. I find that disgusting personally. Some of you are eating off of exploiting your children. Don’t use a helpless child use yourself! And give your child the respect of not being used as a pawn in your little game. I have seen some cute mommy blogs, and there may be a right way to put your child on social media, but I’m talking to those of your not doing it for the right reasons! I’m talking to those of your who are only good parents for the camera and social media! Some of you are truly disgusting and your child will remember the way you used them so stop doing that! If you are really a good parent you don’t need to constantly post proof on social media.

I encourage all of you guys to take a step back and look at the message you are sending on social media. Do any of those people really care about you? If not why are you sharing so much of your life with complete strangers who are using you to fill their idol time. And if you are one of the few or many who have a business on social media how much support do you truly get from your “followers” besides maybe a “keep it up sis” “yassss” and so on. If you do have a business that you intend on being successful 9/10 most of your supporters will be complete strangers. Most people who know you won’t even claim you until they can benefit from knowing you now that you are indeed successful and success can come in great amounts for those dedicated enough to the bottom line so be very very careful who you allow to ride you to the top with their shitty, half ass, lazy, fake, predatory  support. Everybody is not your enemy, but I’ve learned its ok to be friendly, but watch people’s actions and treat them ACCORDINGLY! Most important if your spirit does not resonate with someone don’t deny it, because you are only holding yourself back for their benefit and I guarantee you they will not allow you to do the same to them.

bye bye 🙂

Floyd Mayweather vs Conner McGregor! A Stripper Analysis

So I’ve never seen a fight before, but I was invited to a fight party and I needed some social time so I decided to go.

I want you guys to know that this stuff is just entertainment and well planned out business transactions. First of all I believe Floyd picks weak components, but as long as they are popular and will attract a crowd + money he agrees to fight which I 100% overstand from a business stand point. Its all an illusion for the world and a money grab for Floyd.

So Connor is 29 and Floyd is 40, but Floyd is still is excellent health and Connor has youth on his side.

All I know and want to say is I was sending Floyd all kinds of love signals for him to win this fight and he won it effortlessly :). He was looking extremely sexy and I will be contacting his people to see when I can come out to Las Vegas to work at his new strip club. Mark my words I will be in there shining.

My Views On Joseline Hernandez

So I’m gonna keep this one short, but I will tell you right now that I LOVE Joseline Hernandez. I know she isn’t the best person to look up to, but I love her assertiveness and no bs attitude. I also love this new side of her being a mommy even more, because it has really made her focus successful in her own right. She recently did a Breakfast Club interview and she was highly respected as she stood alone without Stevie J. Stevie J would not have been able to hold his own on an interview. Truth be told he doesn’t have anything going on and he ruined what he wanted by trying to manipulate it. Joseline is an ex stripper so she’s smarter than that. Money always comes above all else even love. She know love don’t pay the bills.

I love her new baby Bonnie Bella! She is the bestest baby ever and sooooo cute. I can’t believe how adorable she is. The most influence I get from Joseline is her ability to walk away from things that aren’t good for her and he will to call the shots her way. People will use you if you let them and she is being a great example of how to take lemons and make lemonade out of relationships and deals that she has gotten herself into. She did agree to be apart of that circus show, but I highly admire her for taking her growth seriously and walking away and you know what I believe if she stays focused on what she wants she will really be the superstar that she wants to be. She is beautiful and only 30 years old. She has found her freedom and confidence again and even a new man. I’m sure he supports her 200% and believes in everything she is trying to make happen and honestly I don’t believe that woman blew her money. I just believe she likes to collect her money like we all should. Stevie J on the other hand is upset that he realized he couldn’t control her. He tried to take her youth away and he failed at that, because she is more beautiful than ever. Even Charlemagne said that she had softened up a lot compared to her earlier years.

I also can relate to her, because I see that she is being strong during a vulnerable time. She just quit her job basically to explore the world and she has all of our attention, but what is she going to do with it? I would love to see her flourish in her music honestly. I know she hasn’t taken it seriously in the past and the toxic relationship with her and Stevie J got into the way of it as well, but I wold really like to see her make this thing happen. She needs some good producers and marketers and he music needs to pop. I honestly see her doing some fun kids stuff for her daughter. No more of the raunchy stuff lets talk about being happy and living life and being in love. The raunchy can come out every now and then, but leave that to the women with no children like Nicki and Cardi B. I would love to hear Joseline Make sexy love making, dancing Latin music. Maybe she should slow it down a little bit and use a little less words, but words with more meaning. Like a chant of sorts lol. I like Joseline and I believe if she wants to and if she lays low key she can make it.

That’s all bye  🙂