Beware of RINGWORM At The Strip Club!!!!!!!! How I Treated In One Week and Prevent Scarring!

Ladies and Gents I humbly tell you that I am in recovery from a “severe” ringworm attack! Calm down it’s not as bad as it sounds once I did some research about the situation.

So Day 1

I noticed a few scabs in my skin, not big deal. I began to scratch them


Big mistake. Ringworm is a fungal infection and it has nothing at all to do with a worm or a ring. It is named after the shape of the scab that grows on your body also known as a lesion which sounds so gross like a biblical disease to be. So this fungus is highly contagious and it is caught from skin to skin contact which at a strip club I have a lot of. I also had sex a few weeks ago with a man who has children and does workouts so I may have caught it from him as well. From now on I will be very very careful with who I let touch me and general sanitation in general! 

What really alarmed me about this ringworm outbreak was a youtube hair tutorial that I did. I noticed a big red ringworm behind my ear and it freaked me out and sort of embarrassed me. After I noticed that one I had about 10 on my body including two quarter sized ones on the side of my breast!!!!!!! It’s healed wonderfully and I’m so happy. That was the one I was most bummed about. To my surprise I woke up a few days later and the rashes were everywhere almost and at this point I began intensive treatment and I will tell you how I got rid of my ringworm in one week!!!! Guaranteed!

First thing I used was Tea Tree Oil – (link to purchase – 

  • This oil is great at killing fungus and I used 100% pure tea tree oil to begin with. 

tea tree oil

Second thing I used was raw garlic – 

  • This has high anti fungal properties and caution it does burn!, but it works. 

  • garlic

Third thing was unfiltered apple cider vinegar –

  • This will kill out the fungus braggs acv

Fourth thing Bentonite clay –

  • I mixed this with the apple cider vinegar and made a mask all over my body. This was amazing! I slept in it the first night and I feel like it dried out all the toxins and fungus from my skin

bentonite clay

Fifth and Six things I got were supplements – 

  • I bout Sea Kelp which is high in iodine and it kills fungus from growing –

  • Garlic pills also have high anti fungal and other properties –

sea kelp

garlic pill

Seventh thing will work guaranteed!, but use at your own risk and I was desperate so I didn’t care about risks –

  • 100% Pure acetone! This will dry out those nasty ringworms and begin to heal immediately! Maybe that day! I just got a cotton pad and drenched it in acetone and pressed it in the big ringworms and wiped it across my body for the rashes.


Eighth thing I used was coconut oil –

  • I dumped .05 oz of tea tree oil in melted coconut oil and I put that all over my body when I get out of the shower. I apply after I towel dry with a clean towel.

cocnut oil.jpg

Ninth thing –

  • Jamaican black castor oil. I put some tea tree oil drops in this and put it on my scalp

castor oil.jpg

Tenth  thing –

  • Avalon Organics Tea Tree Oil Scalp Treatment shampoo. This is to prevent or treat any rashes that may occur.

avalon shampoo

Eleventh and last –

  • Defense Bar of soap. This is for MMA wrestlers who get mat infections and ringworm. Its highly recommended for preventative treatment as well and this is the soap I will be using in the future or always a soap with tea tree oil in it.

defense soap


If you maintain this regimen for 2-4 weeks your ringworm will be gone completely! I guarantee don’t worry!

Lastly! I have little marks all over my body that are beginning to clear, but this is what I am doing to remove the spots!

So the Ringworm heals from the inside out. I have little spots all over my body and I want those gone naturally! So here is what I am doing.


To get rid of marks quickly!


1. Eat healthy and drink a lot of water to regenerate healthy cells.

healthy eating

2. Using Kojic Acid soap which is a natural skin lightener.

kojic acid soap

This is working for me and I confident my skin will be back to normal soon. 

thanks for reading 🙂


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