You Don’t Even Know Your Power

So you guys know love fuels literally everything in my life. If I’m not in a loving situation I’ll just be alone like I have been a lot, but now I’ve realized my powers. My power is to love and teach and all that, but mainly to love.

I think I haven’t been loved maybe because I didn’t love myself enough and that’s painfully obvious to the guys who have “known” me maybe, but to all future guys meet the new me. The new me knows her worth, she knows her power, she knows her abilities and she is not afraid to be herself. The new me also knows how to say no if its not in my best interest. My “crush” was asking some of his subscribers to some sort of symbol on their twitter handles and of course I would never do that. I am who I am and I am NOT a follower I am a leader. Even if no one is following I am still leading myself to be the best Stripper Notes I can be and not because someone I look up to me is advising me to do so. Not in the way I look up to him and he looks up to me lol. Well these are my powers. The ability to create. Its so weird that people consider this a talent, buy hey if the shoe fits I’ll wear it and SELL it! lol




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