Stand Up When They Want You To Stand Down!



I swear people have been trying the shit out of me lately. I know I talk big shit on my blog, but I honestly am a nice person that wouldn’t wish bad on anyone. Girls at work have been jealous of me and today my roommates and I have been having some discrepancies about bills and all of that and I only have one word for that. Communication! What I don’t appreciate is someone coming for me who has not communicated a prior problem with me.

I think the universe is just trying to push this flower bud up out of the dirt and that’s exactly how I feel. I really motivated myself on the past few weeks to work hard to shape my YouTube channel, make money at work and remain sober. All of which has been a struggle. I don’t appreciate people coming for me who don’t even ask me how I’m doing today. What the fuck kind of drama is that? So at this point I have finally realized that you really have no friends on earth. I do have people I love unconditionally and will always be there for, but those people value me the same way and I place that way above a stupid title of a friend. People who know me know that I cut off fake ass people and that’s not an easy thing to do, but it will be done. As for my roommate they will be business partners from now on and I won’t mum a word to them unless it’s about money. I’m sure that’s what my white roommate’s family advised him to do long ago. As for the rest of my roommates we are women and we are black so I guess we have that double minority thing going on while he gets to enjoy the luxury of being a white man. Ok I get it, lesson learned.


Bitch Rant #2

My 30-year-old roommate has not paid her rent this month, yet she has been talking about me behind my back to her ex- boyfriend. This woman  claims to be in a relationship with a woman now. She’s just hurt by a man who wasted her 20’s and had a baby on her! Why on earth would this man feel comfortable enough to confront me and I don’t even fucking know him and I don’t want to know him!  If he ever says another word to me about what I do for a living which is what he was asking me I will straight up tell him I don’t know him and I would appreciate if he minded his own business. I am completely shut down from them and I want nothing to do with any of them anymore. I could plan on moving and not tell them a thing at this point. I have zero emotions or sympathy from any of them. Luckily I’ve been working hard and saving my money so I have no issue paying any of my bills. I know this whole post probably makes no sense, but I really don’t care right now I just had to get that out.


From now on I just want to put positivity out into the universe, focus on making myself a better person and hope I can inspire others to be better as well. I hae learned that you have to help yourself before you can help anyone else and that is exactly what I will be doing! Asking the universe for awesome things and going after those things that I ask for. I’ve asked for many things in this blog and now I want to ask for the major things that I really want.



One comment

  1. Miss Dinie · October 19, 2016

    Don’t mind them anyhow! There is always some asshole to upset us! Just keep being you .. Sometimes our own people really let us down and focus on petty things rather than what they need to be doing.. As for your newly lesbian flatmate, she needs to stop getting random people that she doesn’t have any need to involve in her life.. Or yours for that matter. Yes, you’re a stripper, but that’s your business, and you know why you’re doing this.. FOR YOU!

    JEALOUSY is a real muthaf***** as you must know! Continue to make that money!


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