Double Stuffed!

Since I came back fro DR I have only been to work twice and I’m going back out of town on Monday for another week. One thing I have really learned from traveling is how to make money and how to budget it! Its amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it. A few days ago I wrote all of my regulars names down and put the average $ amount by their names that they usually give me. Within the following days nearly all of those men began texting me asking to see me. I ranked them from least important to most important and my to two inportant regulars booked and appointment with me on the same day nearly at the same time! I wasn’t sure if either would show up so I booked both. I felt a little bad that I had to cut my time short with the first client, but my to client was there and I’m here for money not for favoritism.

I was so determined that I just followed the plan and everything worked out near perfectly. I have two more days of goals and I plan on hitting them.



When you dance you have to consider yourself a business! Your body is a business and you are very in demand. Men want to spend time with a young ¬†beautiful woman so arrange a group of men who like you and make them your clients. If one or two fall off don’t worry because you should always be scouting more clients. I used to rely on my clients only, but I learned to constantly be scouting for clients because some client are flaky. Also make sure your clients respect your time so that won’t happen.

When you create a plan anything is possible. It may sound like some mystic space talk, but its real!



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