Weed Free – Day #15 Mood Swings Are Awesome and Synchronicity

I was such a zombie when I was high all the time, but being sober also put me  in another zombie state since I am now forced to face my emotions and focus. I will admit I experience extreme lows with mood swings, but I also have to speak about the awesomeness of mood swings. Today is Wednesday and Day #15 was yesterday. I knew I wasn’t going to work yesterday when the day began right off the back. Everything just seemed so wrong about yesterday and I wasn’t even going to try to face the club. I was well aware that I was experiencing mood swings so I tried to remain as productive as I possibly could.


Monday night when I decided not to work was the beginning of this episode and that carried over to Tuesday and a little bit of Wednesday morning. I am a highly spiritual person and that is something that I need to discuss more on this blog because it influences my life in unexplainable ways. So Monday night I began experiencing a lot of synchronic signals. The first sign I received was early Tuesday morning I went into the kitchen it was pitch black dark and the stove clock read 3:33. I didn’t research what that meant, but I am aware that it means something. I was a little freaked out, but I didn’t lose any sleep over it and I went to sleep right away. 3 hours and 33 minutes later I woke up out of my sleep at 6:33 am and that’s when I knew I was being sent a message. All of this may sound like voodoo to you, but I love numerology and I really believe in it. So later that day I got on my twitter account which isn’t all that active and I saw that I was following 1,113 people and 1,1311 people were following me. Most of the time the universe is trying to get your attention by sending these subtle signs. It’s up to you to figure out what the message means. In my case I feel that the universe is telling me that I am on the right track and I have been making all the right moves lately.


I have recently cut off a lot of people and I also have been working more on my eBay business which is growing and doing well. The product that I am selling basically sells itself so for me that is a sign that this is something niche that I need to stick with. I also have many ideas that I have been implementing that I need to stick with also. My video making skills are improving and I am really manifesting things in my life that I want and need.


Its funny, because I have actually been eating a bit more lately yet I’ve been feeling SUPER drained. The fact that I even notice that tells me that something is trying to stop me and now is not the time to give up. I had no idea what I was  going to do today, but my mom called me and needed a ride and I’m so glad that she got me up early this morning, because it really helped me jump-start my day. While I we were in a store shopping I noticed that I made another sale on eBay and that also forced me to get up.

I’m just going to end this blog post by saying a few minutes ago I feel this sadness leave me and happiness rush through my body. It was the best mood swing feeling I have ever felt and this is the amazingness of mood swings!


So it is now Thursday Morning so I must post this. It’s about Tuesday’s day lol , one last thing. This blog post is dedicated to Peter Monn who said Synchronicity in one of his videos today. I’m a real messy bitch and I live for drama and peter monn delivers the drama the way is should be delivered. Glamorous and shady.


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