I Think We Need To Have a Talk About My Morals

So I got my permit renewed at one club and and I worked there Friday and Saturday. I aways tell you guys not to go to work (at a strip club if you are in a sour mood, because people come there to have fun, nit be high strung so to say the least I wasn’t feeling it that much. I’m also very thin frame for those of you who don’t know I am not thick at all  I am about 5’7 100 lbs with great proportions and I say that to say I GET COLD EASILY!  I get so cold so fast its not even a game I always always need some kind of covering because I get cold lol. So its May, but we are having cool weather here in Atlanta so its cold out and inside too depending on where you go they may have the air conditioner on instead of the heat which is so backwards. I’m for sure we had the air on and I was just not feeling it! If i wasn’t a decent dancer I probably would’ve mad nothing and thank goodness ‘m good with finances too, because when you don’t feel like working that directly affects your life. I definitely don’t mind working, because I like the life that I live and it has to be maintained. I’m also a business student and I have many things going for myself.


So back to this blog post, so I didn’t feel like working! ugh! It was so cold and I just wasn’t feeling it. I think I also slipped up and got used to fast easy money! Do not play yourselves, nothing good in life comes that fast. I made A LOT of money that week I worked 2 days I was so happy, but it wasn’t the steady average. and lets be real yall know I do not have sex, no blow jobs, they don’t give me oral and none of that, but I did give this guy a handjob and I normally do not do that and that was my first time ever, but I did it because the money was so worth it. Call me whatever you want, but a hand job for $600 sounds like a deal lol.

I’m single and no man who I’ve ever had sex with ever did anything nice for me at all and men give me money just to SEE me naked, literally for me to allow them to see me naked. One guy I danced for last night even knows my family, he was an old white guy I’m sure a racists, but loves young black girls smh.  He was weird af and awkward around me so he was an easy one. The handjob guy lived in a really nice condo, he was a mid forty something white man who is bored with his wife and I’m sure she’s just staying for security or maybe she loves him idk. I met another guy in there last night who is dating a woman who is not his type, but he’s dating her so he can live with her. That is beyond bummy and he was drooling over some girl with nipple rings.These men are complete liars and they are too coward to go after what they want. Skinny men like thick girls because they are the opposite and most big guys love small women for some reason, but things change. This fat guy who wanted the skinny girl is too lazy to even fix himself up to get with a woman like that.

I need to tighten up my morals again and not think that fast things can get me a lot of money, because that’s not even guaranteed and who wants to be a tool forever? I can’t wait until my businesses are off the ground and I can just relax. I’ve cut wayyyyyyyyy down on my drinking you guys have no idea lol. I’m tired of feeling crappy. One to three drinks is enough anything else is alcoholic, because really 3 drinks a day is a bit much. I had three glasses of white wine Friday and one margarita Saturday and I’m tired from those. I need to easssssssssse back into the party life lol jk I’m focused and this is still a means to an end 😉


Thanks for reading and I’d also like to let you guys know f ways you can support me and entertain you 🙂

  1. Let me know if you would like me to create a Patreon where I would post anonymous podcasts, take questions, tell stories, give you my weekly rundown.
  2. Donate via paypal to have on on one conversations with me starting at $50 an hour.
  3. If you are into fetishes and things of that nature I also sell some of my well worn heels, shoes, socks and anything else can possibly up for discussion.



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