Why Men Think You Are Annoying

Are you that girl who always misses her boyfriend? You get upset when he doesn’t do the little small things you like so that leads you to be all up in his face and getting on his nerves which you perceive as annoying to him. He picks up on these insecurities an that is what is annoying to him. Let me tell you a secret. Men like to miss you too! I know we all love that burning feeling of missing someone. Especially if we really miss them and it doesn’t turn out to be a disappointment. The older I get the more I realize money does buy a lot of things I love and enjoy, but money can never ever buy happiness. Happiness is one of those things that you either have or you don’t and to truly have it with someone is very very special. The more single I get the more I realize that having someone who loves you the way you love them is a very special thing and of you feel like you have that with someone then tell and don’t be afraid of looking stupid, because at least you are real. Now with all that being said if you know in your heart that you have happiness with this person then you should feel secure. Secure people are focused on their own lives and living life to the fullest is not waiting by the phone for him to text or call you especially after you have been together for a while. Men want to have amazing things to say about their woman even if they say my woman is a stripper who goes to school full time, pays her own bills, travels, creates digital content herself and runs her own eBay store. Ladies sometimes our men can seem so amazing that we forget about ourselves and our talents. Men are lured in by the feminine talent you posses to create a beautiful life, but if he gets with you and you let yourself go it will all look like smoke and mirrors and he’ll become disinterested and you will also be disappointed in yourself for letting yourself go. Fisrt of all men are men and they don’t understand women stuff anyway so they would love for you to light the way and the right man will support you if he loves you. And if he doesn’t support you continue to support yourself and I promise the right man will eventually come along.

So what do I know about any or this? Well I’m a woman first of all and I know how it feels to like someone so much that it literally annoys them. Just like you you’re partner is human, but when you put them on these super human pedestals your whole life can start to shrink that moment. Not only is f frustrating for you, but its frustrating for your man as well. Men also have a hard time in life and sometimes they just want to snuggle up next to you and be babied as well. Sometimes it can be selfish of a woman to expect a man to pick up the weight financially if he cannot do that and there is simply no way around it. If you don’t live your life to the fullest and expect your man to take care of you fully you are accepting a life of servitude except of course if you have children, but I’m speaking to the single ladies with no children. I actually have no problem serving my man as long as he knows I am not a maid or a cook and that’s where maintaining yourself comes in so he knows who you are and who you are not.

I know its hard when you love someone to give them space, but too much time together can suffocate even the lovey doveiest love birds and on the flip side do not go out of your way to ignore your partner to prove a point. If you are ignoring someone for a response and a reaction that may backfire on you, but if you are really hurt by something they did and you don’t want to speak to them that’s another thing. If I’m ignoring someone I don’t expect them to call me ever again in life and if they make an effort to contact me then I reconsider if I’m feeling that way.

With all that being said please do not lose yourself in a relationship and become that annoying girlfriend who cannot live without her boyfriend. I know the penis can be good and make you want to lay under him all day, but be strong and let him be the one sniffing your butt, not the other way around. There is a such thing as natural spiritual gender roles and men need to chase something and they don’t like chasing fake food so be yourself! And love yourself

Now that I’m daydreaming about that good love he gave me yesterday I want to be annoying too, but I’ll save it for sunday, because I have to be serious until then.


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