Weed Free – Day #7 My Weed Man Called Me

Whoa what a long fucking week!

You guys know mornings are the worst for me and yesterday was no different. I actually started back eating yesterday which was a much harder task than I thought it would be. Yes I am on a liquid diet, but my body still reacted the same way to “re-feeding”. I drank 700 calories for breakfast and my heart instantly began to palpitate. This actually did not frighten me for some reason and it passed really quickly. I also gagged a bit, but I made sure to keep all of my food down.

I cleaned up a bit as well, because I have been neglecting my cleaning habits.

I tried to stay on my calories intake regimen, but its the beginning and I’m doing this lone so I feel like I did the best I could and that’s all I can ask of myself.

At this point tons of people are calling me because when I need some time to myself I just literally cut all ties with everyone in my personal life. This can be family, friends, co-workers …. idgaf if I feel like you’ve held me back in some way or just took me for granted I simply cut you off and keep it truckin to the next new person or people. I’m on youtube and I’m actually really excited about that because those people are like friends and family to me.

Nexxxxxxxxt topic lol. Once I was done being a bum I decided to get my stinky butt in the shower and start my life at 4:00 pm and yall know I have insomnia so that was like 10:00 am to me. Also as you guys know I’ve been stalling on finishing this wig for the longest and my excuse is kinda because I broke my glue gun, but I bought a new one yesterday so idk what my excuse is gonna be now lol. So on my voyage to not be a complete bum I went to Target to pick up some toilet paper and a glue gun. Then after I saw those ridiculous prices I got back in my car and drove up to Walmart lol. Interstingly enough as I was leaving target a man was getting arrested for shoplifting lol smh. I can only laugh becuase that was me at 18 hahahaha. This man was clearly 35+ tho so idk wtf his excuse is. Maybe he’s a sucker for pain in that way.

Yesterday I consumed about 1,400 calories and call that a fail if you want, but I’m super proud of myself. I definitely have to double that, but 1,400 is a great start because I literally felt like I was fading away yesterday morning.

After I got back home I was like what now? So I think I binge watche YouTube like I normally do and sketched some ideas for decorating my room.


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