What is pain?

Pain is people only calling you when they want something and forcing you to be a cold bitch!

Pain is knowing you have no real friends. Everybody actually wants something from you. Even your parent want to constantly know you major in college just to secure a spot in your future pockets. Never mind I have been working for my own money since I was 16 years old (really 13). If I wanted something in my life and my parents couldn’t get it I worked for it myself. Raising the children right and they will go not astray! But if you barely raise the children and they go astray don’t think you can shape their life at 25 years old. To be honest I’m an adult and I don’t need or want friends and family constantly commenting on a life they add no actual value to.

I know a lot of you feel where I m coming from.

Pain is wanting to be a bride, but falling susceptible to pre-marital sex so now you feel like damaged goods. Thanks christian mom and Muslim dad who only wore your religion as a name brand soul! Also thanks to the lack of real men we have in America. I shouted out my international readers earlier and what you guys see on tv as Americans is worse in reality. America is a luxurious place, but its also a greedy, slimy, place. There is no such thing as a real friend in America. I actually believe people in America (especially the black people) have been so brainwashed over the years. If you ever make an American friend that may not be a friend first of all, and if you think it is watch them very carefully and treat them how they treat you. People in the country are usually motivated by monetary gain. People don’t want to be friends with someone who does not have that potential and I find that very scary. How can you not be paranoid when you know that every time your phone rings people want something from you! Now its not like I don’t know how to say no, it just very exhausting to constantly deal with these people. And this is why I find it easier to be alone. I’m more efficient, creative, confident and I can relax around myself. People can literally be so annoying. Americans are used to being entertained 24/7 so I don’t even think most American would know what real is!

If you have one good friend you are lucky!

Also I’ve learned how to treat friendships and relationships.

#1 Friends ARE NOT family! They are loyal to their family! One of the biggest mistake you could make is treating a “friend” like family and realizing they aren’t even a real friends.

Pain is having to constantly check mother fuckers because they are so fucking annoying with the stupid beating around the bush questions when you know they just called to ask for a favor. Goodbye!

You know I look up a lot of psychology and I call bull shit!

If you want to know a good Piece of psychology remember this.

Everybody has and agenda so don’t let them use you to fill it!

Instead fill you own agenda!

Fill your agenda to the point where you only come across people who are only rooting for you and all the jealous sneak haters will fall off.

If its anything I’ve learned from choosing to switch my major to business its trust no one.

If you have some dreams, hobbies, projects or anything positive and progressive going on in your life keep it secret!

Its crazy how strippernotes and dancing are the two biggest secrets of my life and I chose to record it on a blog. An anonymous blog. I love strippernotes not only because I thinks its hella awesome, but for the most part its a secret. Its a part of me that some people could never imagine. They’ve never seen it with their own two eyes, but it happened and happens.

I’ve really been considering a pod cast, but idk what to talk about. I think I need a space first, because I can barely get youtube videos done with this set up.

Lastly I want to give you some tips for channeling your pain and turning it into gain!

  1. Humans want to avoid pain at all possible costs, but pain is a part of life.
  2. You can always turn your pain into joy.
  3. Associate NOT achieving your goals with pain instead of associating pain with a person.

Just remember friends and people you are related to shouldn’t only call and want you around when its beneficial for them. If those are real family members and relatives the will ask you how you are doing selflessly and actually care enough to also be happy for you or empathize with you. You may not be able to help someone’s situation, but you can empathize with them. And empathizing with them will help them not to feel so alone and it could even help them progress.


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