Day 4 of the feels

So I guess I noticed this crush around thursday/friday and its just amazingly awful to feel! Omg you guys know I’ve been pushing away my feelings since I started dancing, because I feel like who could really love a stripper? So I don’t tell men and I just choose not to feel anything, but ummmm I kinda can’t help this! He also doesn’t know I’m a dancer and I think if he knew the conversation could maybe get deep, maybe even a fling, but noooooooo I don’t want any more flings.

We have discusse business idea and blah blah blah, just casual talk. But what made me catch the super feels from him was him! women always get mad at the other woman, but its the man who does the chasing. So yes he has a girlfriend and he loves her, but he also makes videos complimenting other women including me lol. Maybe he has no idea how much his subscribers really like him and he also flirts which is dangerous.

I will be speaking on having the feels publicly, but I won’t mention his name duh lol. I basically just want to get all of these feeling out and sort them out aloud. Lol I’lll keep you guys updated, but I will be doing all I can to physically avoid him, but I cannot emotionally do that right now and honestly it kind feels good to have the feels again after all these bad men situations and I just want something new.

My fears have also popped up and that is simply I am holding him to too high expectations, but I expect the best from any man I choose to like because I’m hella picky and I want my man to be the best!

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