Family Business: I Had To Cut Off My Manipulative Grandmother Monetarily

If I’m gonna tell a story I’m going to tell the whole thing and you guys know I don’t hold back because why?

So my grandmother has two daughters one being my mom of course and the other being my aunt and both by the same man who never married her. My grandma is very light skin and so is my aunt, but my mom is brown skin. Colorism is  real thing in black families of you didn’t know. My mom also had the same issue with her two daughters and kinda did the opposite and favored my dark skin sister which is whatever to me I understand, but that still shouldn’t have happened anyway.

Long story short this blog post is about my 77 year old manipulative grandma who belittles my hard working mom and still puts her lazy paper hoarding, disgusting light skin daughter on a pedestal. She has 5 kids and 2 of them being by my mom’s ex fiance & another two by another one of my mom’s ex boyfriends and the last by a friend of my dad’s and my grandma never cared that my aunt did that to my mom. I always loved my grandma because she was my grandma and I guess she struggled as all black people do, but she also let my aunt mooch off of her and put down all the nice things my mom did for her I guess because she was jealous my mom is a better mom than her and actually loves her children and got my dad to marry her on top of that. I have never been close to my grandma for real because she also favored my  sister and I never really cared, but now my grandma is old and is having some property issues with this land she has inherited way before she even had children. I remember once when I was 9 years old my grandma took me and my sister to the mall and she got my sister a new pair of shoes and didn’t get mt any and it took everything for me to hold in my 9 year old tears. I was so sad and didn’t understand why she would buy my sister something and not me. Now I know it was one of my grandma’s manipulation tactics to put me  and my sister against each other the way she did my mom and aunt. That behavior subsequently made my aunt handicapped by the laziness of feeling like the entitled and privileged child and at 53 years old with 5 kids she barely raised she still feels the same way. She never even apologized to my mom for having kids by her fiance and lying to my youngest cousin’s dad for trying to pin those kids on him smh. My grandma basically raised my aunts kids, but clearly had her picks and chooses also and she chose to favor the boys who go in and out of jail. The only $100 tip I ever got working at Hooters I gave to my grandma the very next day to help pay taxes on her land and that was about 3 years ago. Now she owes the taxes again and I told her would help and she told me not to tell my mom so of course I told my mom. My mom told me all the low down dirty things my grandma continues to do to her and I pay my grandma’s phone bill which I shouldn’t because she has my 53 yo aunt and her 22 yo son living there. My mom also says my grandma just freely allows them to use the phone because of course they don’t have jobs so they have no phone except for stolen or government phones. The phone bill is only $25, but they can find $25 from somewhere else, because I do not support the mistreatment of the woman who carried me in her belly for 9 months and fed me all that good healthy food I needed to become the beautiful woman that I am today. I do not condone that and I will not financially support it. Oh did I mention that my grandma told my mom that she plans to only put my aunt’s name on the land only after I clearly had a conversation with my grandma and told her I was not putting my hard earned money towards anything that won’t have my name on it and she was quiet when I said that, because I guess she was taught that silence means consent, but it doesn’t when you are dealing with money. Money requires contracts ESPECIALLY when dealing with family and friends. She is in great health and spirits when I see her and hopefully she remains the same, but there is one final thing I want to say. We all have to die one day and it is very important to handle financial and family business before we go, because the last thing anybody wants to deal with is fighting after the death of someone we all love and cherish. So I am happy that I get to understand what is going on before my grandma passes on to the other side and hopefully she has many more healthy days to come, but I will not allow her to embarrass my mom beyond the grave once she is no longer here and doesn’t have to deal with the turmoil.


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