My Views On Joseline Hernandez

So I’m gonna keep this one short, but I will tell you right now that I LOVE Joseline Hernandez. I know she isn’t the best person to look up to, but I love her assertiveness and no bs attitude. I also love this new side of her being a mommy even more, because it has really made her focus successful in her own right. She recently did a Breakfast Club interview and she was highly respected as she stood alone without Stevie J. Stevie J would not have been able to hold his own on an interview. Truth be told he doesn’t have anything going on and he ruined what he wanted by trying to manipulate it. Joseline is an ex stripper so she’s smarter than that. Money always comes above all else even love. She know love don’t pay the bills.

I love her new baby Bonnie Bella! She is the bestest baby ever and sooooo cute. I can’t believe how adorable she is. The most influence I get from Joseline is her ability to walk away from things that aren’t good for her and he will to call the shots her way. People will use you if you let them and she is being a great example of how to take lemons and make lemonade out of relationships and deals that she has gotten herself into. She did agree to be apart of that circus show, but I highly admire her for taking her growth seriously and walking away and you know what I believe if she stays focused on what she wants she will really be the superstar that she wants to be. She is beautiful and only 30 years old. She has found her freedom and confidence again and even a new man. I’m sure he supports her 200% and believes in everything she is trying to make happen and honestly I don’t believe that woman blew her money. I just believe she likes to collect her money like we all should. Stevie J on the other hand is upset that he realized he couldn’t control her. He tried to take her youth away and he failed at that, because she is more beautiful than ever. Even Charlemagne said that she had softened up a lot compared to her earlier years.

I also can relate to her, because I see that she is being strong during a vulnerable time. She just quit her job basically to explore the world and she has all of our attention, but what is she going to do with it? I would love to see her flourish in her music honestly. I know she hasn’t taken it seriously in the past and the toxic relationship with her and Stevie J got into the way of it as well, but I wold really like to see her make this thing happen. She needs some good producers and marketers and he music needs to pop. I honestly see her doing some fun kids stuff for her daughter. No more of the raunchy stuff lets talk about being happy and living life and being in love. The raunchy can come out every now and then, but leave that to the women with no children like Nicki and Cardi B. I would love to hear Joseline Make sexy love making, dancing Latin music. Maybe she should slow it down a little bit and use a little less words, but words with more meaning. Like a chant of sorts lol. I like Joseline and I believe if she wants to and if she lays low key she can make it.

That’s all bye  🙂


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