How I Make Money and Get Things I Want Without Stripping and -My Top 5 Ways You Can Too-

Sometimes you get tired of gong to the club and that’s when you have to work smart not hard. 

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If you are a smart stripper then you have regulars who love, respect, and are loyal to you. I have lots and it all depends on your personality and preference. I used to say I didn’t want regulars because I didn’t want to be bothered with them calling and texting me all the time, but I think I was dating then and didn’t feel like entertaining any other men. All that has changed now and my regulars are the only men in my life which is perfectly fine with me because they’re all millionaires. The men I was wasting my time with were not. 


Now when I don’t feel like going from person to person selling dances and entertaining perverted strangers I tell my valued regulars who love and respect me to come see me and most of the time they ask me first. They come see me to de-stress and make they also enjoy making my life a little easier too by just giving me the money. Having regulars is amazing, but yo have to know how to play the game, because these men didn’t become successful by being stupid even though when it comes to me they can be a little wreckless with that checkbook. I also treat myself very well so it cost to be the boss honey.

A Few Keys You Need To Gain Regulars 

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#1 Respect Yourself –

This is your body and make sure you tell all your customers that (politely) Only the ones who can truly afford you will touch you. The broke ones might get an attitude, but they can get the fuck on with all that dumb shit.  

#2 Know What You Will And WILL NOT Do – 

I get offered cocaine on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean I have to accept it. I also get offered outrageous amounts of money to perform sex acts and have sex acts performed on me. I don’t accept that either. Know yourself. 


You will have ugly old and young men with fragile egos try to break you down for a dollar! Don’t ever let those men think you need them more than they need you, because you are the prize sweetheart. Always be willing to walk the fuck off and move on to the next. When you leave walk away smiling with energy. They’ll be back. 

#4  Never Fuck Ever Have Sex With A Customer.

You can kiss your money bye bye if you do this. You are selling your company not your pussy. If they want sex don’t be afraid to tell them no. Be unapologetic about your stance. 

#5 Make Them Invest –

You could go on dates and hang out with them outside of work, but I’d just go to the mall to shop or something because if you hang out with them too much at their house or to dinner then they get distracted and forget that they are supposed to be paying you. It’s also your job to demand money from them for your company and if they can’t do that then don’t waste your time on them anymore. You’re not doing this for free.

As a stripper your body and personality is your business. Don’t sell your business short  or have a nasty attitude. Do all these things and watch your profit grow overall. Everyday won’t be great, but don’t get desperate. 


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Love ya 😉 

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