Ima Call Beyonce On A Bitch

Stripper Notes 44a.gif


So I just had a very heated discussion with one of my roommates about standing up for yourself. I should have never told her what was going on and I would have ignored it like she told me, but you know what my roommate is a dmb fuck too so I really don’t care to be judged by her.

So here’s the sitch. I recently cut off all ties with the 41 year old fuck boy I was dating so he decided to call the woman who I fell out with over fucking up my car. It may make me look bitter, but I don’t care. I did kind of suspect it was her who was calling me so I wanted to see what she want’ed, but never in a millio years did I think she was going to tell me that he was calling her yting to get in contact with me. I was a little flattered yes, but I was more shocked. I think in hinds sight I should have just taken the flattery, but I decided to text him  and tell him not to talk  about me to people who I am no longer friends with. Thats disreszpectful to me and if you are going to do that then JUST DON’T FUCKING DO IT! Girl I need to calm down lol. He’s showing his true colors and I’m beng tested now. Now is the time to really be strong and ignore him forever I guess. We both know that’s not what I want to do, but we both also know that’s what I need to do so I would love to just keep all this at bay and just move on. I don’t want anyone makingme upset. I’m not too sure if I was upset I just wanna let a bitch know I know exactly whats going on.

I had a highly highly highly elevated day until that bull shit! Why lord? Just take me home because I’m tryna tell you I’m not here for the way life is being lived on this earth. Maybe its this country idk. Anyway I’m ready for change and elevation. I can tell now is the time t get away. Girl I might fuck around and move to DR with my friend and we can start a business and fuck that shit up together. I really feel like I need to get out of this city and by city I need to move either to the west coast, up north or out of the country. I’m really on run.

I’m just hella frustrated. I hate letting people get to me, but you know what fuck it. I’m stil not givin in

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