Grown Ass BULLY Strippers Filled With Hatred Because They Hate Their Lives!

So I went to work Friday night reluctantly because I’ve been off of work for 2 weeks from my cold and ringworm attack followed that. Now I’m well from both and its the end of the month and I need to make some money. I also went to the movies with my family and didn’t want to dip in my money for a night out so I figured if I made any money to go out that would be good. I’ve been home alone for weeks now and I was really happy to go out.

I didn’t really want to go to work, so I hurried out the house and went before I talked myself out of it. I have learned not to get ready at work, because that cuts out on the socializing that I have to do with these jealous women. I went to work on Wednesday and had a new hairstyle and everyone was complimenting me and I’ve learned not to let those empty compliments go to my head. These are not REAL friends. A REAL friend would be more concerned about how I have been and how I have doing rather than a new hairstyle.

Anyway when I went to work Friday I was so in a rush I did not realize I didn’t maintain my underarm sweat. You guys should know by now that I do not wear deodorant because it irritates my skin so much and it is also very unhealthy for you. I use lemon and baking soda which eats the bacteria from your underarms which detoxes your skin and eliminates the odor completely and naturally. I love this method so much and if you don’t believe me you should really try it! If I don’t do this I honestly can have very stinky armpits! lol So on friday I forgot to do this once I noticed the odor I think I got nervous and made the odor worse! So I was sitting at a table wit 3 white men with my friend and some other girls and I knew I was kinda stinky, but then I noticed basically everyone’s attention on our table which was kind of close in the corner. And some of the girls were reallllllly staring. Thank goodness I look better than them and are 10,000X more intelligent on them so I just relaxed and planned on going to the back to “freshen” up. I wiped down with some baby wipes, reluctantly put on some spray deodorant and put on some body spray as well. I just feel like doing all the is so conforming, but whatever it did make me more comfortable. So while I was freshening up some of the girls were commenting on someone being very smelly and by this time I had taken care of whatever odor I had and I know they’d probably prefer I’d just stay the same so they can talk sh*t. That’s how life is. D*mned if you do d*mnd if you don’t so you might as well go ahead and do what you have to do which I did!. So thank goodness this was early in the night so I could comfortably work. I ended up  having a decent night. I made money and didn’t really work, because I get paid mostly for my company rather than dancing which is why its good to be beautiful AND smart so you can distract while talking your way into and out of anything, but first THINK before you speak! PLEASE THINK FIRST! I hardly ever talk at work so when I do everyone is a little shocked at whatever I say and if its funny then that make them love me more even if they think I’m stuck up. The main girl who was talkin sh*t I called her out and said if anyone is talkin about me they can say it to me basically! And once I said that I think everyone was a little shocked, because they wanted to “TRY” me lol, WELL TRY AGAIN! Lol I went out there and continued to work. Unbothered the way I should be.  It was the girl’s  birthday and we are all required to go on stage if its someone’s and dance around them so all the girls got up there and basically just stood there. She clearly has no friends and probably talk too much! She turned 21 last year and it was all fun and games, but that girl is going to be there until she is 30 with no plan or purpose.

I have no intentions on even acknowledging her from now on. She can be the star of the strip club all she wants. I’ll be the star at better, more intelligent things. I also got on the stage and did the robot lol.

Speaking of what I will be doing I’ll let you guys know what I have been doing outside of work. I have been thinking and I really am kind of ready to settle down lol. I’m not sure at this point who I will be settling down with, but the idea is in my head so step 1 is I have to stop dancing.

I’ve been thinking about stopping since I got the ringworm and I realized that I don’t want to rely on my body to make money when I am not comfortable showing my body. I also would like to think that my man would be ok with me dancing, but in reality I don’t think the kind of man I want would be ok with that. Soooooooo I’ve really been thinking about stopping, but before I stop I need my ducks in a nice row. The older guy I talk to wants to do some business, which at this point he has been very useless so if I was to so some business with him and make a decent amount of money that would be a good settlement for me. Honestly being in the strip club has made me feel like caring men would naturally provide, but this one seems to have been babied by his mom and a little on the selfish side, but that’s ok I can be selfish if I need to be as well. As you guys know I have an ebay store and at this point I think I will be redirecting my time towards that. This is obviously going to take way more disicpline than being a stripper, but the comfort and dignity will be worth it.

Oh and my store is active, but I need to put like a million more things on it, I also have a Fiverr account, I’m getting paid from my Youtube videos, I’m also getting a commission from amazon from affiliate links. So once these things grow I will be able to really stop dancing. I also taught myself how to do nails so I am thinking of getting my licence so I can open up a shop. This guy that I am with does not seem to be capable of helping me do that so I have NO problem working for it myself. Not to say I won’t have mentors he just won’t be one. But today I’ll see whatever he’s talking about so I can put this stuff on my store. He also seems like he wants to be controlling, but how can someone who doesn’t do anything for me control me? Lol which is what he knows which is why he thinks he’s doing me a favor with putting this stuff on my ebay store. Lol haha. Honestly I like him so I don’t mind working WITH him, but by now he should know that he can’t control me and I’ve never tried to control him. However in relationships I have to release some control, but if I don’t trust  someone I definitely don’t see myself releasing any kind of control to that person.

All in all I had a good weekend. I worked, I went to the movies and I have the whole Sunday ahead of me. I’m excited for this upcoming week and I’m excited about today! Thanks for reading. I’ll tell you how today goes later 😉


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