I Paid Off My Victoria’s Secret Credit Card!

I vowed to never get a credit card again after I became immensely behind on my Victoria’s Secret credit card. Then I needed a new laptop and had no job so then there was the Best Buy credit card that I used to purchase this laptop. I never made one payment on this laptop and I purchased it in 2014. I didn’t mean to not pay it off, but I wasn’t responsible with my money and irresponsibility comes with consequences. Those were the olden days when I was 22 and now at 24 years old I stand wiser. My victoria’s secret credit card rose from a $5 purchase to $268 from fees and interest ugh. I think this was the reason I ignored it, because that was some bullshit to me. I am choosing to be a financially responsible person and whether we like it or not credit is an important part of that. It makes no sense to have simple doors closed just because you could comprehend the ways of the world or wanted to be a rebel without a cause. Now understanding the importance of credit I went to my credit union to apply for a credit card and I was denied. Thank goodness I didn’t really need the credit card and just wanted it because that would have been devastating to find out that I cannot borrow money in a time of need because of some neglected expenses that I wouldn’t be able to make go away at the moment. I’ve been there and it’s depressing. It is better to handle these things before they get out of hand.

It’s so funny how eager the debt collectors are like ugh calm the fuck down bitch. And then they try to be friendly on the phone, but they just want your money. I just appreciate a professional service operator I don’t need the small talk. Thanks but no thanks bitch just process my payment and report it to credit so we can both put this relationship behind us. My last obstacle on my credit is this laptop. It was about $900 and the collection agency is settling for like $548 which is awesome to me. I want to pay it off right now, but I’m not sure if I will still be denied until the bank clears the payment and reports it to the credit bureau. So more than likely I will use the money I saved for my camera to purchase my camera, then pay off my credit card and finally get a credit card for the right reasons.

Stripper Notes 37a

I believe store credit cards are the worse and I don’t recommend them. It makes no sense to purchase something you can’t afford or need unless you use that item as a tool which I have done. I’ve had to get this computer fixed with money from my own pocket and that makes this machine that much more valuable to me tho.

Finally I would like to say if you are having financial problems there is hope for you. There are ways you can cut corners to save money, believe me I have had to cut lots of corners to lighten my load and rise to the top. Eat free food, go on lots of dates, visit friends and family, eat on a budget and so forth. Also do not purchase things that you do not need such as home accessories and things. If you have some things around the house just create something instead of wasting money on retail price items. Use up everything you have to its fullest benefit. Invest in quality things so that you WILL use them up. And during this time save every bit of money that you can. Your income should go to bills and food. Now I’m not going to lie like I don’t eat out and buy things, but I buy everything on deals and I’m creative. I purchased some lawn leaf bags to paint on for $1.98 and that’s going to last me a long time and I even got a large canvas to paint on for free. I was in alignment with my purpose and the universe was pushing me. Do not underestimate nice things people do for you.

Ok  I’ve rambled long enough ttyl. I love you guys 🙂

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