Moving On! The Feels – Day 5

I’m moving on from stressing about school and back to to my online crush.

Its crazy how we hold people we don’t even fully know on such high pedestals lol. I do see the flaws in this guy tho and I learned from the last guy I was with that anybody can smile in your face and use you for all you your energy. Anyway my new online crush is in a relationship and that’s a huge flaw. One thing I don’t want is a man leaving his woman for me. I know a lot of women get men that way, but that doesn’t seem like a solid foundation to build anything on. How could you trust a person who broke someone else’s heart to be with someone else. I know things happen and relationships fall apart, but I don’t want to be the catalyst. At least not directly. I like for all hands to be washed before I enter into a relationship with a man so I can be clear moving forward.

Now you guys know I’m very intuitive so I do feel some moves being made in his relationship, but omg I just couldn’t. Maybe we flirted a little too much. Ummmm at this point I should tell you guys that I watch his videos and they make me feel real emotions for him lol I’m pretty sure he also watches my videos and is adoring me from afar lol. I think this is so crazy lol and also fun. Not for his girlfriend tho so that’s why I stay in my lane lol. All the lol’s because thinking about him makes me laugh, but I also feel like its not real and I’m just imagining he feels the same way. Honestly humans are humans and he probably does, but if his relationship with his girlfriend is good then he better stop watching my videos lol. I’ll still watch his tho, maybe I should stop commenting tho ugh.

Well I’ll keep you guys updated on this stargaze imaginary crush I have smh lol


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