Escort Is NOT A Bad Word

What’s up fam I miss you guys! I’ve been on the go with so many things in the works, but yall know how the strip game is in Atlanta, or you should if you read my blog. So once again another money makin club has closed, so I will move on. I have learned so much this year its amazing and the amount of money I made is not much to some people, but it was amazing to me.

Ever the business woman I have been investing my money and maintain side businesses, and while I’m in the stripping business I need to use these resources to the best of my ability. With that being I wanted to get into my own private dance business equipped with security of course and the more I researched what I wanted the more I realized that I was basically offering amazing escort services.

I feel like I am an escort working at strip clubs.

Escorts are classy and demand the most out of life. A real escort only entertains the best of the best respectful company and those are the types of people I attract anyway.

The escorting business takes a little leg work, but I’ve mapped out my plan and I am confident that the money will be amazing this upcoming year.

I am not completely leaving the strip club, because I do need start up money, but once its off the ground and I have flying clientele I will no longer strip. Is this the end of stripper notes? omg what kind of weird direction am I going into? lol Idk stay tuned.

Also I really apologize to my readers for not posting in so long, but I am working out a schedule to post at least once a week :).


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