Hello Readers!

I love all of my readers and I love writing, but I’m not getting the interaction that I want on this blog. I recently became bored with my “weed free series”. It’s boring because it’s not a struggle anymore. My appetite is fine and I no longer crave weed, but I did get home late last night so I smoked a little to help me fall asleep. #LeagalizeWeed. So now I would love to use my blog to help others. If you are someone who feels like you need my help do not feel embarrassed to contact me! I’m very smart and kind, unless someone pisses me off as you guys know :).

Types of people who I usually help. 

– Customers who are sad and need some happiness in their lives.

– Women men who are having a hard time in life emotionally in relationships, whether that be family, friends or romance

– People who need business and career advice. Because lets be honest stripping is a business.

Also please do not hesitate to ask me you’re deepest darkest questions about yourself or myself in the stripping world. I am here more to help you than me, but if a question about myself helps you them feel free to ask on!

Disclaimer, please try not to ask me questions about myself that you can find the answer to in my blog unless it directly relates to you or I haven’t written about that yet. Save yourself some time because questions about sex will not be answered, because I am not a prostitute and I am single so i am not having sex with anyone at this time. 

This list goes on, but this is basically a Q&A. Since I have put a blog post of this sort in a while I will also post this in a Craigslist ad and post the questions and answers directly on this blog. I am looking forward to helping LOTS of people.

One comment

  1. Miss Dinie · October 19, 2016

    Good on you for helping others! But Craiglist though??! Some of those people are creepy as hell..


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