Why Me!? Crush Canceled

Ughhhhhhh you guys I’m so annoyed. 1st of all idk what would make me think that a man that has been in a relationship for 7 years will risk it all for me. Moreover I wouldn’t want him to risk it all for me. I’m a woman and I know how it feels to be put on the back burner so I wouldn’t want to be the one causing the pain of another woman for my pleasure. Now if he was ready to leave and it had nothing to do with me ok, but that’s not the case. He’s in a “loving” relationship and there is no end in sight so we will conclude that this man is not the one for me.

Flirting over, sub posts over, spiritual contact over, all things over ugh. I don’t like him like that, but as a woman we all know how good it feels to have the attention of a man and I know he also enjoys having my attention being that he’s been committed for 7 years. 7 years is a really long time and more than likely they will get married have kids and all that. I can’t and won’t wedge myself in between anything like that.

What made me come to this final decision is my house mom at one of my clubs. I was telling her I haven’t had sex in so long and I have a crush on this guy on the internet and she immediately shut it down. She told me that I don’t know him which is true, if he’s flirting with me he can’t be a good guy which also has some truth and lastly he just wants attention, because he has a girlfriend and lives in a whole other state. All that being said crush OVER! I can’t you guys. Where is he?! Where is my man.

Every time I like someone and it doesn’t work out I’m just so confused. Not as to why it ended, but just the fact that I’m at square one AGAIN! Its not a big deal, but I’m gonna have to sit on somebody’s face soon. I don’t want to have sex uncommitted anymore, but omg I’m gonna have to make an exception. I need to print out applications for these guys because honey I need this cat purred lol.


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