Thanks For 50 Followers!

Thanks for following me lets grow even more!

As you guys and girls know I started this blog because i didn’t feel comfortable expressing myself to the real people in my life. People always say they want the truth, but lets be honest if I talked candidly about my stripper life I would have no friends and family in my life unless I could do something for them or entertain them with my pain smh.

I already see how differently people treat me after I tell them I dance. The women get jealous and the men think I’m dumb and they  can walk all over me and make stupid jokes like I constantly want to explain myself and emotions to them while they get a good laugh off of me.

I’d rather write it all out and have loyal people read and follow my unconventional journey. My life is not perfect and it is certainly not a joke. People will try to laugh off of your pain to make their life seem better and I nip that in the bud before it begins. I am the first person to cut off a manipulative type relationship and be alone if I have to, but I will not let people think they can live their lives in a serious way and come into my life for fun and laughs like my life is a joke. I still do all the regular things in life and I still have human emotions. I take the route of showing people how to treat me and it doesn’t take long for them to realize they don’t need to play with me because I’ll let them play by they self.

I’m also not open about dancing to y family, because I have little ones looking up to me, but, people don’t care about the vision you have for your life as long as they can laugh at you to ease the pain of their own horrible crappy life and I won’t allow myself to be the butt of anyone’s joke. Now when people make jokes to me I don’t even move my face. It is very important to teach people how to treat you and never let anyone think it is ok to disrespect you. Thank you guys again for following me and I look forward to the future and I know its only going up from here!



  1. thekatyaevangeline · April 27, 2017

    I know exactly how you feel. Years ago I couldn’t be myself in my real life and found a haven online where I expressed my real thoughts. I *slowly* was able to go public with certain areas of my life and the online support made so much of a difference.

    The world around us (and our friends and family) can’t always accept us for who we are- so it is wonderful that you have found a way to express yourself! And judging by your comment about loyal followers it sounds like you are already finding a support network!


    • Stripper Notes · April 28, 2017

      yes I just enjoy being myself and to see that so many people read my blog makes me happy because I literally never expected one person to read it so just to see that people are taking the time out of their day to to see what I am doing is special because we live in a society where everyone claims they are so busy and we all know that is a load of crap. I just love and appreciate people taking the time out to see what I’m think and where I’m coming from without judging me, because even though I don’t do that much interacting I’ve never gotten any hate comments and that also means a lot to me. I enjoy this being a peaceful place to express myself and the support from the readers makes it even better

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