Weed Free – Day #10 Work Famous



Good morning everyone I hope you’re doing lovely. I’m  feeling pretty energized and ok mentally. Not too foggy I think I’m just a little hungry and delirious so I’ll try to eat something. My appetite actually isn’t as horrible as its been. I ate a few bites of watermelon, 4 wings and some fries yesterday so I feel like that was fine for me because it was the best I could do.

Annnnyway this video is about work. So of course as I stated I did not smoke any weed yesterday and I got enough things down. I was also invited to come to work at 2:00 pm yesterday because this woman said her regular would love me and give me a lot of money, but I did not come because I had more important personal things to do.Right now I have to sacrifice a few things to live a full life and I’m not just gonna run to the club every time someone says they have a dollar for me. Second of all I do just fine getting customers on my own. She also told me that he was only giving $80-$60 to each girl and I’m not about to cut my day short for that small amount of money that I can get whenever I come to work.

Stripper Notes 52a.gif

I am not bragging in any way about this because technically people at my job are glorifying my mental disorder which is causing me to lose weight they just don’t know it, but since I’ve lost all this weight again for some reason everybody is completely in love with me. I have always been one of the most beautiful women at that club, but now I’m the most beautiful and slim as well. The customers instantly go gaga and fall in love with me and the girls have so much envy towards me, but I ignore it and pay those bitches dust. Not in a negative way I just remember that I’m there to make money not friends and they don’t like that because I over shadow any of their presence with my unique look and confidence. I’m a black woman who looks like she should be on a Victoria’s Secret runway, not a strip club and on top of all that I’m the most classy woman they have there as well. I know I bring the standard of the club all the way up because I make no apologies about the standard in which I believe I should be treated mean while lots of these trash buckets give $50 blow jobs.


Honestly it does feel amazing being so loved by everyone in the club. Even the girls who don’t like me feel that way because they love me. Lets be honest we’ve all been jealous and know what its like to hate someone so much because you love them. I love them for it and not in an arrogant way.

What I love most about being famous at my club is that I realize my potential. I am as sweet as pie if you’ve ever met me so I’m not worried about anyone doing anything malicious to me, and causing me to leave. I actually really like that club and I don’t mind staying. I’m just saying I can see myself moving further now. I can see there are more great things to do and I’m happy that I can see that because there are women who’ve been there for 10-20 years and wow that’s just mind-blowing to me. Like in that time you never thought to do anything better with your greatness? Why let all that time and talent slip by for the next girl to pick up? I don’t know. All I know is I’m excited about my future and big things are happening for me already because that is the spirit I feel living inside me.

Thanks for watching. Love you 🙂

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