Weed Free -Day #4

To my amazement I closed my eyes last nght and actually went to sleep. I’m not sure when I’m going to wake up with out this heavy feeling on me, but I feel that coming to an end soon. You guys have no idea how proud of myself I am. Weed has been my crutch for years and to just release it and experience what I’m experiencing rightnow is definitely a different experience for me. So yesterday I didn’t eat anything either.This isn’t funny, but as a child when I was in serous trouble I would laugh to ease the situation so I kinda want to laugh,but its really not funny. I just don’t know what to say. Like what do you say whenyou go 5 straight days without eating a real meal. Idk. I’m trying *smiles and winks*

I wrote and reflected a lot yesterday and as you can see frm my previous post I got some unsavory phone calls but her what is life without a little anger. I had a really great day yesterday with s twist plot,but I’m here standing tall today and still ain’t do no crying 😉 They better be glad I’m trying to change my druggie ways inside and out.

I half way sewed down the closure for my wig and I’ll glue the hair down when I’m done sewing that down. I’m excited. Im not excited to have a new wig, because I have tons of those and I can buy more. I’m more excited about creating something from scratch. I love looking at a finished project that I had no idea how to do an just smash it to an oblivion. Its quite a nice feeling.  I’m gonna publish a few videos today and do a little more creating.





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