Cartwheels On South Beach Boardwalk

So on my very last day in Miami my little cousin and I checked out of hostel and chilled on the park beach! An Italian man was watching me and whisked me away. It was so spontaneous and fun. I had just smoked the last of my weed at this point and he came by and asked me for a light for his cigarette. I was holding one so of course I said ok. He asked me if I wanted one and yup I took one, lit mines, then his with mines. He was very affectionate and I’m not used to American men publicly being that way. I mean get hit on all the time, but its different. When an international man hits on you he is very romantic like cut the bull shit. He was a mis 30-something year old with a short/shaggy beard, hazel eyes and a decent smile. Hen asked my little cousin if he could take me to get a beer around the corner and she said sure. She read he book in the grass. I know she enjoys her alone time too like the rest of us. So while we were getting beer there were lots of people walking by since we were right on South Beach. We stood there and drank the beer and smoked another cigarette. He picked up a penny and gave it to me. He said that penny was evidence that this moment was meant to be. I was so wooed lol. I still have that penny. It’s in my little leather cognac Coach purse that I can’t fit a lot of junk in. It’s next to a note that the lighting guy gave me from the set of a show I did background acting for.( Another post for another time.) Anyhow I had an amazing time.

IMG_3274[1].JPGOur view from the hostel.

IMG_3327[1].JPGFlower Wall inside of Wynwood Walls at the Wynwood Art District.

IMG_3338[1].JPGI loved this mural.






I said sure of Omg I’m gonna import some pictures of my trip for you guys. We had and amazing time  must fully re-cap it for you!.

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