Do Not Allow People To Enjoy Resources WITH YOU That You Worked For ALONE!

As you all know I am a major advocate for online passive money it s not something that happens over night. It takes time to learn how to work these programs and experience. People mistake consistent passive income for easy income and there is no such thing. They see the money coming in with little effort and want to know all the secret free you worked so hard for. Any entrepreneur knows the key to making money is a formula and no two formulas are the same and will work for everyone. That is why you have stores that are similar, but not the exact same.

I say this to say the more you learn the and earn the more wealthy you will become whether you choose to translate that into dollars or not. The ability is there and do not sell yourself short thinking your abilities are not of use. Believe me there is some vulture somewhere waiting for you to devalue yourself so they can use your secret sauce for their own gain. Be very careful of close friends, family members and co workers in this aspect. They will hear all of your ideas and get the idea that of you can do it they can too not taking into account that they are actually stealing from you and its up to you to protect your property. What you don’t value someone else will. The quote I have been using lately is “The grass is not greener on the other side the grass is green where you water it”. This is something people do not realize for themselves so this is why it is so easy for them to steal from you even if they don’t consider it stealing. Even if you don’t consider it stealing.

The moral of this blog post is do not let these fly by night acquaintances enjoy the benefits of you work ethic and creative talent if they had no part in helping you get to where you are. Now I see why other celebrities date other celebrities. There are some cool regular people, but be careful of the vultures that did not believe in you and now feel entitled to some of your benefits and earning simply because they hung onto to  coat tail like a parasite for all these years waiting to feed off of your efforts knowing the did nothing to add to the growth of you.

I’ve been feeling this way because the man I was dating for the past few years is something like this. I had to star being majorly secretive with him, because I noticed he enjoyed my intellect and fresh spirit for growth, but he did nothing to aide this growth. No monetary help and no real moral support either. Its been a few years since I chose to be secretive wit him and now he is expressing his feeling of not knowing me and this was purposeful for me. I knew what I was doing by secretly making moves. As much as I liked him I was not about to allow someone to enjoy my growth that did not contribute to my growth. Sadly same goes for my family. When I have exciting things happening in my family I am not so quick to share with them either, because I cam to realize they were holding me back with every conversation I had with them. Having somebody to share success with is very special, but it is very important to also know who not to celebrate success with. Its fine to converse cordially with some people, but allowing them to reap the benefits of something they did not support is something that could actually set you back many steps. I have chosen to express my love for people who express their love and appreciation for me which is why O love my readers and viewers so much. You guys love me enough to enrich yourselves with this information I choose to gracefully share and not devalue me while trying to feed off of me like a vulture. Sadly this is what people close to you will do so remember! Do not allow people to enjoy resources you with you that you built ALONE!

Thank you for reading 🙂 


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