Paying It Foward


Stripper Notes 36

I can be an overly generous person sometimes to my own demise, but it brings me so much joy to make others happy. When my little cousin and I were in Miami we picked up a few souvenirs for some people. I got my mom a beautiful dress, tank top and a few key chains. I also picked up key chains for my family in Philly that I don’t see often. We are not the type of family to go all out for birthdays and Christmas and that’s probably because I don’t come from a family of money. Now that I am an adult and I am able to do things for my family, friends and even strangers I do what I can for them. I also got my good friend a mug. We aren’t particularly the type of friends who purchase things for each other often because we are truly friends for the good relationship. I got her the mug as a place holder for her future. She is transitioning to the Dominican Republic and is having to overcome a few hurdles. I imagine her drinking some relaxing hot tea in that mug while sitting in her humble apartment and remember that things may have been bad then but now life is amazing.

A few weeks later my roommate gave me a webcam because it was not compatible to his computer. I am so grateful for that webcam, because I have been researching cameras and saving money for the one that I want which I have finally done. I am grateful for that webcam because it too symbolizes that things get better and there are purely awesome people in the world. Giving from the kindness of your heart is very powerful and breeds love even if it’s not from the person you gave too and will almost always be unexpected. I challenge you to give your heart to the world and pay it forward! If someone has blessed you in ways you can’t re-pay them then pay it forward to another unsuspecting soul and allow your positive spirit to live forever.

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