The Escorting Business

As you guys can see in my last post I’m doing something that has advanced my stripping career and that’s doing extensive research.

OH MY FUCKING GOD! With that being said I just clicked on the most disgusting escort search website fucking ever!

1st of all what was wrong with the picture is that there was a male giving commentary and he was obviously less than classy. He did screen view where you could see his computing motions. I guess I didn’t read clearly, because now that  I looked back at the website it did say “How to Find a Prostitute”. It was the most degrading commentary I have ever heard. The girl had reviews on x rated sexual experiences, Oh my goodness I guess since I started kinda old I’m set in my ways and I just can’t give up the P to anybody.

With the research I’ve found I see that I will have to devise a standout title for myself. Escort may be lightly used, but if there is a bad connotation I will have to be creative.

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