Stripping While 100% Sober – She Turn a Freak On The Liquor

This blog post was written before day #9

When I first started stripping last December I knew nothing about the stripping game. I didn’t know you could drink while at work and to be honest I wasn’t a big drinker so I would come in there high to the sky and even sneak a little weed in which I didn’t know at the time was even dumber lol. The first club I worked at was super dead and to be honest it wouldn’t have made a difference if I was sober or not, but the alcohol definitely did soften the blow.

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I don’t remember te first time I got wasted at work, but I do remember feeling like I could do and say anything to the customer which made my job a lot easier. If they were pissing me off it helped and made it a little fun. When I  first started dancing I was very self concious of my skinny frame and black skin becuause I thought all strippers were the same saize and I work at white clubs. Fun didn’t always guarantee money though and that was the issue with drinking at work. I’ve always quietly had a drinking problem, but I chalked it up to youth and kept the fun coming.

Stripper Notes 6

I remember the first time I made $400 (which was a lot to me)  I was really drunk and extra cute, but I didn’t give myself any of that credit I gave it all to the alcohol. I wish I had a picture of myself that day, because I was really bombshelled out with Ruby Woo on the lips to  match.I even felt the jelousy from other women because they decided that was the day to give me “constructive critism” about wearing a wig since I was other natural and made no apologies about that either. I was entertaining a man who did set design for television shows and movies and he was absolutely in love with me and I was in love with his wallet. He asked me how much I wanted, I told him and he gave it to me. I was amazed.

Yes, drinking will numb you, but alcohol is also a depressant and I feel like that part comes the worse for me after the drunk is gone. On average most strippers take 5 shots a day and I admittedly take more. I’ve probably taken 10-11 shots of tequila a night at times and y’all already know I’m a skinny little thing. The worst feeling is going home super drunk with no money ugh. Seems like the depressing side effects of the alcohol kick in right away once you snap back to reality and realize you’ve trashed you body for free when you were supposed to be making money.

It got to a point recently where the alcohol wasn’t enough to make me feel better and neither was the weed so I just quit both.

Oddly enough I never set out to stop drinking, but detoxing from weed has turned me off of a lot of things including alcohol. I guess I’m always in a state of depression so why induce it with alcohol?


My drinking became too habitual and I relied on it too much to work in part because the customers also love when you drink with them ,but idgaf about that my health comes first. The other good thing about not drinking is no hangovers.

So how is stripping 100% sober?


I actually love it. I have tons of energy, my mind is clear, I’m not distracted, I can focus and things don’t affect my emotions as much. I didn’t smoke any cigarettes or anything. The cigarette smoke was actually getting on my nerves last night. I’m always cool and chill, but last night I was very aware. I was offered a few drinks last night and one preferred customer didn’t give me a choice he made me get the drink lol, but I didn’t drink it so whatevs. I literally had the most positive energy all night. Even I was surprised with my attitude. Everyone was complaining about how slow it was and I honestly did not give a fuck. I texted a few of my customers and they couldn’t come and that was cool so I decided I’d just stay the whole night just because. I stayed and I had a good time. My energy was super high and I wasn’t too pressed on any one customer. I truly feel my sprirt uplifted the whole club. I didn’t count on making any money that night, but surprise surprise I had a few people come in and show me so much love at the end of the night. I attribute all of that to my positive energy and sobriety. When you smoke weed you are so dazed and paranoid its hard to have authentic confidence and I also wasn’t drinking so I didn’t have alcohol to rely on for confidence. I didn’t make the most money, but my soul was definitely feeling so good. I had love all around me and it was such an amazing feeling.


Ladies. Listen.



You don’t have to be drunk and high out of your mind to make money. Your health and well-being is much more important than dollars. I know this is easier said than done when you’re making a lot of money, but coming from someone who has made the money and still felt empty listen to me. When you make your money and respect your health it is so much more rewarding. Now am I saying I will never get drunk or high at work again? No. What I’m saying is you don’t NEED those things. It’s not the drugs and alcohol its your beautiful spirit, energy and confidence that will make you the money.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading 🙂

I love you all



  1. mayra · January 26

    wow! this is an amazing article! i truly thank the woman who did this from the bottom of my heart! i relate to this so much! its so easy when youre a stripper to drink, smoke and do drugs i actually do them more now as a stripper than i did as a regular party girl and i detest myself for it i feel ashamed! im suprised i googled “how to make money as a stripper without feeling dependent of alcohol” and someone actually took their time to right this! so many words were said that resignated with me! thank you so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Stripper Notes · January 27

      I’m so glad I could help others while helping myself so thank you for reading


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