He Came From Touching My Hairy Arm Pits

So as you all know I am busy as hell with school and I haven’t worked in weeks so I stopped by the club last night since I have lots of things coming up and I need money.

Since I haven’t been having sex my confidence and everything is on amazing and I’m really enjoying that.

So last night I got to work around 9:00 pm and everyone was complaining, but yall already know that’s not my style so I was owning the place like I usually do.

The first person I got money from was this guy yall may have read about way way back in my blog. Basically I tell him to give me money and then I just leave lol. He keeps giving me money so I’m going to continue to take his money and leave him with a hard dick in his hands lol.  So he gave and my girls a little money then he wanted to leave, but I found someone better before I decided to hang out with him after wards. This is where the story gets weird lol.

So this is a 45 year old looking white man. Decent looks and average body. I’m not really into white men so he did nothing for me. Except give me money. He paid me $350 to come over for an hour and dance. As usual this guy was absolutely in love with me. I know with white men its just something about black women that turn on them on so much. As a black woman I don’t really have to work for most white men to be sexually attracted to me and the ones who aren’t are not important to me, because at the end of the day its all about me. Men can’t do anything without women and I know that and when you are a black woman you are so much more rare for white men. White men are used to living their regular day to day life without have real physical/sexual contact with a black woman let a lone a super beautiful black woman. So most white men go crazy for me and do whatever I say do. As I always tell you guys they also respect that I respect myself and have boundaries. I barely let them touch me and I barely touch them so when I do they go crazy.

Back to the story! So this guy takes me to his condo and I always dominate the conversation in a lady like way and men like a little power struggle. So I go undressed and he was very very very interested in my hairy armpits lol. He touched some of the hairs and started shaking. This is when he offered me an extra $200 to help him “cum” and I explained to him we weren’t having sex and all that, but I did give him a little assistance which I usually don’t do, but he was taking too long and I was ready to go and he knew that. He was also very turned on by my nails. I recently taught myself how to do my own nails and I have began to wonder what’s the point of it all and now I know nails are very important to men. Men love well manicured nails. I don’t like seeing pink penises, but the money was worth having to see it so whatever.

I’m going to get as much school work done as I can, because I’m definitely going back to work today and tomorrow. Lastly I just want to say always remain yourself and try not to compromise your morals for money. I may be a stripper and I even gave a hand job, but at then end of of the day I’m the one who is going to have to sleep at night with a clear conscious and as good as I am at what I do I still know that this is not something I want to do and this experience is for a reason.

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