Weed Free – Day #11 Ugh

Day #11 is a Thursday.

So today was a super simple day. I woke up, went grocery shopping, got and oil change and stopped by to see my family for a few minutes. I had a decent enough time at Walmart. I listened to me new favorite song almost the whole time I was there.

Here’s a link 


You guys all ready know I was born and raised in the inner city of Atlanta so this is my culture. What are ya gonna do about it?



Anywayyyyy I fuckin love this song. Bankroll Fresh is a very talented rapper from Atlanta and he was shot and killed a few months ago by a fucking hating ass devil.

This song is dedicated to a few fake ass people in life I just shook off and everything he said describes how I feel to perfection. Yes I am a classy women, but you know what they say. You can take the girl out the ghetto, but haha. My dad is such a savage I’m sure thats where I get my mean streak from.

So after I left Walmart jamming my phone went dead while I was at the oil change place which is just up the street from Walmart. There were so many wonderful women at the oil change place today and we were having some great conversation and I always enjoy the beautiful receptionist there as well. She’s very beautiful and intelligent and I just love talking to her. Next I went to go visit my family to drop off some things and pick up a few things as well. When I got home I thought I’d have an appetite, but nope. I purchased some fruit at Walmart so I’ll be eating that for breakfast a soon as I’m done editing these blogs posts I’m working on. My appetite is actually slowly coming back so I’m super excited about that. I just want it to really amp it up a little faster. After I was situated at home I edited a video and took a few pictures for my eBay store.

Stripper Notes 53.gif

I told myself I was gonna take Thursday off, but I was so bored at home and I’m sober so the only thing I could do except binge watch YouTube was going to work. I didn’t necessarily want to go to work, but at least I wasn’t bored at home and I was only there for 3.5 hours so it wasn’t terrible. I got there at 10:00 pm so the money I made was pretty worth it just to be sliding through for no reason. I actually had a guy who said he didn’t like me and I made his ass beg for me by the end of the night. These men need to understand they need me and get off that high horse baby because I’m IT! I didn’t sweat him and I still got his money 🙂  I guess I’ll take Friday off chill. Friday’s aren’t always the best days anyway. Being sober does make it much better tho. I don’t become exhausted like I used to when got wasted everyday.

As far as my emotions I’m not sure what to say. I didn’t cry yesterday, but I also didn’t really listen t much sad music so maybe that’s what it is idk. My mind is just leaving that feeling of emptiness because I’m simply too busy and I cut a lot of bull shit out of my life too. Me and my good girlfriend are probably gonna go to the club tonight to have a lil fun and see Savage 21.

Thursday was pretty boring haha.

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