Natuaral Body Odor

stripper notes 38b

So when I was a senior in high school I got a horrible boil under my right arm. It was so painful that it kept me up or woke me up some nights and I refused to put any kind of deodorant on it in fear that I would irritate it. After the boil went away I was very weary of deodorant and didn’t really like it much, but I still wore it. A few years later  met a guy who did not wear deodorant and he smelled absolutely glorious to me. His natural body smell was intoxicating and I just love to inhale his smell. I spent so much time with him that we almost turned into each other. He gave me the good and I gave him the bad lol. No I definitely don’t wear deodorant as much as I used to and when I do it’s all natural. I never cared much about what men at my job would think because there are so many naked bodies around I’m sure they can’t tell who smells like what. I also enjoy the natural smell of my body no matter how stinky my pits are. Men surprisingly also love my natural smell and find it just as intoxicating as I found that guy’s. I receive compliments and comments on my natural aroma often. I had one customer literally rub his thumbs in my armpits constantly to get the smell on his hands. He told me that was his favorite part of the dance. When I smell myself I do have a very distinct musky smell and it drives men crazy.

Sometimes it’s not about smelling like a store-bought flower, but a rare and beautiful wild flower.

stripper notes 38a


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