Weed Free – Day #6 Feeling MUCH Better! Weight Gain Talk and More!




Ok so whats up you guys I am literally feeling 67% better today. Day 6 was actually Saturday and today is Sunday So I’m ging to tell you about my day.

I woke up at about 6:00 am and listened to some music to get in my zone. I think I have been giving myself away to the wrong people so I will give myself away to people who only care for me such as you guys :).


Anyway a friend of mines was selling her car and needed a ride which I didn’t mind doing. I texted her early in the morning so we could stick to the schedule and GET SHIT DONE. Lol That’s a phone case that I wanted. Anyway I gwent to go get some food the night before as you may have read in the previous post. I didn’t eat that shit. So yesterday morning I decided I have to go on a high calorie liquid diet. In order for me to gain 2 lbs a week I have to consume 3,500 calories a day! Whoa! Actually that is not that intimidating because I will be drinking 10 8oz bottles of 350 calorie ensure a day. After that I will make my own shakes.  One shake I saw was like 80z of orange juice, 18 cashews and some strawberries and that was like 320 calories which shocked the fuck outta me so that’s what I will be doing. Pinterest is my best friend.


I hadn’t eaten a real meal in about 5 days and I knew I couldn’t continue this way so I’m excited to be starting this liquid diet. I believe I have lost about 10 pounds this week already. Weight falls off of me so fast.

Another super important thing you have to remember when gaining weight is you NEED water! Water will not make you lose weight and you are not that well-educated if you think that way. Water gives you energy and nourishes you body. You NEED IT so if you have not been drinking enough water here are a few of my tips that I like to use to get my daily water intake in.


  1. Buy an inventory of water
  • I buy (5) 1 gallon jugs of water and keep those handy in the house.

2. Use (1) 1.5 lieter bottle and reuse it daily!

  • I love the glass VOSS water bottles because glass is easy to clean, it keeps the water colder longer and it allows me to consume the same amount of water or more daily.
  • Another great thing about these bottles is they are tall and slim so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of water that you need in your body. You may even find yourself finishing that bottle before the end of the day and consuming more water which is GREAT! And you’re making me proud 🙂
  • stripper-notes-48b

3. Drink water with meals. I’m just adding this one to make 3 because those top two will really help you, but hey here’s another tip if you eat a lot. I don’t, but I do drink water after my shakes because they are thick so drink water with your meals lol.

Almighty. I also basically spent the entire day out of the house which helped me TREMENDOUSLY! It was a beautiful day in Atlanta yesterday and I’m glad I didn’t waste it. Being out of the house is VERY inspiring. Just seeing all the people in the world is amazing. The last time I spiralled out of control I was alone a lot of the time which was not the smartest thing to do. Luckily I have roommates, but that’s kind doesn’t count because we don’t hang out together, but it’s also amazing because I’m not somewhere alone.

I ate about 200 calories give or take yesterday and I was EXTREMELY weak when I woke up. My bowels are fucked up and my body just was aching in general. I’m a single lady so if I want to get better it’s all on me so here we go!

I love you guys so much for reading and I am so happy to be feeling 67% better today 🙂 lol

Can I get a like consuming 1,400 calories already today! That’s like mind-blowing for me.

Love you guys and have a strong day!

By the way here is the type of ensure I purchase.




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