I’m Returning To This Blog For The Same Reason I Started It

Support. I noticed lately I have become more lazy. I have people that love me at work and make no mistake I work hard on my hustle so I deserve all the praise, but I’ve been missing out due to laziness. I also know exactly why I have been lazy.

I’ve spoken with you guys about my struggles and non  struggles with weed. I told you guys that I had to do 80 hours of community service because i was caught with weed in my car while driving with a warrant for my arrest and lapsed insurance on top of that. The firsy time I stopped smoking weed it was not b choice. Everyone was telling me to fake my drug tests, but I felt like all of this was happening for a reason and I wanted toprove to myself that I could quit. The beginning was so hard. I got pulled over in December, went on a trip to LA, came back in January and didn’t stop smoking weed until February. I believe the mental process was so much harder than the physical, but I was also unprepared for the physial withdrawls!

This time around i have so much more going for myself. I really feel like I am at a point in my life where I can see everything I wast to do so clearly and I am making them happen, but only in a mediocore way. And mediocricy to me is like ineveitable failure. How do I know? I’m always bull shitted my way through things and I feel like I failed at them.

Stripper Notes 40

Weed makes everything so numb. Even when I’ve been smoking all day and I’m not sure if I’m high, I’m high. I looked back on the past few weeks and I have so many incompleted projects at my house and I wonder why I invest in all of these ideas only to neglect them? I know now that my mental state of mind was very clouded. Its scary to see a bright future for yourself and know that you sabotaged it for the stupidest reasons. I am extremely physically weak right now however I am extremely mentally strong and thats my main motivation for putting the weed down and and picking my greatness up!

I invite you to follow me on this journey to greatness. There will be some bumps along the way, but I promise you are reading words from a butterfly right now and I willl not let you or myself down.

I’m back 🙂


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