How To Eliminate Competition and Not Be The Jealous Stripper


Lets be honest the jealous bug hits us all sometimes. Sometimes we don’t know why we are jealous, but its clear that jealousy can affect your finances big time in the strip club. Men in general don’t like insecure women. I am never involved with these men romantically, so the jealousy is directly connected to my finances. 

One of the most important things you will need to eliminate jealousy is once again, my favorite word CONFIDENCE!

The times where I have been the most jealous were the times where I was very self-conscious of myself. Whether it was my body, my hair, or whatever there was some kind of insecurity. If you are a very insecure person then you will not do well in the strip club because you will have to absolutely know that you reign supreme over all of the women in the strip club whether the men are showing you love that particular day or not. The truth is everyday will not be you day, but that shouldn’t make you feel any less than any other woman.

There will always be a younger, slimmer, better dressed, or all around different woman, but she will never be you!


Next you cannot focus on what other woman are doing and who they are doing it with. If that man likes the woman he is with then why do you even care? You sound like someone who wants it the easy way by getting with someone else’s man instead of finding your own. Don’t waste precious time looking around at what other women are doing, because you are pouring gasoline on your jealousy. I see women doing this to me all the time. They may see me sitting with a man and decide to come over and be “friendly”. The bottom line is this man is sitting with me, because he likes me and he probably doesn’t give a shit about who you are, because you can never  be me. These are the women who tend to have sex for money, can’t offer quality conversation or just have no real personality in general. The men who I entertain love my personality so much that they can’t help, but to beg for my company.

Another huge thing you can do to eliminate jealousy is focus on the man nothing else. What man wants to have a full-blown conversation where you just talk shit about the other women. First of all these men have enough issues and they don’t need you laying your problems on them. You are supposed to be a perfect fantasy and once they see too many cracks in the perfection they will become turned off. Men in the strip club have fragile egos and some of them influence this behavior, but this is the WRONG man and more than likely he doesn’t have any money to give you. 

They key to making money is focusing on the man and why he is there. Most of these men are sad and lonely and if they happen to have a woman at home they are just pure idiots who deserved to be robbed blind in my opinion. 


If any man isn’t giving you money you should ALWAYS walk away as I say time and time again. Once he see’s that you are wanted by other men he will become jealous and if he wants you that bad then he better start spending money. Once you make your money that’s the whole goal and jealousy should be the last thing on your mind. 


Also eliminate jealousy by making zero friends.

I have associates, but I have NO FRIENDS in the strip club. These women see me as competition so when it all comes down to it either they are using you or want you to fail with them so its better to just have one on one time with the customer unless he has a few friends with him and even then I will dance for 3-5 men all by myself and entertain the whole crew. If another woman walks over then that’s probably because one of the men wants me all for himself. 


Resting bitch face is also a good tool to use in eliminating jealousy.

Resting bitch face in my opinion is just having that beautiful Lana Del Rey soul-less stare in your eyes. I like to keep good posture and make very little facial expressions unless a song comes on that I like. Then I show my more fun side which is my last tip.



Women in the strip club hate seeing another woman full of life, but for you it will help you to not focus on the stripper drama that could be lurking behind the bushes. Men also notice a vibrant energetic woman and will want her in their company. 

I can dance in a room full of people like nobody is watching because I’m simply having fun! Men will also notice this and that’s the effect that you want. Most of the women in strip clubs are high on drugs, drunk, have loser boyfriends and baby daddies so they carry all of that drama with them into the club instead of just letting loose and having fun, which is why the men are there anyway. Yeah some of the men do want women to do drugs and get drunk with them however they love it even more when you show self control. 

When you do these things you will notice your jealousy slowly falling away, but be warned that you are now the target and you will be the one that the women will hate and be jealous of. Just ignore those unhappy women and focus on yourself and your goals. Most of them don’t even have goals and that’s also very apparent.

Ladies if you are reading this and you want some one on one counseling from me please don’t be shy. I’m only a bitch in the strip club other wise I am very nice. We can discuss those arrangements if you are interested in that. 


One comment

  1. Miss Dinie · October 19, 2016

    Keep doing your thing!! But there are some bitch ass men who encourage jealousy-They get off on it, remember them too!! Us females are not nice to each other, but men are crossing that line. Makes me sick to see it!


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