My Miami Trip Re-Cap

Miami was amazing and my trip was full of amazing experiences. My 18 year old cousin and I lived in a hostel which is also great for solo travelers. The hostel had 12 beds with triplet bunks. It wasn’t bad at all to me since we were just sleeping there and had a very active trip.

Our trip began August 2, 2016. We flew from Atlanta to Orlando to Miami because of storms. It took us about 8 hours, but we were so happy to be there. Our hostel was right on the beach. It was also in between a restaraunt and a rooftop lounge. We were right in the middle of the party!

The very next day was Wednesday. My cousin and I woke up at about 9:00 am to hit the beach. After frolicking in the water for a few hours we had some expensive beach food and then had sandwiches and smoothies at a sandwich shop. I didn’t realize how easy it was to also get weed out there litrally every other person sells it. After I got some weed we walked to a night club that was not poppin so we left and went back to the hostel.

Thursday we rented bikes and rode a 26 mile rountrip to the movies to see Suicide Squad. I didn’t think I would be able to cycle that far, but I did and it was so much fun. Suicide Squad was also a really good movie and introduced me to my favorite new villian, Harley Quinn. It was 11:00pm by the time we left the movies. It was so dark and we still had to bike home, but we found our way around the city and back to the hostel. After we got home I went to the beach park to smoke. I mingled there a little and then went to bed.

Friday was supposedly our last day so we hit the art district in Wynwood. Wynwood is a colleection of beautiful murals on buildings and amazing art. Since this was basically our last day we picked up some souveniers for our family.  We had a little fancy dinner and then I hit the roof top lounge while my little cousin got some sleep. The lounge was fun, but I wasn’t feeling it by myself so I went to sleep soon after as well.

Today is saturday which is when I met the Italian man I told you about in my last post. We were just chilling waiting on our flight which we had missed and didn’t even know. We ended up catching a flight early sunday morning.

I really did need that vaction to just relax and have some carefree fun without a man. I had a great girls trip and I’m looking forward to my next one, but for now I’m back to the grind.

Thanks for reading 🙂 I love you guys



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