What is Stripper Notes Up To!!!!!?

Whats up you guys and I miss you all so very much. When I started this blog I knew it wuld be a positive outlet for me and that’s exactly what it has been and still is. My numbers have been growing so much it just makes me happy to share my story. A lot of it is very sad to me as you all know I fight depression and anxiety MED FREE everyday and my life is just something that I don’t feel a lot of pride from so to be writing and articulating to a point that readers love my work and understand me is amazing to me.

So on to the update! šŸ™‚ Life has truly been a rush of amazing face first falls. Since I knew I would be back in school I toyed with the idea of escorting to save time and make extra money. Well plans did not go accordingly and I’ve been making some amazing moves doing what I love which is selling on eBay. The products I’ve been selling haven’t been raking in lots of profits, but I made some super smart moves by being in college and getting money for that so I’ve been able to survive. I haven’t danced in about 4 weeks, but my parents have been helping me a little and with responsibility and planning I have been very blessed. Right now I’m selling my sister’s old shoes on ebay for money to test out a mass product like skin care or something in beauty. I also took a trip to the thrift store and have some things to post from there. Most of all I’m excited about opening my online store apart from ebay which is raping me in fees it seems like. I just want this to work for me, because I know how I felt right before school started and I couldn’t wait to get out of the strip club. My car isn’t working right now, but when I get it fixed I know there is a high possibility that I will go back especially with it getting warm and my birthday coming up.

Lastly I regret to inform you that I’m having issues with one of my roommates so I will be moving soon. Its a shame, because I really did like it here, but I don’t deal with disrespect so I am feverishly searching for a new place and waiting on one landlord to contact me back, because the clock is ticking and I wanted to be out by March, and I wanted to tell my roommates that today, but the landlord hasn’t contacted me back so i’m a little on edge.

I honestly feel like this is god forcing me to grow so as much as I want to get comfortable and stay I’m going to focus and find something I like and be out by April 1st. I just can’t live somewhere where I am not comfortable and at this point I am not comfortable anymore. This journey is not easy, but it is amazing and I know there is something out there amazing for me waiting to find it I just have to do what I have to do to find it.

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and if you want to know what else I’ve been up to I’m always down to answer questions as you know.

Lastly if you would like to support me here is a link to my paypal account and all donations are appreciated and will go towards a great cause.



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  1. realher10 · March 7, 2017

    Hi hun, if you could please contact me at Lyralondonxxx@gmail.com, you’re located in Atlanta like me and I would love to be friends with another sex worker!


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