Weed Free – Day #14 A Perfect Day

So sunday I woke up unusually happy and anxiety free. Maybe my body is just getting used to my new way of life and coping easier with the decisions in life that I am making. I also was very happy that I made good money the night before and I don’t know a single person that isn’t happy to make money.

Stripper Notes 58.gif

Sunday I didn’t go to sleep until 5 in the morning. When I got off of work I drove around looking for parks to film in, but it was too dark and then it started raining so I went to R. Thomas to get an Energy Soup smoothie. And the rain carried on all day which is enjoyed so much.


Now I actually did smoke a little weed Sunday, but it wasn’t emotional smoking it was solely for my appetite. This is the same blunt I’ve been smoking in previous post so that lets you know how little of it I smoke. I would’ve gone without smoking it, but I didn’t have to work and it was a relaxing Sunday so hey why not. I’m not sure what I’m doing, but I do know I’m not smoking morning, noon and night and every second in between like I once was. I’m an emotional non eater so I have to be in a good mood and around good people to eat. My roommate is about to turn 30 and she’s so annoying to be around. She’s trying to lose weight and thinks its cute to say she only ate once a day when she know her fat behind get hungry. If I could eat 3 times a day believe me  I would. Moreover I definitely would not be bragging on having no appetite. I’m just expressing the fact that would like that to change. Not too sure why a grown 30-year-old woman would like to cultivate an eating disorder, because living this way is hell for me most of the time.That woman ruins my appetite. But most people don’t understand that this isn’t a little diet it’s just the way I am.

Later that day I went to Sevananda Natural Food Market and did some good healthy grocery store shopping. I also got some hot vegan food and absolutely smashed it! I was beyond proud of myself! I recorded some videos for my YouTube channel and published them also. I wanted to wash clothes, but my stupid roommate decided she was finally gonna clean up so I washed my clothes on Day #15. All in al it was  pretty productive day.

It was a happy simple day 🙂

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