Stripper Health

So my regular stopped by yesterday and he always talks so greasy lol. He’s loyal tho. He even says how much he likes me all the time and stalks me mysteriously online, but you all secretly do. Hi Michael. You’re the only one that really knows all my secrets because I love you and you’re loyal too. My regular only found my instagram page and he’s so dumb, but so encouraging. You are too, but your gone lol so we’re gonna talk about him right now.

My regular actually has the same first name as you so hey I really could be talking about him. His name in my phone is Mike The Plumber. No pun intended, but he totally loves me haha. he ain’t really shit tho. Oh yeah this is about stripper health. Omg.


Yeah we always talk drugs and diseases and mental diseases are not excluded. Omg he’s super interesting frfr. He wants to fuck me so bad and always likes it when I assure him that there have been no dicks in me haha. He;s one of those people who can tell the real from the fake and it keeps me going. He actually met a dumb mistake ex of mines and he actually did dick me down for a good while LMAO. Ugh again mistakes. He’s one of the last to know I’m a stripper LMAO. I think I’m just gonna go ahead and pull a Trisha Paytas and publish these original stories baby.

I told that to a man last night and he highly entertained the idea. So I’m gonna do it. I already have over 150 blog post.

So I was talking to my regular last night and he asked me why I was depressed. I told him because I’m not a billionaire. Then he asked me how many zeros were in a billion dollars and I totally didn’t know lol. I wasn’t embarrassed he don’t give af if I’m dumb he just likes the fact that I’m constantly trying to teach myself, which is what we are all trying to do.


Anyway I already have the meat of the book all I have to do is publish, illustrate and edit and I can do all that shit by myself, but more than likely I’d want a small team. That’s a hobby. I paint and photograph. Easy peezy. Painted quotes in the books and photographs of me. Yes me. If I’m gonna come out with then book then think I want all the glory, but by the time the book comes out I should hand already have an audience with all of my other endeavours and fanboy regulars who love me. 

As you guys can see my post has gone totally left. I really appreciate my loyal readers because when this book comes out its going to be so juicy to y’all Day One’s LMAO.

I would ask for help, but I think this is something that I want to do on my own. I actually honestly don’t think my stripper story is like the rest because I’m just me.

I’m gagging on an Energy Soup from R. Thomas that I overdraft my saving account for lol. Nah but fuck that I gotta house full of cash. Fuck them accounts. Cash Rules.


Can’t take the ghetto outta the girl smh haha, still getting them accounts in slick order tho. I’m thinking here and can I legally spill beans in a book? Legally? lol.

Ok I’m out. See yall soon.


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